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Date: 11:08PM | Fri, June 1st | 2012
Subject: Having Some Thoughts On; Don't Like It Make Your Own
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, thinky thoughts

And the trap that can be; art is a part of the creator. Aside from the false argument, strawman of the whole thing. Attempting it can mean attempting to create art, that isn't YOUR ART. Something that doesn't come from you, but is what you want to see. A if that's the only way it can be accomplished. And ending up frustrated and depressed and demoralized, potentially and thinking you can't make the art, so perhaps you have to accept what is, or hunt down someone else and try and get them to 'Make Their Own' but to fit you. Vicious cycle of psychic damage, that does fuck all of solving the problem of lack of representation and diversity.

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Date: 01:02PM | Sun, July 18th | 2010
Subject: Note To Self
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, games: dao, games: general

No matter how excited I get/got about mods, and the possibility of having a'party' of all brown folk (which I think is why I've been chewing thoughts on DAO lately). Checking out the bioware forums will only hurt me.

Hurt #1 - A Black Sten, titled 'ANOTHER Black Sten'. Wherein the images for the character were called Mugshot Night. Mughshot Day. In His Cage.*

Hurt #2 - Browsing character creation threads, and someone actually did a WoC! Only to have a comment to her say 'OMG! Usually I can't stand PUFFY LIPS but your girl actually looks pretty!'

I think, no matter how I try to change it - I just hate people on principle. And perhaps there's not much wrong with being misanthropic/ having misanthropic views.

[* None of this helps with how I felt when I heard about the Quinari and saw the 'Black Man Tank' in the trailers for the game - no matter how he turned out in the game itself. I suppose it's something that the possibility of an all brown party -still- excites me.]

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Date: 12:20PM | Wed, June 16th | 2010
Subject: Desi Sam & Dean
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, activism is concious living

I repeat GLOCKGAL has done up a Desi Supernatural Comic.

Go. Look. Awe.

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Date: 06:06PM | Sat, June 12th | 2010
Subject: Mortal Kombat (possible reboot)
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, fannish: activity, movies: coming soon

Reality has hit, after 20 good minutes of squee. Because there's no way Hollywood would let an Asian man, whether or not his character is a sociopathic assassin, be the lead in a movie - be the audience's in to a new world. And there's no way Jerri Ryan gets to be Sonya Blade; she actually looks like she could kick ass.

There are already fanboys going 'Where's Raiden' and 'Where's the Magic and Eastern Mysticism' - fucking white fanboys. Don't mind me though, I went and read the comments here where somehow something cyberpunk mechanical was described as 'tribal' and I just went 'Really Fanboys!??' I don't know why I'm picking on fanboys in particular. There are bound to be some fangirls out there full of fail too.

But even with the gore and the ick and the ew, my Yay!Scorpian, won out for a little bit. If you can handle violence and eeewh and like MK, you may enjoy the test video; also available to be seen via youtube here.

At some point I'll get into the Nostalgia factor that's been going on the last few years with all these remakes. It's so hard not to think of Watchmen while thinking about it too - brainworm Alan Moore.

PS: As a whole I tend to take 'grim and gritty' case by case. Nolan did some interesting things for Batman's Nolanverse. But I find myself agreeing with those who believe this turn to make childhood things more 'adult' by making them 'dark, with shadow cinematography and extra gore' (not that MK isn't blood and guts to start with, what with Flawless Victory and ripping people's hearts out) - but that this trend comes from people being ashamed to like what they like and love what they love. And I found myself thinking that's particularly focused on men. I'm fairly certain if grown women stick to loving certain childhood things it's seen as part of their feminine charm. But there's this need to bring to the surface all this stuff to prove there's a reason for loving it. A masculine, gritty, it's real and not flufflit, giddy kid stuff, reason. And I agree with the thought that when you turn the things you loved as a child, into gritty, dark things you can love as an adult, you rob a whole generation of children discovering the very thing that you had so loved when you were a child.

ETA: Link from MovieBob

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Date: 07:08AM | Thu, June 3rd | 2010
Subject: The. World. Sucks.
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Mood:pissed off & pessemistic pissed off & pessemistic
Tags:#race issues: visual media, #social justice issues

Ok that's it. I'm fucking DONE.

Nickelodeon Wants Only White Power Ranger Leader.

When even Power Rangers isn't spared the need for 'poor white children to have heroes just like them - above and beyond the world's disenfranchised ethnicities'.

I'm just done.

Oil. War. White Supremacy.

Fuck it.

ETA: [info]drakovianknight That leaves you alone in the PR Camp. Sorry. But damn I can't do this. (They are tarnishing the Tommy)

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Date: 03:29AM | Sun, May 30th | 2010
Subject: So Tired Of TV Hurting Me
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Mood:exhausted exhausted
Tags:#race issues: fandom, #race issues: visual media, #social justice issues

So Kita0610 just put up a link-vid to the new Hawaii Five O.

I have many thoughts. The first was actually 'Wow Hollywood, you keep going back to the past when people were trying to be diverse and representational and creative and then you screw with it to boot'.

My second thought was; Two white guys get the most face time in that preview. They'll get the most fan attention. Their white boy love will be the purest. Grace Park's character will get the shaft as the Asian Dragonlady Shrew or Asian Submissive who can't admit she doesn't want the white man or who becomes the stand in for the non-slash community. And Daniel Dae Kim... *shaking my head*

When new shows come out, and I see white fans getting excited (no offense Kita, but you sure are pale), am I supposed to feel this crushing weight of disappointment as I foresee all the stories that don't get written. Hell even in that effing preview there's someone with dreadlocks being THE BAD GUY. They could be Maori, or Samoan or Black - I don't know. But it's still that cuff to the diaphragm.

I really, really resent you guys. Those of you who're white who don't get that smack in the face. Heck, I resent those of you who haven't reached a place, despite being a person of colour, where you see the lack so blatant. Scales falling off the eyes is a never ending process of OWWWW FUUUUCK.

Y'know, for all the various posts about slash, empowerment and women, I can't help feeling that the glorification of the love and butt sex between two white men is just another form of patriarchy/kyriarchy - they're still on a pedestal but everyone around them pretends they're not.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm lucky that I know the reason why it hurts; if I'm lucky it's not in my subconscious, bubbling and festering and become rage and resentment that needs an out somehow.

PS: I think I'm figuring out my revulsion/repulsion from fannishly expressed lust/physical appreciation. It tends to be phrased along lines of as 'as long as they're hot to hell with the isms and oppression! Show me skin!'. There are historical issues with that, for me.

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Date: 03:13PM | Mon, March 29th | 2010
Subject: Can't Talk
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, i hate people, i will cut somebody

The Live Action - Last Airbender Manga Is Here. Put On Some Shades. It's BrightWhite.

Busy Hating Paramount AND White People.

Guess it's a good thing I just bought some books. Cause Paramount sure does own a lot of movie & tv interests.

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Date: 06:11AM | Wed, October 7th | 2009
Subject: Disney
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Tags:#race issues: visual media

The first five minutes of The Princess and the Frog with some animation incomplete Direct link here.

If it's not there, pm me. I saved it. There's also more stuff here but I am lackluster and not at all easily impressed.

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Date: 01:51AM | Sat, September 19th | 2009
Subject: More WhiteWashing
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Tags:#race issues: visual media

Racebending has the details.

Meanwhile I am holding some small comfort reading the works of Jean Killbourne (a white feminist who actually seems to remember women of colour, disabled individuals and gays - even if it is only to admit that she cannot include them adaquately out of need to limit her scope when writing).

When I'm finished reading her stuff - George Gerbner.

And possibly after that, bell hooks.

(Somewhere in there I need to find Asterix comics. I adored them as a child and Fickle recently brought them up again).

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Date: 01:55PM | Sun, August 23rd | 2009
Subject: I Am Naive
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Tags:#race issues: visual media

I did not at all think that and the Avatar Live Action Movie Protest could be trendy. And that there would be people involved who don't even have half a clue.

Apparently replacing the Characters of Colour with white actors is OMG so Obviously Racist. But having a hate crime, on film, on going taking up minutes, as a PUNCHLINE, getting upset about that is just getting too PC.

Heaven help us all deal with concerned, well meaning, white people.

Hmm, seems like someone famous may have a quote on that concept. Who could it be? Who could it be. [/sarcasm]

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Date: 02:52AM | Mon, August 10th | 2009
Subject: Ow
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, things that hurt, things that suck

Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightening Thief

It's going to be a movie. The trailer's out. It's set for 2010. I liked the first book and the only reason I haven't read the fourth is because I tried to get the audio tape version but simply loathed the voice narrator. So I've got to remember to borrow it to read. Series hasn't been bad.

But - at the same time? It's depressing as hell. I like the series because it mentions that there are Children of Colour/Non White Children who are also descendants of the gods of olympus. I... am less than assured such will be possible in a Hollywood made movie. Also, it's this sucking wound kind of thing of seeing yet another possible franchise roll out to scoop up the attention of a particular age group and grow with them and well, it's catering to white = default.

Sucking wound.

I suppose I'd have known of this sooner if I watched television these days. On the other hand, I'm undoubtedly missing a lot of 'IN YOUR FACE, YOU ARE INVISIBLE' bs on tv. So yeah.

Just... where is it, y'know? Are we going to have to wait for Tyler Perry to decide he wants to make something focusing on fantasy and kids?

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Date: 02:12AM | Thu, July 30th | 2009
Subject: Weird Sudden Thought
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Tags:#race issues: visual media

Twilight? Casting First Nations Actors to play Quileute Tribe in the Movie.

Last Airbender? Caucasian Heroes and East Indian (brown) Bad Guy.

I don't like Twilight, but it just occurred to me that I would actually pay money to see it, if I could post somewhere that I was going to see it because it cast Native Actors.

See what I mean about weird?

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Date: 05:57AM | Sat, July 25th | 2009
Subject: ...
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Mood:exhausted exhausted
Tags:#race issues: visual media, #race issues: writing, honkeyshines

The entire premise of this book is about a compulsive liar,” said Melanie Cecka, publishing director of Bloomsbury Children’s Books USA and Walker Books for Young Readers, who worked on Liar. “Of all the things you’re going to choose to believe of her, you’re going to choose to believe she was telling the truth about race?”

Yes, that's right Ms. White Lady. Never mind that the author herself says the character is mixed/black/African American. Never mind that that fact does inform some of her actions and some of her reality - no matter what the truth is. You just neatly cut out the possibility of the book being about a Person of Colour at all, by claiming 'Yo, it could easily be a white girl lying. Some white girl who wanted to count as 'exotic''.

Does this erasure count twice now?

In the rest of the article, they get feedback from Texas. Texas. Land of the 'Thurgood Marshall wasn't important enough for us to have to teach anything about him in school' Texas. There are also quotes from someone in Salt Lake City. Now, I'm not saying there are absolutely no black people in either of those places. But I seriously doubt when looking for feedback on whether or not people feel offended by this cover, Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City are the places to go.

So, first Tor, and now Bloomsbury and Walker Books For Young Readers.

Someone suggested I try for the Australian copies, published via the Australian publishing house. Of course I can't request non American editions for my library account, which leaves paying for international shipping and buying somewhat in the dark. But that's my problem. I seriously doubt other people will want not to touch anything Melanie Cecka had a hand in.

I am sad. Really sad. Not actually depressed yet, I don't think. But each month of 2009 so far has shown the world as an uglier place. I just...

Greedy, insular, hateful fuckers, co-opting when they're not ignoring, raping when they're not dismissing, harassing, when they're not unseeing. And they're not all 75 years old and likely to die soon.

I think, I think this is me losing any sliver of faith at ALL in -that-. And not having another thing to believe in - yet. But that, American Publishing (America Media, really, though I've still fight left in me for change in movies). I seriously doubt that British and European Publishing is any better. But my lack of faith, the visceral association is with -that-.

I recognize this. This is grieving. This is part of the grieving process.

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Date: 06:39PM | Sat, July 18th | 2009
Subject: It's For Children. It's Not Important. Besides We're Post Racial Now.
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Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:#race issues: visual media, show: avatar the last airbender

So I've been staring at the Fail! Images of The Last Racebender. And I realized I was having the oddest feeling of familiarity. And then it hit me, this is The Seeker all over again; a lack of respect for the source material, an attempt to make things more 'relevant', and so many references lost showing that people hadn't followed the source material (including actors to have a sense of how to play things).

In the end they changed the name of the movie from the source material's title, to The Seeker.

It still bombed and then some.

But it was a little Walden Production, not a Paramount/Viacom, meant to be a big deal (possible summer blockbuster) 'Movie'. And it was definitely not meant to be the first in a series of movies. I keep thinking that Peter Jackson showed the world that a strong attempt (87% let's say) to be faithful to the source material ends up keeping what makes the source material so popular and creating a better film. But somehow that message got lost somewhere (likely with Jackson's residuals).

It's not just unfaithfulness, cluelessness and disrespect happening in the live action movie of Aang Saves The World, however. Big and bold, front and center, it's about Race ane specifically white superiority. And I'm not talking about the Inuit hero characters being played by white actors. I'm talking about the anti-Hero Zuko.

A prior Avatar is an ancestor of Zuko's. This prior ancestor has been cast white, while Zuko was recast from Jesse McCartney to Dev Patel. What happens when your brown skinned anti-hero/villain has white ancestry and ends up ultimately redeemed? What happens when his direct ascendant, (his father), is also brown skinned and megamaniacal (evil), while his earlier ancestor is white skinned and 'good' ? How does that read on top of all the other casting where the heroes are white and the bad guys and extras have been cast with PoC?

What happens when your anti-villain becomes a misguided 'mulatto'? What messages does that send on top of several others, including "The plucky, strong hearted womangirl who faced down a sexist teacher, mastered a craft and held her own during a war time scenario is now white. "

It's like Paramount/Viacom just keep skipping merrily down a road PLASTERED with Racist Failing Ahead signs, without a care in the world.

ETA: Still done with DW. But I wanted more than my iJay flist to see this particular post. So it is xposted.

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Date: 10:49PM | Sat, July 11th | 2009
Subject: Y'all
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Mood:pleased pleased
Tags:#race issues: visual media, tv: in general, tv: m.a.n.t.i.s

I'm watching M.A.N.T.IS.

I never saw the pilot. I only caught an episode here and there. I look forward to recognizing them when I see them. But right now. I am in HEAVEN. I didn't realize/remember Gina Torres is in this. But that's not the reason I'm in heaven.

In just this pilot episode, I count 1, 2, 3, 4 black men and two black teenage boys. That's six black men - all of whom were not villains. The teens, were teens with a camera. And the men? All professionals. A police officer. A public relations official. A bio-physicist. And a reporter. Oh crap. 5 black men, I forgot the assistant to the bio-physicist.

Thank you Early 90's.

ETA: 6 black men and I can't even count the teen boys (though some of them are now admittedly gang members). Still. WHeeee!

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Date: 01:09AM | Fri, June 5th | 2009
Subject: Alien Nation: From The Creator's Mouth
Security: Public
Tags:#race issues: visual media, show: alien nation (90's)*

All that talk of mine about Alien Nation? Found an interview of the creator online. I do not think these aspects were expressed in the Alien Movie Collection Featurette (but it might be in the commentaries/ I got the movies before I got the series and I have no begun to watch everything yet).

But I am struck by the creator's description of the show to the people who'd wanted him to do it.

" I went back to Fox and said, "You think you’ve got Lethal Weapon with aliens." And they said, "Yeah, yeah" I said, "No. What you’ve got is In the Heat of the Night. Let me do a piece about what it’s like to be the world’s newest minority, to be the latest people off of the bus from below the border, the dregs of society, to be the ones everybody looks down on and has a bad word about. That’s a show that’s not only interesting to me, but it’s a show that’s got legs. It’s a show that’s got the ability to just go on and on." And they asked, "Do you really think so?" And I said, "Not only do I think so, I’m wild to do it."

No matter how much more SciFi the TV Movies got (at least in my memory, haven't gone through them all yet and the one I did watch was mostly *hugs movie to chest*) if that was what his inspiration was, if that's how he saw the show, then this is not Willow is pitching Alien Nation with some unrealistic woo. I am seeing what I'm seeing. And this makes me feel confident that I won't end up posting after watching the next set of episodes and going 'It lost steam'.

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Date: 08:53PM | Thu, May 28th | 2009
Subject: Alien Nation: How Willow Has No/Too Many Words
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, show: alien nation (90's)*

As mad as I am with S/F right now, I've just reached the end of Ep 6 of Alien Nation (not including the 2 hour pilot) and I am strongly strongly reminded that sometimes, S/F has gotten things right.

Intergenerational Trauma alongside Intergenerational Memory (including a time of freedom), honored elders, ghettos and redlining, casual racism and slurs, being the Other and having the dominant group not. Picture moments of Dominant Culture Women, letting assault happen to a Minority Woman, because she wasn't one of them.

Ignorant racism.

Class war and how it can turn people, change them, even against their own. The power of myths as the story of a people. The confusion some go through trying to define themselves against the dominant culture instead of actually identifying with their own. The huge importance of making sure one's children remember, so they don't minimize what came before and what's happening now. How a people bred for work could lose themselves in the depression of a ghetto and constant antagonism and dismissal.

Stolen children.

How no power over one's children, and no ability to protect them leads to a generation of clueless parents - those who weren't parented, don't know how and often stumble through in a level of not knowing that does. not. measure. up to the generalized cluelessness of parenting (which can come from not learning from one's elders)

How even 'the good guys' can say and do hurtful, painful things. The mouth movements of 'trying not to offend' without ever stopping the hurtful behavior. The fight against being twisted by hatred. Being surprised at the weight crushing into an explosion of bad judgement.

8 hours that have unexpectedly fed my soul. Very unexpectedly, since the pilot gets pretty hamfisted about some things (there is actual speechifying).

Currently I'm just nodding my head to a mentioned moment of how control is reasserted by atrocity after atrocity to create a climate where to think differently triggers thoughts of pain and a need to appease.

Oh! And how a people displaced and out of touch with a culture ripped from them, become vulnerable to a need to find that culture, recreate it, find a place to belong externally.

On the one hand, it's sad that something created in the 80's beats the pants off stuff created now. And how that's been happening all over when it comes to having a clue. That there was more respectful representations in the 70's and 80's in comics, has been pointed out to me.

The more I write, the more this feels like this post is in the wrong venue. But it really isn't.

I have four more doublesided dvds to go, and several more of the movies. I bought the series because I liked it, and up to 12 years ago adored it enough that I'd been on the lookout for the movies. I remember hunting down the book series (I believe I gave some to Zvi. I'm gonna have to hunt them down for myself now).

I can't remember the last time S/F fed my soul like this, instead of making me cringe or throw books across the room, or put them back on the shelf in disappointment.

Nostalgia has a whole new layer of meaning for me now. I wonder what else I've forgotten, or never saw from back then, that I can hold close now. I'm enjoying this so much more now, but part of me is going 'Why are you surprised' . I wonder if I loved them so much when I was younger (physically and mentally) because they weren't hurting me subconsciously (or at least significantly lower than other things were).

My shows: Juuni Kokki, Roughneck Chronicles, Alien Nation.

Hmm. I need icons.

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Date: 01:13AM | Fri, February 13th | 2009
Subject: And the Fail Keep Trucking
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Mood:exhausted exhausted
Tags:#race issues: general, #race issues: visual media, the o man

David Cohen, political cartoonist, does a piece on "Post Racial America". He and PETA are tying for new first place in Racefail 09.

I'm a need a more violent default icon for 09. Seriously.

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Date: 11:18PM | Sat, October 4th | 2008
Subject: Dear Germany - What the Huh??
Security: Public
Tags:#race issues: visual media, wtf!!

Have mercy, the stuff you find when you're not even looking. White Massai: The Movie

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