By Any Other Name - July 8th, 2012
the tale of Willow

Date: 02:31PM | Sun, July 8th | 2012
Subject: Upstairs = Triffling
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So yesterday my landlady came with an amendment to the lease; she's no longer paying for cable. Upstairs abused and misused their cable privileges, ran up all sorts of money and the landlady isn't having it anymore. TODAY, MYSTERIOUSLY, they keep tripping the main for the whole first floor. And telling her 'No, nothing's different. We didn't plug in anything extra'.

Meanwhile, the person who has to go in the back and untrip the main breaker for their 1st floor - is me. And the landlady has to call me to do it; cause there's no communication between me and upstairs. So whatever they're playing at, they're disrupting 2 Sundays. And I'm already having a time of it; not up to cooking, feeling hungry and woozy, trying to bring myself to figure some food out - wishing I could just order something and get a reprieve and knowing I can't.

I can't. I just... seriously? This whole thing with them? When I looked at the lease amendment? I've been here 4 yrs. 4 yrs of stability and a good relationship with my landlady. I treasure this. I feel blessed. I remain in awe that someone could not appreciate what they have up there.

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