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Date: 02:06PM | Mon, December 10th | 2018
Subject: Pillowfort Tips
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Mood:curious curious

REALLY important Pillowfort tips in this post:


"Hiding NSFW posts is default. Go to Filters & Blacklist to change it.

Your posts not showing up on your feed is default. Go to Filters & Blacklist to change it.

The search function on the Community page doesn’t work well yet. Just type, do not hit enter.

Put some effort into finding an existing community before you create one. I’m already seeing a lot of unnecessary duplicates and those will do nothing but hurt the site at the moment.

Using the Search function for tags works well, but using it to search for communities and users currently does not.

#1 is key. When you first log in and subscribe to a few friends and communities, your Home Feed will be blank until you turn off NSFW. Most seem to be set to NSFW."

I'm going to be honest, the current sluggishness and instability of the site does not give me a lot of confidence that I'll be using it, even though it's a few miles better than Tumblr (threaded replies!) I'm not heartened when I go to change the two simple defaults mentioned here and the site crashes on me ... again.

That being said, I'm known for my relative patience. Relatively .

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User: [info]ingrid
Date: 10:37AM | Mon, December 10th | 2018
Subject: The Things I Forget to Remember
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Mood:busy busy
Music:Christmas music
Tags:all sherlocks love their watsons in ever, crochet, miss sherlock, she-ra, sherlock holmes

I know I've been off the grid, but good gravy, how did I forget to talk about the awesome ...

Miss Sherlock

It's amazing and gets super amazing at the end of the season where even this, the prickliest of Sherlocks, Sara "Sherlock" Shelly Futaba, love their Watson, Dr. Wato Tachibana, more than life, literally.

I only wish I had an easier streaming access link but I had to cobble together each from here and there, although maybe HBO Now has it? Not sure.

Has anyone else seen this yet?


Scorpia/Catra eating my brain, like two good Horde ladies should. Also, Mermista actually loving crazy-ass Sea Hawk but pretending to be annoyed by him is the joke, folks. She could fling him out to sea with a flick of her finger but ... doesn't.


Christmas crochet is failing this year. Today would be a good day to at least finish one scarf. Maybe?


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User: [info]ingrid
Date: 01:15PM | Sun, December 9th | 2018
Subject: Inspiration
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Mood:awake awake
Tags:cats, getting old, rock and roll, scorpia, she-ra, weekend

Dear Cat,

Biting the soft underside of my arm, which hurts like nothing has hurt before, does not inspire me to pet you more.

Just saying.


Going to see a local band later today, but only after learning they go on a 4pm, which is Old Lady Rock and Roll time! My days of staying up all night with the band are long gone.

Also, I'm guaranteed a seat. For my bad back.

Don't laugh. I didn't think it would happen to me either.

That being said ... LET'S ROCK! *makes secret devil sign*


If anyone has any She-Ra, Scorpia recs, hand them over. Gen or otherwise, I'm into anything.

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User: [info]ingrid
Date: 02:33PM | Sat, December 8th | 2018
Subject: Lex Luthor and the Princess of Gay-Ra
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Mood:cheerful cheerful
Music:golf game
Tags:fandom_stocking, good to be back, michael rosenbaum, she-ra, twitter

Just remembered that I'm also on Twitter here:


While on there, I discovered how adorable Michael Rosenbaum still is (https://twitter.com/michaelrosenbum). No really, he's just so cute. Is that Smallville nostalgia hitting me? God, I hope not, lol.

Recommending once again, She-Ra and The Princesses of Power. Highly entertaining, surprising depth and a nearly all-female cast. Give it a shot, you won't regret it.

Here on Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80179762

There's a Scorpia prompt I wouldn't mind writing on [community profile] thehonorofgrayskull but it's under another writer's offers, so ... I'm hoping they might put up a promptfic post instead of having writers offer and people ask underneath. That way I wouldn't feel as though I'm trespassing. But it's all good, I might butt in anyway if they don't take it up.

And hey, [community profile] fandom_stocking, where is muh stockings to fill? I hear people go through the requests and start filling already but I'm not proactive and organized enough for that. Come on, I wanna write! Slap those babies up there, please.

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User: [info]ingrid
Date: 05:47PM | Fri, December 7th | 2018
Subject: She-Ra Community
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Mood:nostalgic nostalgic
Tags:fandom, she-ra

Binge watched She-Ra today, decided that Scorpia is my fave.

Joined [community profile] thehonorofgrayskull because that's the fun thing to do. And I do like me some princesses!

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