By Any Other Name - June 10th, 2012
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Date: 12:11AM | Sun, June 10th | 2012
Subject: Distracting Myself By Jotting Thoughts About: First Class
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Tags:movies i've seen, ughh

Computer went weird again. Brain can't handle the problem solving. Will do that tomorrow. Memory test came back fine this morning. So I don't even know. Is it the more modern browser so I could poke at Tumblr? In which case eff tumblr. But anyway, yesterday during the longest friday ever/the longest day eve part 1-to be continued tuesday; I fast forwarded through X-men First Class.

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Date: 01:13AM | Sun, June 10th | 2012
Subject: ... [Prometheus]
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Tags:movies that suck

There's no way I was gonna watch the movie. Was listening to a review, then hunted down a spoiler page. And, now I'm half-laughing, half incredulous.

Spoilers: Based on the subtext I got from the spoiler summary )

Granted, I didn't watch the movie. It's what I picked up from the summary and the review I'm listening to, intrigued me, because one reviewer was mentioning how sloppy it is, with obviously many different hands, points of view and messages all over it and showing.

Apparently it may be a movie one has to see to possibly truly enjoy (though the reviewer I like just doesn't, two many let down, too many plot holes). But I am never going to watch something for atmosphere, that has that kind of atmosphere. So... noooope.

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