By Any Other Name - August 30th, 2011
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Date: 06:55PM | Tue, August 30th | 2011
Subject: My Third Adolescence
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Had therapy today and was totally a teenager for it. An enthusiastic teenager all 'OMGosh! There's a WORD for it! Tons of words! Vocabulary!!!!!!!' I made Dr. Yoda chuckle. But, well, I'm excited and happy and processing and feeling more like a whole person in this moment. I'm well ware this feeling may pass as I discover something else that's null in my mind, or that's a struggle for me to handle and integrate into my sense of self. But right now? Woot!

In other news met a Muslimah today who gave me her local meetup card. I asked about her modest clothing and that got her excited and conversation started from there. She did think I was muslim, and I told her I'm sort of Jewish. But it was still a sweet five minutes. And she was all 'Black Jew? Seriously? Wow!' And I was all 'While I'm not, you don't know about the Ethopian Jews?' And she was all 'I need a geography class. I am out of touch.'. It was cute. There was lots of commiseration over the being put on the spot to answer every question ever, as if you represented the WHOLE of something. Along with the 'Muslims don't auto kill gay people? What?!' That had her eyes rolling in a way that made me think of Delux Vivens. In fact, I mentioned Delux's side eye and sharp laughter at people going '... black muslims?'

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Date: 09:17PM | Tue, August 30th | 2011
Subject: Notations: Stumbling Towards Vocabulary
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2009: Random: Loneliness

2010: Not Rushing To Either Sex or Climax

2011: Chewing On Thoughts

2011: Vulnerability, Sexuality, Sensuality: Or Things That Have Made Me Feel Like A Freak (aka DemisexualDemiromantic Is A Word)

Note to self: REREAD YOUR JOURNAL. Apparently you try to tell yourself things and then totally forget them/ they sink beneath the waves of psyche. I can't believe I forgot 'psychic road rash'. How do you forget such a phrase?

Next thing I know, I'll find things from 2009 and further back. Really, how long have I been hopscotching towards a vocabulary?

ETA: 2009 link (w/ Elynross)

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