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Date: 02:16AM | Thu, July 7th | 2011
Subject: Jim Butcher Has Been A 'OMG Reverse Racism Ass' On Twitter
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Tags:#race issues: writing

Longshotauthor is his twitter. I can't... I just can't. GHOST STORY comes out July 2mumble something. And I just can't. I am so fucking .. not crushed. Slapped. It is pretty much like a slap in the face. I can't even... I CAN'T EVEN. Seriously, I... it's all 'White people shouldn't have to put up with this shit!' and 'It was a good point, until the 'fuck you' and..... I CAN'T EVEN!

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Date: 10:10PM | Sun, July 3rd | 2011
Subject: 'Going Native' - 2
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Tags:#privilege(s), #race issues: writing, #social justice issues, book series: foreigner, thinky thoughts

"Going native" is a colonizer's expression, right? It's about longing, but also about contempt; it's What These People Need Is A Honky, it's about being a better native than the natives, it's about "native" meaning "primitive," "erasable". And it's also about fear: the fear of the arrogant, that if they stop erecting boundaries, they'll dissolve into the Other. - 2009, CoffeeandInk @ Livejournal.

Someone else did explore the the thoughts I'd found bubbling up to think more on later and posted about at this early entry; about the concept of the term 'Gone Native/ Going Native'.

ASIDE:Seriously since last year, since the beginning of this year, it's been amazing to me how much I wasn't at my best in 2009 at all. How clearly I wasn't thinking. How I just wasn't making connections as fast as is probably normal for me. And to think I'm still dealing with exhaustion and depression, just not at quite so heavy a megaton of weight.

Another good quote from Coffeandink, same essay: " Cherryh, for example, isn't great at racial diversity -- lots of white and default white people in there. But the way she thinks about otherness and conflict and alien contact undercuts some of the manifest destiny/white man's burden implications of older sf."

This also explains why, as much as I near hunger for conversation on the Series (having read it twice now, 12 books, in the space of a 2 month period and seriously considering yet another re-read) - I can't last more than two mins tops skimming through boards that deal with the topic, or Cherryh's own blog hosted fan comments. It hits me right in the gut that these readers are all white and heavily unexamined in their privilege. Who they focus on, why they focus on them, the power and importance they want the white male human character to have or think he deserves, the little micro-aggressions showing that the Atevi are side-kicks in a story about the progression of their own homeworld. The very present hovering oppressive feel I get reading their words of 'What those aliens needed was a honkey. Yay!'

I feel I will lose everything that soothes me about these books, if I venture forth to dicuss them outside certain circles - subtle things like Caejeri as immigrant within his own culture.

PS: I don't read Mospherians as American AT ALL. They're space faring Canadian/Australians to me. With Ogun becoming, what I think, far too many Australians wish would happen to that land's continued Aboriginal Tribes People

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Date: 11:19AM | Tue, September 29th | 2009
Subject: 3 Things Make A Post
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Tags:#queer issues: q is for queer, #race issues: writing

The Lambda Literary Foundation. The Award. The changed guidelines. Linkspam for context.

1. Bitches be tripping.

2. White selfish female (primarily) bitches be really tripping.

3. If I don't personally know you, and you write m/m for publication - I don't want to know you. So basically I'll take Alex Draven and Julia Talbot Alexa Snow and the rest of those fuckers can get on a rocket and leave my galaxy. Their wtf homeworld is calling.

PS: Anyone raises the word 'ghetto' in any shape or form in my comments and I will cuss you out so hard, your fallopian tubes and/or balls will peel and wither.

PPS: I have come to the conclusion that in a way, P.Nielson was right - "some people ARE more intelligent than others" and it is a right bloody pain to have to live in a world filled with so much selfish, hogging stupid. And of course intelligence in this definition is analytical and emotional metacognition quotient.

PPPS: Never read Ann Somerville. Might now if I ever want to read two white men in a relationship. She's been walking around with 'Sensible Decent Thinking White Woman' on her forehead all year.

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Date: 07:08PM | Mon, July 27th | 2009
Subject: Grr + Book Stuff
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Tags:#race issues: writing, books


In other news I can explain - I asked the library to order 'Thirteen Orphans' by Jane Lindskoldat the beginning of the year. They finally got it in. I brought it home. About two hours ago (the grr ate up time) I opened it and read the acknowledgements and saw TOR and PNH and TNH. And then flipped it to the side and saw it's a TOR book.

Now I don't want to read it.

Now granted before the 'Grr' that was my attempt to run an errand for my mother, this seemed much more aggravating that it seems now. Now I'm just kind of -well sometimes some bath babies get thrown out. But let me just do a quick search engine check.

First up: Through Wolf's Eyes - Native American Mythology (+ talking animals - actual amerindians)

This doesn't have me wanting to look any further.

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Date: 05:57AM | Sat, July 25th | 2009
Subject: ...
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Tags:#race issues: visual media, #race issues: writing, honkeyshines

The entire premise of this book is about a compulsive liar,” said Melanie Cecka, publishing director of Bloomsbury Children’s Books USA and Walker Books for Young Readers, who worked on Liar. “Of all the things you’re going to choose to believe of her, you’re going to choose to believe she was telling the truth about race?”

Yes, that's right Ms. White Lady. Never mind that the author herself says the character is mixed/black/African American. Never mind that that fact does inform some of her actions and some of her reality - no matter what the truth is. You just neatly cut out the possibility of the book being about a Person of Colour at all, by claiming 'Yo, it could easily be a white girl lying. Some white girl who wanted to count as 'exotic''.

Does this erasure count twice now?

In the rest of the article, they get feedback from Texas. Texas. Land of the 'Thurgood Marshall wasn't important enough for us to have to teach anything about him in school' Texas. There are also quotes from someone in Salt Lake City. Now, I'm not saying there are absolutely no black people in either of those places. But I seriously doubt when looking for feedback on whether or not people feel offended by this cover, Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City are the places to go.

So, first Tor, and now Bloomsbury and Walker Books For Young Readers.

Someone suggested I try for the Australian copies, published via the Australian publishing house. Of course I can't request non American editions for my library account, which leaves paying for international shipping and buying somewhat in the dark. But that's my problem. I seriously doubt other people will want not to touch anything Melanie Cecka had a hand in.

I am sad. Really sad. Not actually depressed yet, I don't think. But each month of 2009 so far has shown the world as an uglier place. I just...

Greedy, insular, hateful fuckers, co-opting when they're not ignoring, raping when they're not dismissing, harassing, when they're not unseeing. And they're not all 75 years old and likely to die soon.

I think, I think this is me losing any sliver of faith at ALL in -that-. And not having another thing to believe in - yet. But that, American Publishing (America Media, really, though I've still fight left in me for change in movies). I seriously doubt that British and European Publishing is any better. But my lack of faith, the visceral association is with -that-.

I recognize this. This is grieving. This is part of the grieving process.

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Date: 12:56PM | Sat, May 9th | 2009
Subject: PR = Pants Redacted
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Tags:#race issues: general, #race issues: writing, wth?

Lois McMaster Bujold. Dishing out the same old like it was extra special original recipe (Zvi, don't look.)

To Ensure Zvi Doesn't Look )

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Date: 12:21AM | Wed, April 8th | 2009
Subject: Slips & Dips
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Tags:#race issues: fandom, #race issues: writing, .ijay

I don't know why I'm so upset that iJay is purging usernames. I guess it's because some folk who got journals to interact over here missed the notifications and now....

It feels less homey to know that some people's online homes are being 'foreclosed' on. I probably shouldn't think of it that way.

In other news - an individual I thought was on the line between sort of racially clueless/incredibly preoccupied with face to face life stuff, has just bounded gleefully over into racist asshole. It doesn't hurt. I can't be more disappointed in them than when I realized they were fishing for a PoC Approval Editor for their stories, mining experiences and personal pain for their 'creative process'. But damn if I don't shake my head at the news that they're just - over caring about what other people think

ETA: Clarifying. This isn't a friend but a writer I knew and the situation is best summarized as her caring about racism when it might affect how people perceive her and her books but actually being proactive in changing the way people treat each other in the world? Wtf cares about those bigger issues.

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Date: 07:25AM | Sat, September 13th | 2008
Subject: Fairy Tales & Fables
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Tags:#race issues: writing, writing: me

Ok, I just found a webcomic with a Star Trek parody where the female officer is a white blonde. Is she a parody of Yeoman Janice Rand? Or did they screw Uhura in this comic strip?

Seems like a simple thing, doesn't it. But I'm instantly repelled at the thought that Uhura gets erased in a parody. And of course there's no background drawn CoC either. Lately I've been wondering if I wouldn't be just screaming if I continued writing on something I'm currently working on and made all the principles PoC. It seemed as if I'd be giving myself unnecessary work in having to explain why.

But this webcomic hit me all over again with the fact that there's never an explanation of why those created worlds DON'T have PoC. Why am I so hung up on providing an explanation for why my Robin Hood Character or Fairy Godmother isn't white? I have this elaborate scheme in my head with family trees I'm drawing out, but in doing so I'm still left anxious about how many of my characters aren't white and will the story track and will people be able to handle tales they grew up with having PoC Characters. And it's just.....

There are no words to describe the frustration I feel that legends and tales which have become my legends and tales too, due to slavery and colonialization and which also tend to have international copies all over the globe - make me feel as if an explanation is necessary if the Merchant's Daughter in Rumplestilskin isn't white.

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Date: 06:21PM | Sun, June 15th | 2008
Subject: Willow Writes Meta
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Tags:#race issues: fandom, #race issues: general, #race issues: writing, meta

How Fandom Gave Me A BA in Media Studies & Racial Representation.

Reposted link. Cause the original link is behind a cut tag with more personal stuff.

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Date: 08:42PM | Fri, June 13th | 2008
Subject: How Fandom Gave Me A BA in Media Studies & Racial Representation.
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Tags:#race issues: fandom, #race issues: general, #race issues: writing, meta

This is mostly for me. Don't want to read it? Heaving a sigh? Skip it.

Read more... )

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Date: 06:32PM | Sat, April 26th | 2008
Subject: Cause I'm just tripping over this shit while trying to mind my own business
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Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:#race issues: writing, online: culture

Oh for FUCK's sake!

Someone named Christine on Feministe is having a cow because she is SO blind to the fact that not everyone who is a person of colour has obvious and/or stereotypical signifiers, mentioning said fact is equal to a stalkery threat.

And THEN, when people call her a flaming idiot - cause she is. She responds with 'You negroes aren't watching your tone! It's not helping your cause! My white sensibilities are shocked and offended! Who will save the white womens!!!!'

Fuck Amanda Marcotte. Fuck Feministe. Fuck the Femiblogsphere.

And Christine?

We're in your neighbourhood/office/supermarket, noting ur racism

And I don't care if you did later apologise you Ivory Tower, Spin Toiling, When It Suits You To Pick Up A Cause, Negro Hating , Asian Exoticizing Feminist.

Because even if you apologised, your cheerleaders are still sniffing the crack bus to fortify themselves to protect the white womenzs

ETA: This message brought to you by the letters A for Angry, B for Black and W for Willow. And F for Fuck You NYPD & NYS Court System

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Date: 07:52PM | Fri, February 8th | 2008
Subject: A bowl full of righteous
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Tags:#race issues: writing

This link from [info] leads to a bowl full of righteous and I just want to say WORD.

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Date: 05:45PM | Sun, September 30th | 2007
Subject: Please check your fascination at the door. It's not needed.
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Tags:#race issues: fandom, #race issues: general, #race issues: writing

People who go on and on about their PoC lover's skin are FETISHING. They're fetishizing. Just because they also appreciate said lover's eyes, brains, sense of humor doesn't change the fact that they've admitted fascination and that they could have spent hours pouring over his/her skin. Not because it was him/her but due to that fascination.

I can't continue to respond and explain, however, because the OP or Comm Mod has since turned off anonymous comments thus excluding openID. I made one comment with my lj, but I don't want to get drawn into using my lj at all.

Anyway, maybe I'm just one person who's offended by skin fascination and seriously believe that it's not something to be attempted by white writers in their first forays dealing with characters of colour.

When they get past the stumbling blocks of wanting to refer to people as food and inanimate goods for sale, when they get past the fucking fascination of difference and non-similarity and OTHERNESS, then maybe they can think about doing things like my Compare & Contrast where skin tone is brought up for a reason.

ETA: And no I don't think it's actually a positive portrayal for said fascination to be awe and full of liking vs disgust at the darkness of it all. It's still OTHERING you sanctimonious bitch.

ETA:Oct 1st - I've been banned from that community for 'stopping in and criticizing instead of participating in the conversation'. Do note, I've been banned after the moderator took away my ability to continue to respond via OpenID. And also after stating in my only comment using my old lj account that I wouldn't be communicating further without OpenID. I suggest people watch themselves around logophilos @ LJ. They might end up in fruitless, blood pressure raising arguments.

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Date: 03:48AM | Sat, September 22nd | 2007
Subject: do I have a right to feel offended?
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Tags:#race issues: writing, thoughts on: fiction

Someone on my flist asked for insight into potential characters. She's writing about some sort of paranormal carnival visiting this fairly white bread town. And it occurred to her that the town was pretty darn white and she hadn't thought to make any characters of colour.

So she starts talking about how how the 'freaks' in the freakshow are real supernaturals and the Naga could be South Asian / East Indian and how the werewolf is Austrian.

And then she mentioned her thoughts that the seeming Carolina Giant, nine feet tall could be black with a biblical name...

And I avoided looking at my flist for hours. Don't finish reading. I finally went back to finish and found I had to respond. Because she caught herself without CoC and she asked for help. But how could she not see the: big black super buck slave behind a nine foot, broad black man with a biblical name like Hezicah.

And then her last sentence was - Is it a problem making the freaks PoC.

I responded to her about my thoughts about the Carolina Giant and the stereotypical-ness of a Gypsy Fortune teller. But I couldn't bring myself to discuss the truth depths of what I felt reading her descriptions in her own journal.

She reads mine so it's not like I'm hiding anything. I'm just aware of incredibly sensitive I've become to representations of PoC in the media. How I can't pick up certain books because the cast is all white and how I haven't brought myself to watch Eureka since the episode with the white love interest.

Rambling Strong Emotions )

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Date: 09:37PM | Thu, September 20th | 2007
Subject: on culture, writing and empires
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Tags:#race issues: writing, show: saiunkoku, thoughts on: fiction, watching: anime

Question: (eta: general not specific to anime or Japan)

Why do even the Japanese look for the retelling of Imperial Myths in China?

Currently watching: Saiunkoku Monogatari. So far it's pretty interesting, dramatic, and amazingly gay*. Heck the female protagonist only allows herself to be close to the Emperor because she thinks he's gay. Some of her 'acting' and tone of voice annoys me but so far the myth concept has me hooked and I'm a sucker for 'Individual woman revolutionizes the world/country'.

But why China?? Why when it's not Europe is it China?

- The Chinese Dynasties with the Mandate From Heaven.

- The Egyptian Dynasties.

That's it. I may be fooling myself in thinking Asgaard was used as a model at some point. And I'm not counting Hercules: The Legendary Journeys cause that's not what I'm talking about.

I'm talking about Dynasty Drama. So it's Europe, Europe, Europe, China, Europe, Egypt, China, Europe, Europe, China.

Is there nothing easily assimilated to the mind on other cultures? What's wrong with India's history of Kings and Queens? Or South Asia? It's only good for Anna & The King? (notice who goes first there).

South America is only good for Mel Gibson and then it's all about spear chunking and human sacrifices? Why when I see myths of South America represented I hear little to nothing about Quetzalcoatl?

What about Babylonia? Syria? Persia? They had Dynasties too. Duude the Ottoman Empire - see the part where Empire is part of the name?

Am I missing out on fantasy representations of those cultures because I don't speak the languages?

Is the data on the cultures/tribes of Africa all lost except for Egypt and the occasional mention of the Nubian Empire?

It's not just the place setting of 'trappings' of the culture - or may it is the trappings. I've seen Elves with Japanese style culture. And when it's not that it's LOTR style European High Court or Pictish Rebels (not counting the movie Arthur. I'm not counting it). Tea and long robes and bowing and kneeling and - ok I know it's my choice to watch anime. And anime came from the East, most notably Japan along with manga. But I started off wondering why Japan has so much about China - and now I add my wtf given that Japan fought so hard NOTto become part of China.

I'm just...lost I guess. Am I making any sense?

* - the gay )

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