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Date: 02:55AM | Sat, December 17th | 2011
Subject: MMPORPG: Star Wars - The Old Republic
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Mood:hungry, disappointed, mildly pissed hungry, disappointed, mildly pissed
Tags:#social justice issues: media representa, games: general, genre: scifi & fantasy

The fairy dust dropped off the Franchise for me w/ the prequels - perhaps even earlier w/ the revised originals. Tried to sleep, it ended up being a nap. Internet currently working for the moment - I watched a let's play. Only thing going through my head in that 1st episode? What are the Jedi doing on a planet that has native inhabitants - calling said inhabitants hostile cause they don't like that someone came and set up shop in their home? WTF is it 'OMG, they're primitive but now they have guns!' With the strong implication that some outsider power is supplying them and thus these natives have no agency and exist to be killed, for HP. My frowny face, people. My frowny face.

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Date: 07:21PM | Sun, September 4th | 2011
Subject: Watching A Let's Play Of: DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION
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Tags:#social justice issues: media representa, games: general

A tweet couldn't quite contain what's slapping me in the face. There's a black cop - yay! She's dressed as a whore. Boo! She needs help. She gets the white progtag to do ALL the work for her (some of it, because it's illegal, some of it because it's easier). Then she makes comments about the white male protag's 'cute ass'. Meanwhile, left right and center, there's black gang bangers and latino gang bangers.

But there are white men committing crime. White collar crime; industrial secrets, stealing business supplies etc. The protaganist gets the option to help the white criminal and get him out of trouble.

In the police station, I saw a few black cops; I think they were in uniform. Didn't see that many women, certainly no WoC as detectives and/or the like. The black cop mentioned above is the only major 'good guy' (in quotes for a reason) quest giver. The two other black characters you intitially meet, are not in positions of power. One latino character is both a gang banger and a victim of the larger story quest. But depending on how things are played out, he could die without anyone having a clue.

Meanwhile, there are corrupt cops ALL THE FRACK* OVER (white). And I'm just getting twitchy about the portrayals and how they play into building a foundational expectation of aggression and harm and danger around certain ethnic and gender combinations.

As far as I know, also to show up in this game, will be Triad gangs. My squinty eye, let me show you it. Especially when there's snippets of radio programs and the like all around pondering the nature of humanity. What's human, what's not. And I'm also staring heterosexual representations everywhere (and among the gang bangers a particular flavour of promiscuity - in one case it certain looked like the woman in question was absolute high).

These are the stories our society is telling itself.

Twitchy making.

None of this even getting into the concept of 'augmention' and the in game/in universe issues around privilege and ignorance revolving around that; who gets it why, at what costs, at what long term risks, how. Etc...

*Frick frack, brickabrac.

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