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Willow's Long Long Long Long Very Long Day
Despite it all I did make it to best buy to look at the Kindle. And there I discovered a long haired hippie hipster(?) who, I was told by another male in a blue franchise shirt was THE MAN on ALL THIS STUFF. And yet, THE MAN, had no idea about the pearl e-ink and the ability to modify contrast darker text etc. THE MAN had no idea about the new webkit browser, turns out the display model doesn't let you use the browser (but menu access is right there under experimental). He'd never heard of it. THE MAN couldn't show me how to change the font or the way the screen represented, either long width or widewith. And honestly at that point, I was so shocked by how much he -didn't- know, I couldn't even remember how it'd been done in the videos I'd watched. Though I suspected it was under settings, which was blanked-greyed out on the display model.

Everytime I tried to qualify that I was looking at the Kinde 3, he started talking about the 3G and how 'Awesome' it was not to have to wait around for WiHi. At that point, I took pity on him, and let him 'show me' how to tell if the device was using wifi or 3g (even though the sign was right there big and obvious at the top of the screen). My attempts to get him to show me how to set up the wifi, check it, deal with possible passwords, fell on un-listening ears.

When I made a statement that I'd seen a Nook at B&N but it was so dark, he did show me a Nook right there, where the screen did seem brighter. When I asked if it was a newer Nook, perhaps using the newer e-ink. I got blank-face response. So then I asked 'Does the Nook lose contrast when the battery is low and needs charging?' And he once again did his speil about how you can't change contrast on e-ink, it's not an LCD monitor. It's like paper- yo. And AWESOME. But yeah, lots of things look dimmer when they need charging.

At which point I told him, I was just going to browse now. As a nudge for him to leave me the f--k alone.

What I did discover, that even with the silly anti-theft device attached, the Kindle 3 (which I recognized as the Kindle 3, due to the four piece tabbing square vs the Kindle 2's joystick) is amazingly light. It doesn't feel fragile, as a piece of equipment, and yet as something one is holding in one's hand that's supposed to have a particular amount of computing power it does feel little at least, if not fragile in a different way. There wasn't a white one for me to contrast, but I wondered if part of calling the dark one graphite had something to do with the texture as much as the colour.

Unfortunately THE MAN didn't know anything about the Graphite Kindle getting fade on the letters of the keyboard over time. When I tried to ask him how long the demo model had been out on the floor - he started talking about how the franchise has had this model for at least 7 months.

Oh yeah and he knew there was a bigger Kindle. But he'd never seen it, and had no idea what it was called.

Anyway, getting back to things I discovered for myself. The screen was crisp and clear and plenty large enough for reading comfortably and I would think, for reading recipies. The forward and back buttons were easy to use. And even though I know for myself, I'm the sort of person who has to live with something for a while - The concept of home, enter, up down, left right, menu, were things I picked up fairly quickly and the size of it didn't feel problematic for typing out words - but I didn't play with the keys too much.

I was very tired, having walked and walked and walked to get to the store, determined to accomplish all my goals cause today was so... ok, therapy was ok. But before therapy there was traffic and complications from hell. Some mucky mucky was having a funeral service and every cop on every other block was giving different directions on where to catch a bus, and then on telling the bus driver when they could drive on the main street. AND harrassing bus drivers stopping to pick up wayward lost passengers (or so said one bus driver who was all furtive about letting people off, afraid he'd get in trouble).

So extra walking right off the bat. I felt very grateful I'd stopped at my local library branch first to drop off books. Otherwise I'd have been wandering off my bus route, with weight.

Then after therapy I stopped by the clinic of suckage (wher doctor might have bought a clue is) for my bp check. It wasn't good news. I ended up waiting there for AGES, cause Dr. Might Have Bought A Clue wanted to see me since things were so high and she'd coordinated, she said, with Dr. Might Not Suck on what to give me as an alternative to medications that make my head want to explode. I ended up asking for an emergency fruit juice because they had me in there so long. Seriously 2 hours just WAITING. The nurses were sweet and did bring me something, but I could only have the juice, not the snack, cause the snack was fake cheese on crackers. I hoped like heaven my face didn't pull an 'UGH YOU TRYING TO POISON ME' - cause that was my internal reaction to the sight of it. I did thank them prefusely for the juice though, it helped. I hadn't intended to wait that long and had planned to be home, or on my way home by that time, thus not needing to stop anyway for anything.

So.... then there was stopping by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription of the blessed blessed lidoderm patches (oh yeah, I got a referral to a Chiropractor to help me sort out this back-neck-shoulder issue, and also for them to look at my organs and see if my organs are affecting my pressure, what with my family having a history of heart and valve issues - WHICH I'D BEEN MENTIONING EVER SINCE I GOT BACK IN TOUCH WITH MY DAD to even GET the information.... **sigh**.) Anyway, turns out insurance needs 'pre-approval' for patches, so that'll be a wait and call and see. Oh yeah, and despite CALLING to cancel an appointment, the MORNING OF, when I realized I was in too much pain to go? It counted as a no-show, and someone in Case Mangement has put me on a 'Must CALL THE DAY OF' to make appointments now.

So Dr. Might Have Bought A Clue, wants to see me in two weeks, to see if the old new drug is helping, as a checking before my June appt with Dr. Might Not Suck. But I can't actually MAKE the appointment. At which point I was too damn hungry and grumpy to wait around to speak to some stranger ass in case-management, the whole thing just reminding me all over again of why I've come to loathe and hate that place (and Oh! While I was there? Someone had a big blow out about wanting their damn medical files, and being given the run around and not getting them). So I left to try and get to the library and pick up something from the supermarket, because I definitely needed a quick meal.

Supermarket? Completely out of plain fresh turkey sausage. Didn't want the non nitrate beef, since I felt so much better after eating fresh. Put together a new meal plan, only to discover that the supermarket carried all kinds of 'Sun of Italy' products but NOT their sun dried tomatoes. Nor any other sun dried tomatoes that weer sulfite free. I'm not completely sure SoI is Sulfite free. But I think the oil helps preserve the color, which is the reason people put sulfite in there.

So I had to change my, quick meal idea. Which was complicated to do when achy, tired, hungry, in the store and having a debate with myself. So that took some time. And I still haven't cooked since I came home. Just been sipping Almond Milk. Cause I hurt too much and am too damn grumpy and not kitchen focused. I probably used up the damn cooking spoons, to go talk to THE MAN who was useless. But I wanted something to go as I'd planned, y'know?

Even dropping off my library books at the local branch was a 'bitch'. There are new people there, I haven't been in a while. I tend to wait at the counter that's outside the turnstile. No problem waiting my turn, according to who shows up when. But going back and forth through a turnstyle with a CANE is a bitch. Got given lip for waiting, quietly. Told I should get in line when things are 'busy'. I didn't even say anything, cause at that point the day had just started for me, and I knew I'd just been quietly waiting. The difference between waiting there, and waiting after trying to make my way through a turnstile, and having to make my way back out, is a big deal to my comfort. Now I just don't want to go there for things anymore.

Today has been GRUMPY MAKING. Just so damn grumpy making.


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