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Date: 01:08AM | Thu, January 27th | 2011
Subject: This Is A List Of Complaints.
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Tags::{ grumpy face, books, i will cut somebody, question everything, wtf!

* I am fed up with teenagers who want to be 'normal' and have 'normal lives' even though they have varied above normal abilities

* I am fed up with 'just a normal/ordinary/every day' boy or girl description of the protagonist in summary, and protagonist of course is white, middle class and usually blonde.

* I am fed up with reading 'Until/And Then/But....; The eye poppingly hot/studly seductive/ seriously sexy/sizzling/hunky or some other OMG BE JEALOUS intro description of, usually but not always, the male in a book summary. It makes me forget I like romance. Cause I do. I like reading about characters getting to know one another better, and finding similarities in points of view and politics and family life etc, and growing closer and emotions running deeper.

The superficial trophy significant other due to looks, power, etc... UGH. SO MUCH DAMN UGH.

* I am tired of torture porn and gore in thrillers parading as mysteries. I do not have a serial killer fetish. I am tired of serial killer this and serial killer that.

*(Spoiler Blanked / Somewhat Triggery) If your book is a romance, even a historical gay romance? I don't need on page 3 to be reading about 'And then I sodomized him' followed by descriptions of pain and someone's overwhelming lust despite their partner's discomfort. Even as a memory!

Things that cannot be controlled - all the prexisting books of cis, hetero, male fantasy wishfulfilmen, where some barbarian/young man/whatever has to save the day, or at least is village, while growing into or showing off his already 'mighty thews' blah blah blah, with extra inborn nobility/political savvy/etc... blah blah.

Sigh. I have other complaints, but right now, while in pain, and wanting comfort, I once again sought out books and stories. And once again my soul cried out NO! I've been all twitchy about anime too (and anime is where I go when Euro/US tv makes me want to claw at my poor skull).

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Date: 01:58AM | Mon, February 1st | 2010
Subject: Cause I Want To Slap You
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Mood:get offa my lawn! get offa my lawn!
Tags::{ grumpy face, question everything, technology, wtf!, wth?

Dear varied anonymous (and not so anonymous) people salivating over Apple's portable larger screened device,

The Japanese have had those capabilities, without Apple's hobbling, for around three years now, possibly five. In fact just this past December I was salivating over the possibility of a CHUWI 300 (and I desperately want the manufacturers to work out the programming and slight hardware problem that meant it couldn't get rebranded with english menus here in the States).

My CHUWI offered me a camera, portable pdf files, wifi access and the ability to read manga, comics (in colour) and books. Listen to music. And watch videos.

Yes, the iPad is the next logical step for Apple. But after all, considering they take ideas completed and in the public's hands in Japan and then respin them and simplify them for American hands - of course the next step was logical.

Meanwhile y'all are going to be paying who knows what for the iPad, if it's not subsidized by some telephone carrier and carrying on like you did when 3G networks hit the US - again 3 years later than Japan.

I honestly don't think I'm a Japanophile in denial. I think I'm just a baby gadget geek. But I seriously want to smack people for, in my eyes, worshipping at the altar of Apple. Especially because so many of you I see, talk about some device of Apple's crapping out on you, or about a friend you know whose device got bricked and the hellish customer service and how Apple's changed over the years and they make their devices disposable - BUT YOU ARE GEEKING OUT LIKE YOU'RE GETTING PAID for something that's sure to bring you frustration down the road.

And yes, if you're getting the idea I chose that metaphore on purpose. The similarities to churches and religious organizations is not an accident.

And also yes, I realize I'm coming from a place of privilege, in that I like research, I have internet access and I'm not afraid to spend hours researching every other word in a description so I can understand what's going on. But since the bulk of you have the same opportunities I do to catch a clue, it all seems very sheeple to me. I cannot believe the 'general public' really thinks Apple is the only company out there to create mobile internet & personal media device. There isn't only one company that makes your fridge or your stove or even your car. So why think there's only one company for the device that does what you want? Are the combined powers of advertising and brand establishment that strong?

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Date: 05:18PM | Thu, August 27th | 2009
Subject: Ugh. Double Ugh
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Tags::{ grumpy face, computer adventures

Installed Opera.

It won't let me customize where I want my tabs to be. It's seriously making me twitchy to have tabs above my url inline box. The system for add and remove to the toolbox isn't intuitive - no drag and drop, a lot of reading and clicking on the right space and hitting a pulldown box. Then I tried to download something and that information came up in a tab (heck lots of things kept coming up as tabs - widgets too). And the widgets seem bloody useless. I go to the page and I don't see stuff about how to personalize the browser, just a whole lot of games and categories to the side and I was already twitching from having my tabs above the address bar (seriously, who DOES that?) and putting my toolbar accidentally to the side had my nostrils flaring so hard I could feel it.

And then to top it all of - Opera yanked all my local bookmarks from my bookmark toolbar - WTF asked it to do that? I didn't. Saying no to that didn't come up in the installation. And my bookmark toolbar is organized as a TOOLBAR for a reason. Having it all as a dropdown box makes it bloody useless.

Topper on the cake of OMGWTF?

Everytime I went to minimize the damn window I somehow closed it. I could go check and see what looked like minimize to me but was actually shut down. But I've just this second deleted the damn thing off my computer.

First Safari went and installed Apple Software Updates on my computer making me WTF Steve? And now Opera's all nosy mosy and not really customizable.

All this cause Mediafire has decided not to play with FF2, javascript problems or something (though it messed up on Opera a couple of times too in an iffy way). I would try Lunascape, but right now all I understand from 'Triple Engine' is 'Using Internet Explorer's Trident'. Which seriously has me going 'The Frell? I want to get away from IE'.

No, I do not yet feel the urge to embrace FF3.

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Date: 07:24AM | Thu, April 16th | 2009
Subject: Ok
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Tags::{ grumpy face, feeling: burning bitter not!glee, online: journaling systems, online: keeping in touch, wtf!!

The more I see people ask questions about OpenID. The more I realize how many people didn't pay attention to the many explanations and diagrams and all sorts of bullet point entries I and many others put up two years ago.

The more I seriously want to give up on my reading list on LJ because I feel more and more like I went through the trouble of being able to communicate and read and keep up with them, but many of them never bothered with me. I'm recognizing who I haven't seen post to me in 2 years and realizing it's not that they were busy.

I happen to hve one friendship that dropped completely - the person then said they wanted to make things right again, and yet... I never hear from them.

I think when DW goes OpenBeta, I might just stop interacting at ALL on Livejournal except for one community. And I need to log into my old lj account for that.

Yeah, this is how DW will be changing my life. If you're not an orc, and you're not on DW, I just won't go through all this fuss anymore trying to stay current. Heck, I'm probably talking to the effing choir that does take the time to stay in contact with me through feeds and the people I'll be dropping probably can't even see this.

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Date: 10:34PM | Thu, August 21st | 2008
Subject: Arrrggggh! It's LOST!
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Mood:frustrated frustrated
Tags::{ grumpy face, when things fuck up, writing: me

Oh this is aggravating. Sometime within the last month I had a breakthrough on something in my writing that I hadn't at all been confident or sure about. I can remember writing it down and even having to squeeze some bits in under the last line of the page.

What I can't remember is quite what I wrote.

And I can't find the damn thing anywhere!

I thought I'd set up a system to be organized when something hit me. I keep a book by my bed and one by the tv, so I can write down thoughts if I'm inspired by an image, or if something filters into my mind before I fall asleep. The first step is always to input it into the computer the next day - if it's very important.

I even have a program I use with flow charts to help the info make a kind of sense despite being disjointed.

But apparently that's not enough - because I can't find any sign or notes that this breakthrough ever existed. I can remember lying down in bed and writing, but it's not in the bedside notebook, or the livingroom notebook. It's not any notebooks I've just frantically dug through boxes and found, it's not in my pocket notebook - for writing out thoughts when I'm on the go. It. is. nowhere.

And yes of course I can just 're-create'. But I'd really liked the decisions I'd made. Re-creating means trying to remember, or having to make decisions all over again. And right now I can't remember why I made the decisions I did - but I do remember making NOTES to myself explaining.

So. Frustrating.

I feel as if there's no system I could ever come up with that would help me stay organized in my writing!

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