By Any Other Name - May 28th, 2009
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Date: 06:51PM | Thu, May 28th | 2009
Subject: Dot Dot Dot - Thursday
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Tags:.deewee, energy scale 3, health: physical, willow's warren

Did not collect script today. Last night got fed up with litter tracking and vacuumed. I'd only been doing it once a week because the machine is heavy. And not only did I vroom across the carpet, I tried to move a door out of storage (that didn't work out) and I fiddled with several pounds of little in a box, trying to figure out the best position for it, to place something to catch the tracking.

I wore myself out in otherwords and luckily I recognized it and didn't go haring off downtown, which would have resulted in me flat on my back. As it is, even though I'm lime and salting a chicken, I might just order dinner, because dealing with wrestling a 7 pound bit of poultry to rinse it, season it and put it in an oven, might knock me flat on my ass.

Also today? I wrote up a 2 page report on LED lights, with some mention of CFL's for my landlady, because when someone asks me a questions and I don't know - I research. And I fell into the mode of giving her the same kind of report I'd give my mother when -she- wants to make a decision. I guess I felt it was my responsibility for even mentioning the lights just because I turned the tv on last night and they got mentioned.

Oh yeah, and I've been stretching all week, trying to include some movement in the hopes it'd help me handle the barometric pressure from all this rain. I'm lucky I recognized the twinge of 'Your ass is gonna fall flat out girl if you try too much more like taking that hill you live on down and up'.

I need to get the focus to read these articles I have up about CFS, I know one explains the exhaustion and chemicals and I really want to know.

Also! Saw the icon browser thing either Wed or Tues and so much YAY! It's not the GJ version, but it's still pretty cool.

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Date: 08:53PM | Thu, May 28th | 2009
Subject: Alien Nation: How Willow Has No/Too Many Words
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, show: alien nation (90's)*

As mad as I am with S/F right now, I've just reached the end of Ep 6 of Alien Nation (not including the 2 hour pilot) and I am strongly strongly reminded that sometimes, S/F has gotten things right.

Intergenerational Trauma alongside Intergenerational Memory (including a time of freedom), honored elders, ghettos and redlining, casual racism and slurs, being the Other and having the dominant group not. Picture moments of Dominant Culture Women, letting assault happen to a Minority Woman, because she wasn't one of them.

Ignorant racism.

Class war and how it can turn people, change them, even against their own. The power of myths as the story of a people. The confusion some go through trying to define themselves against the dominant culture instead of actually identifying with their own. The huge importance of making sure one's children remember, so they don't minimize what came before and what's happening now. How a people bred for work could lose themselves in the depression of a ghetto and constant antagonism and dismissal.

Stolen children.

How no power over one's children, and no ability to protect them leads to a generation of clueless parents - those who weren't parented, don't know how and often stumble through in a level of not knowing that does. not. measure. up to the generalized cluelessness of parenting (which can come from not learning from one's elders)

How even 'the good guys' can say and do hurtful, painful things. The mouth movements of 'trying not to offend' without ever stopping the hurtful behavior. The fight against being twisted by hatred. Being surprised at the weight crushing into an explosion of bad judgement.

8 hours that have unexpectedly fed my soul. Very unexpectedly, since the pilot gets pretty hamfisted about some things (there is actual speechifying).

Currently I'm just nodding my head to a mentioned moment of how control is reasserted by atrocity after atrocity to create a climate where to think differently triggers thoughts of pain and a need to appease.

Oh! And how a people displaced and out of touch with a culture ripped from them, become vulnerable to a need to find that culture, recreate it, find a place to belong externally.

On the one hand, it's sad that something created in the 80's beats the pants off stuff created now. And how that's been happening all over when it comes to having a clue. That there was more respectful representations in the 70's and 80's in comics, has been pointed out to me.

The more I write, the more this feels like this post is in the wrong venue. But it really isn't.

I have four more doublesided dvds to go, and several more of the movies. I bought the series because I liked it, and up to 12 years ago adored it enough that I'd been on the lookout for the movies. I remember hunting down the book series (I believe I gave some to Zvi. I'm gonna have to hunt them down for myself now).

I can't remember the last time S/F fed my soul like this, instead of making me cringe or throw books across the room, or put them back on the shelf in disappointment.

Nostalgia has a whole new layer of meaning for me now. I wonder what else I've forgotten, or never saw from back then, that I can hold close now. I'm enjoying this so much more now, but part of me is going 'Why are you surprised' . I wonder if I loved them so much when I was younger (physically and mentally) because they weren't hurting me subconsciously (or at least significantly lower than other things were).

My shows: Juuni Kokki, Roughneck Chronicles, Alien Nation.

Hmm. I need icons.

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