By Any Other Name - August 25th, 2012
the tale of Willow

Date: 02:05PM | Sat, August 25th | 2012
Subject: Ow
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Mood:pained pained

1. My groceries came, yay grocers

2. While getting them, something in my legs gave out, I stumbled, weaved and fell, brought down and fell on a trashcan, slammed my knees into wet outdoor carpet, and my hands scratch on cement. Totally alarmed the guy who delivers my groceries.

3. Now I have sore knees, a sore aching back, a sore side, bruised elbows, sore hands, a sore neck. So much damn ow.

4. Having groceries is good. Having mango juice and lamb is good. Falling is not so good. Seriously not so good. Was already having nerve pain this week. Is this day a draw?

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