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User: [info]lavendertook
Date: 10:48PM | Tue, October 17th | 2017
Subject: Goddess of the Resistance
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Tags:carrie fisher, feminism, justice, rape, resistance, sexual harassment

For [personal profile] baranduin: One more reason why Carrie Fisher is the Goddess of the Resistance, and Princess General for all times and places can be found in this story related by a friend of hers who was sexually assaulted by yet another man with power in Hollywood, as reported in The Guardian and other papers today.

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Heart of Gold and Fists of Steel
User: [info]dragovianknight
Date: 03:36PM | Fri, October 13th | 2017
Subject: Writerly things
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Tags:my brain-let me show you it, real life: general, writing

The good: I have a solid idea for the short story I want to write for the Fell Beasts and Fair anthology.

The bad: Said idea came with enough backstory for a novel (or three)...IF I had the skill to plot and write the backstory properly, which I do not. And even if I did, the novel would suffer from a raging case of genre confusion, with elements of classic sword and sorcery, political intrigue, and icky romance cooties.

But the short story idea should work, if I can get it done by the November 1 deadline.

In other news, I have become mostly nocturnal, with my prime sleeping time between 7am and 1:30pm, and my prime writing time between 3am and 5am. IDEK.

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