By Any Other Name - July 25th, 2012
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Date: 06:19PM | Wed, July 25th | 2012
Subject: I Officially No Longer Have Cable
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But I also am likely to have new upstairs neighbours within 3 months. So, that is something of a plus. Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out how to connect the tv converter box. I've decided I need to eat food first before I mess with it more - figure out the tv in / tv out bits so I can get regular channels.

Meanwhile, how's Netflix online viewing for watching random stuff when one feels like it? I just cancelled my Netflix subscription (vs having it on hold for almost a year and change) and when not active, one can't really see much of ANYTHING in terms of selection and what's available online. And apparently there's a HULU+ ? I don't think I watch tv often enough for that. But the landlady doesn't think it's fair I don't get to watch some movies and would like to see about paying for my subscription - seriously when I say these current upstairs neighbours messed everything up when they pissed her off? I seriously mean it.

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Date: 10:54PM | Wed, July 25th | 2012
Subject: The Housefly Massacre
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The sniping had been bad enough; suddenly out of nowhere, fly after fly after fly down; the rest zig-zagging, or in frantic loop de loops, running laps to evade. Team after team gone, but needed to try and infiltrate. But then came the ultimate, the awful; the strip. Good, decent flies left trapped and helpless, screaming and buzzing, never to escape again. An example. The area was no longer just a hot zone. It was a signal, a personal horror. And worse, the snipers seemed to be herding them all towards the danger line. They should never have come to this house.

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Date: 11:37PM | Wed, July 25th | 2012
Subject: In Other Other News
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I really enjoyed 'Magical Diary - Horse Hall'. And I've been poking around at other visual novel/life simulation stuff. Problem is, I think MD:HH spoiled me. Because limited as it was, there was character creation, and choice of responses. The next thing to interest in was - well actually the next/similar time was 'Long Live The Queen'. But it causes far too much anxiety at the moment. So, the next life sim/dating sim was 'Lucky Rabbit Reflex'. Which at first I thought was really cool. And now I realize, it's not.

Lucky Rabbit is set in England, surrounding 6th form. Ahh 6th form. Anyway, the character's personality - at least their - her private responses are set. I've yet to figure out if choosing a birthdate affects that or not. The game seems very involved and that's the part I liked. I liked that one of the goals is also to get a best friend among the girls - if I can't date one, actively working on a friendship is a good option. But it's in the dating/interacting with the guys that I've gotten my hugest turn off.

I'm just mucking about with the demo right now, and played through once and didn't much notice anything wrong at all. I was so excited. Then last night, as a calmer before bed, I mucked with the Demo again. What happened? I picked a different guy, just to see and well, I rapidly hit on the realization that this particular guy seems to have a problem with girls who don't have a problem eating good food, lots of it, and ingulging in hamburgers.

While I was pondering if what I thought was going on, was really gong on, I went perusing the game's forum. And there it was; 'to get your guy, you need to wear what he likes, and eat what he likes'...


So first time though, I was chilling with the brown dude, who plays sports and didn't have a problem with a geeky girl, with a big appetite who was also into sports and gaming etc.. And I didn't think much of it. Second time through, as a girl who's got no problem scarfing a burger, while dressing dainty - is apparently way too much a contradiction for the game's writing. Elegant girls might perhaps need salad and water.

I have issues with that. I have issues with a script that says; you can't get the guy unless you dress the way he likes, eat the way he likes, and have his exact interests. I don't like the message that sends. I find that really upsetting.

Really upsetting.

As if what you like about a person, what interests you about them; the light of their personality and soul is nothing compared to the right clothes, the right diet, the right look, and matching you for everything. As if relationships aren't about challenging one another and complimenting one another and supporting one another, friendships or more.

And I hate the excuse that it's all 'due to the limits of the game format'. There were things about Magical Diary I disliked too, and spoke to the creators about. A plot scene I found abusive. But even there, whatever guy or gal you ended up with? 80% of the time, you could play the character your way; choose what magics they liked, were they brainy or not? Pranky or not? Making friends with their roommates or not? Making other friends or not? Concerned about following the rules or not? Concerned about their fellow students or not? It was all up to you. Your personality and caring is what got people, characters interested in you. And that can happen no matter what shows you watch, food you eat, clothes you wear.

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