By Any Other Name - June 9th, 2012
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Date: 12:53AM | Sat, June 9th | 2012
Subject: Damnit Youtube
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Mood:ughh! ughh!
Tags:i will cut somebody

Somewhere between updating my browser, cause it was acting like it had a bug - and possibly Youtube rolling out more 'new changes' [ETA: Aha! I have found ppl on complaining about a new rollout TODAY. So it IS them messing w/ my UI/UX], there's no longer a usable (to me) link to a channel's seasons or shows. Once before I could see each season, click on it, and get a list of the most recent episodes. Now it's all 'playlists' and in order to see the most recent episodes I have to click the list and scroll ALL the way to the bottom. And even then? Say I can't remember if I've seen the latest ep? I have to click on it again, so it loads, to see the damn date.

If it's not that complicated for people who are logged in - whoop to them. But not everyone wants (or needs) to be logged in to watch a video, or casually follow a channel or the like.


I'm exhausted. I tried to nap on the sofa hours ago, didn't quite work. Had a bad dream. Went to bed, kids making noise in front of the house woke me up. It's summertime so being loud and screaming at 9 o'clock is apparently ok with them. Ugh. Computer being wibbly, atm. Hoping I figured out the problem - and if not, that my next prepared step is helpful. Too tired to talk to ppl, near too tired to think. Been a long. ass. day.

And now this.

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Date: 03:41PM | Sat, June 9th | 2012
Subject: Showing Off Teh Purdy
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Mood:cranky cranky
Tags:about me

Pretty pretty medic alert braclet. Thank you [info]samidw(Sami)

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Date: 08:14PM | Sat, June 9th | 2012
Subject: Things I Have Done Today
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Mood:grumpy ni grumpypants grumpy ni grumpypants
Tags:computer adventures, my boo

Had a conversation, on the phone, with my boo. More people should have a boo. They just can't have my boo, unless they understand she is meant to be SHARED. No monogamous hogging of my boo! It is spoken. So shall it be done. Anyway, conversation, about computers, specifically, laptops. And how I am quite possibly mostly, perhaps even 80% a desktop girl.

I had found one I liked (laptop), with innards to do or mostly do what I'd like (yup, innards, so not in the brain space to break down the specs). And a purdy shiny outside, and it not being too heavy (cause just no, not with my random body issues) and an elevated battery that helps with cooling (air circulation for the laptop. whoop).

But the truth is, I apparently feel far more comfy, sliding my hd (and possibly even my dvd-rw) into, maybe a new chassis. Definitely feel ok about sliding a new motherboard( & thus memory) and cpu and game card into my current chassis.

For a moment a laptop seemed easier. But apparently ppl who'd get a laptop would get GINORMOUS desktop replacements, if they were, y'know, using it primarily at a desk. Whereas I just think it might be cool to have a wider keyboard when I'm away from home and needing to do a couple things online (Kindle Keyboard is kind of small).

Hmm. My main impetus for thinking of laptops was actually back pain and body pain. For the times when I want to be mentally active and not just reading, but can't quite 'sit at my desk'. Somewhere where I could lie down in bed, and still talk to people seemed cool. Portable movies like that - also cool.

So, maybe, one day, a tablet will be my complementary device to go with a desktop computer (a tablet w/ a damn keyboard attached SOMEHOW). While an e-reader will remain a way for me to not have to dust so many shelves of books. Thus leaving me willing to sneeze over the ones I have, as being personal and special to me. Which reminds me, I need to look up the ebook versions of a few books I have that I just 'have'. Cause really? There're not worth the itchy eyes.

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