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Date: 11:46PM | Fri, July 17th | 2009
Subject: Dear Stupid Cat
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, cat is idiot

My dear stupid cat,

I like that you like to be near me. It is sweet and endearing. And sometimes when you put your furry little head or paw on my foot and fall asleep, it is nigh adorable. But please, why are you sitting directly behind my chair? That will lead to badness.

No of course I don't know you're back there. I'm desensitized now to low movement around me due to years of living with you. I'm also inclined to think you are so much smarter than to sit behind my chair. The chair with the wheels which will painfully snag fur, before rolling over your tender, tender flesh. You've just been lucky I turn the swivel chair before moving and thus see your curling form right there.

You have a nice kitty lair. You've claimed my fleece blanket AND my pink furry slippers all as beds. What is so comfortable about behind the chair?

Please, if it's part of some covert operation (related to the toilet monster even, or why I must not sleep by myself with you strenuously objecting for the record) I think you're going to have to go to plan B or C.

Much Love,

Teh hooman mommee

(Dear semagic, sometimes people want to use 'teh' - no really.)

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Date: 04:37AM | Sun, July 12th | 2009
Subject: All You Wanna Be Cat Owners
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Tags:cat adventures, cat is idiot, energy scale 3

I dropped some chips today and didn't pick them up before the cat nibbled a few. No big deal thought I - it was only a little.


My cat only eats a certain kind of cat food. Which means she got instant digestive problems. Which means I just spent the energy I was storing up to deal with a turkey breast for Sunday (and the following week's dinner) on cleaning cat poop off the carpet with oxiclean, wipes, and the vacuum and changing several pounds of kitty litter filled with upset stomach cat poop.


The cat went and hid in her 'I've been bad'/ Oh noes mommy's gonna use the vacuum space - preemptively and is only now creeping out to see if I'm mad. She's attempting to give me the 'doe eyes'. I am totally ignoring her furry ass. I'm now too tired to even get up and turn off one of the light's I forgot.

On the plus side...

I now know that oxiclean and a vacuum with good bristles will keep my carpet clean. I may not make things as wet in the (heaven forbid this happens again) future.

ETA: Stupid cat still had poop on her butt. I only noticed this when the just cleaned living room carpet suddenly had streaks all over again. After the first seventeen scratches, trying to hold her down to cut it out. I filled the tub with warm to hot water and dumped her ass in, and held her butt under until stuff came free. Then there came scrubbing with a wet towel (which was needed to dump her ass in without getting seventeen more open bleeding wounds). She is now ratface ms scraggle puss. And is hiding cause I just used yet MORE spoons to clean up for the second time and vacuum. My ass is laid out until Tuesday now.

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Date: 01:35AM | Thu, July 2nd | 2009
Subject: $30 For My Memory
Security: Public
Mood:relieved relieved
Tags:cat adventures, errands: house stuff, multiple me

My cat does not have fleas. I was pretty sure of this. I combed through her fur, and even got down on my knees and peered at the carpet at all the spots she'd been chilling on. And I did other inspections. But I was worried because all this fur was just coming out. Just... an entire week of wtf. I vacuumed the night before the cleaners came. When they showed up the next morning? Looked like I had just let the cat roll around for weeks.

Three hours after they left and she crept out of hiding? Boom! Carpet covered again.

So I went and spent the money on Frontline. Only for it to suddenly occur to me today, that this had nothing to do with a possible flea allergy somehow miraculously not leaving red skin and bald spots. This was her blowing coat, in a small apartment, that's 90% unpacked and thus 'clear', with no basement for her to disappear in, since I got her.

Oh yeah, and with me able to even -deal- with the concept of a vacuum. Zvi may have been dealing with it previously, at least where she could see and it would explain the tumble weed looking balls of grey cat fur that seemed to attack occasionally though we'd both claim we'd swept up. With a beige carpet and me able to see her lying down, getting up, and leaving a gram of hair, however, it was a confusing experience. She was getting brushed three times a day and still shedding a whole other cat. Every day. For a week.

I'm curious if the minute I vacuum she'll start shedding again or if it's over now. We'll see.

On the plus side, I'll get the damn top spot in the mail by week's end and it can be precautionary for summer.

Wish I'd remembered the possibility sooner though. Wish the search engines brought up 'blowing coat' when one types spontaneous sudden intense shedding'

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Date: 10:16PM | Sat, May 16th | 2009
Subject: Forgot to Post This
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures

In my excitement over the filter, forgot to post a more normal, boring, everyday, cat filled posty.

But now that is rectified:

Can finally get out of bed - yay!

In other news: Cat's new litter? I finally understand what tracking means. Grr arrgh eeewh. She had to leap out of the litter box I'd made for her, and I guess that took care of any tracking. With this new one, she has to step out and boom. Little granules.

Meanwhile the cat's also left me a little gift I had to clean - hairball. And she's been getting brushed FOUR TIMES A DAY since the carpet cleaning.

My next cat is gona be a naked hairless. I'm telling you. And I'm gonna get two. I think my furrbutt grooms herself when she's bored/lonely while I'm sleeping and that adds to things.

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Date: 06:02PM | Thu, May 14th | 2009
Subject: One Of The Coolest Things EVER!
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, knitting is awesome, willow's warren

A tote bag knitted out of PLASTIC BAGS. Yes, you heard me. PLASTIC BAG KNITTING!

It's recycling and knitting at the same time!

And yes, I am not a knitter. Put my fingers in all those weird positions - what for? No. I'd rather enable other folks by buying yarn and making the big puppy eyes to get something made for me.

In other news, something I forgot to mention about -the apt being cleaned-. The carpet shampoo guy? He claimed to have vacuumed up 4 pounds of cat hair. And there was still some left! He was supposed to have come over to clean that bit up, never did, and the cleaners got it instead.

Which boiled down to my landlady apparently going 'THE HELL?!' (her cats are short haired) and going right out and buying a BISSEL PET HAIR VACUUM. The thing looks like it came from space. I've yet to take off the signage and use it.

Anyway, apparently I have my own sheep. I used to collect her hair, honestly, back in the beginning when she was wee and I pondered making my own yarn. Then I lost the impulse. Now I'm pondering it again. You would not believe the hair I've thrown away in just the two days since the vacuuming.

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Date: 05:29PM | Tue, May 12th | 2009
Subject: New Experiences Are New
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, keeping house, spoon theory, willow's warren

I have a professionally cleaned apt. It smells slightly of chemicals. They moved and rearranged all my stuff. Their thoroughness is kind of disturbing that way.

It's odd to have things where they decided things should go and I'm using up energy putting things back in the best places for me (whether or not it makes sense to anyone else)

The cat is beyond terrified, having hidden in the bathroom which ended up being the room they went to clean first. I finally caught her and moved her to my bedroom, so she didn't die of cleaning fumes - and she promptly tugged open my closet door and is now hiding somewhere I can't reach her, as I've not the energy to move the clothing bins out of the way.

When she finally exits, I'm never letting her into my bedroom again. Ever.

And fuck, they even wiped down my desk with chemicals. My wrists are now getting itchy. I'm gonna have to buy cleaning products specifically for these folk to use if them coming in and cleaning is part of my continuing to stay here.

I admit to being grumpy. An immigrant group cleaning a home; that group used to consist of members of my family and now it's my home being cleaned. Which is unrelated to chemical sensitivity and skin itchies, but related to feeling weird and odd and going 'omg they moved all my stuff!'

--3 hour interlude--

Landlady came with the new litter box and new litter. I'm a little, tense/upset/something over the issue of the litter. Mostly because I'd like to keep using the one I had been which doesn't have sodium bentonite (which I've avoided for most of Tally's life) and this new litter which is supposedly great on scent, does likely use it (all it says is natural clay). But the scent of things has been affecting upstairs badly, so it's really not about me, it's about my landlady feeling comfortable in her home.

But, yeah, short of Tally absolutely refusing the new litter (which she won't if it's soft enough, that's her priority) there's nothing doing but to deal.

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Date: 06:00PM | Mon, May 11th | 2009
Subject: Am Alive
Security: Public
Tags:about me, cat adventures, willow's warren

Things seem to have gone well, aside from the shampoo guy being meant to come back to vacuum a second time. He didn't. And my cell phone says I didn't miss any messages (though considering I had it right by my bed, I wasn't expecting to have missed the call).

I talked to my landlady and exposed some of my crazy/hair trigger 'my home' stuff.

The cat is acting as if while she was in the bathroom (more space/far more comforting than being crated), someone moved her to a new apt, since obviously the place no longer smells like either of us.

She keeps wandering around looking all pathetic, sniffing things and mewing like some lost, lost, creature.

Mandatory to my lease renewal; Tally's getting a new litter box. One that can contain charcoal activation pads. Apparently I've totally lost my sense of smell.

In other news, I want a pretty layout (in DW). Actually I want Refried (in some manner) that I can purdiafy for myself. iJay could possibly use some purdiafying as well.

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Date: 01:29AM | Thu, May 7th | 2009
Subject: Quick Check In
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, therapy with dr. yoda

My landlady had offered to pay for a hotel in the event that she threw a party, so I wouldn't have to deal with the noise. I was not expecting her to offer to pay for a hotel when the carpet needing cleaning is my issue. Or at least that's how I see it. However, she has. I apparently misunderstood her email (mostly because I wasn't thinking of that as a possibility even remotely).

Had therapy today, but was unfortunately 30 minutes later, because the Transit Authority said "Screw Schedules. Everybody just show up when they feel like it." So they did. Three buses at a time, forty minutes behind schedule. So I have therapy again on Friday, because 30 minutes is not enough time to deal with all that's gone on and how it makes me want to run around like a headless chicken.

In other news: My cat's so happy I'm up and walking around in the room she's in, instead of being all. the. way. in my bedroom with the door closed, that she's running around like she's drunk on catnip. If I ever get another cat, she will either stop this behavior because she has company, or I'll have two furbutt's playing groupie. Also, she wants some of my cheese and to show me how much fun she can have jumping in and out of open half unpacked boxes and pawing the bookcase (yes, the same one that almost squished her flat Wed morning - it's now leaning against a wall but apparently no less fascinating.)

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Date: 07:01PM | Tue, April 28th | 2009
Subject: Making Cat Litter - Is This Really Viable?
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, environmental, errands: house stuff, xposted

Not discussing my upset. Reasons why here. Please respect )

Reason for posting.

Cat Litter

I ran out of kitty litter earlier this month before my usual grocery time and I'm just really, really fed up with this happening. I buy a specific brand, because they use guar gum instead of the sodium bentonite clay which isn't healthy for cats. But I'm always having to explain the size of the container I need and sometimes they just don't send me any or they send the wrong type. And my cat does. not. like. hard pellety things on her paws.

Everytime I make that mistake - she pees on the futon. I'm currently not using my futon because I got exhausted from washing the cover and running the padding through the washingmachine and dryer.

Anyway, the homemade cat litter I'd have a solution for my paper grocery bags that doesn't have them taking up bulky space (they have to remain uncrushed if I'm to use them up as trash bin/bag combos). And brown paperbags have less ink on them than newsprint. It'd probably be an interesting way to use up the paperwork I've got in boxes than I'm confused about whether to throw away or keep (I'm loathing keeping paper. It confuses me. Things are easier to organize when they're digital).

However, besides having to collect a couple of free newspapers a week for this, there's the physical effort of washing and drying, not to mention I don't currently own a shedder (and would you wear a shredding machine out doing this?)

Tally had newspaper litter (the expensive kind bought from the pet store or online) as a kitten and she really loved it. I tend to think that's where she developed her preference for soft litter. Yes, I totally spoiled my cat as a kitten and a little bit as an adult because I'm very aware she's my companion for life (I hope a very long one). She's been my reason for getting up in the morning and on very bad days, she gets extra demanding about being petted and taking over my lap. She also used to sleep on my bed with me, until I started worrying about finding a pillow full of pee, or a dead insect offering (the single mouse problem in this apt having been taken care of months ago and access closed).

If Tally wasn't so prissy about 'must be soft' I'd find a way to use wood pellets. Though, the thought of buying wood pellets to soak to make soft and crumply to use, while less intensive than stripping out paper does seem, well, odd. And also inhalable.

So anyone one with any thoughts? Particularly those with chronic pain, or fatigue?

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Date: 02:55PM | Fri, November 14th | 2008
Subject: I got a bowie knife, itching to slice
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, cravings! chocolate!

My cat.

"You know what would be fun? If I capsized my food and water bowl. So Mommy has to clean that all up, and give me a new fresh, completely full of fresh new food bowl!"

I want a pair of cat skin slippers.

Outside is a wet messy, foggy thing. Very very fall like. I can't see downtown through the haze of cloud and mist. It'd be very beautiful if I wasn't thinking so much about how this must be the reason I felt like ass last night.

Also, in my quest to make it so that my body doesn't need caffiene, I've discovered two things. The first being that caffiene now affects me as to make it difficult for me to sleep. Which is a first. The second being that I now understand my chocolate cravings as a need for endorphins to handle pain. I must have had five cups of hot cocoa/chocolate yesterday and the end result was me up bright and perky until past seven this morning.

In other news, I may consider leaving the house this weekend.

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Date: 11:00AM | Sun, November 9th | 2008
Subject: #@$)(U
Security: Public
Mood:tired tired
Tags:cat adventures

So bitchy mcfurbutt scratched and whined and scratched at my bedroom door from 6am until I pulled myself out of bed at 8am. But now that Mommy's in the rest of the house - what is she doing? She's asleep! She's in her crate sleeping like the dead. And I have to worry about what damage she's done to the carpet. She's never met a door she wouldn't try to open - excepting of course the front door.

I've put down some baking powder - maybe that'll stop her.

I realize that this is new to her, usually she's given free range of the bedroom whether I'm in there or not. But that was until she pee-ed on the futon twice in a row. I cannot afford a new mattress!

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Date: 09:48AM | Fri, November 7th | 2008
Subject: Are cats like men?
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures

When you ignore them and give them their space, they're happy - until they decide to come accuse you of abandoning them, no longer caring or supporting them and not loving them anymore. When you give them attention, they're happy, until they don't want it anymore and it's intrusive and interfering and smothering and you're no longer letting them be themselves but instead expecting them to cater to your expectations.

As a lesbian, I'm seriously beginning to think since I've given up the one, this means I should just get a dog.

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Date: 04:56AM | Sat, October 18th | 2008
Subject: Damnit I Wish Cats Could Talk
Security: Public
Mood:aggravated aggravated
Tags:cat adventures, wtf!!

My day so far. Attempted to sleep because I was tired. Sleep turned into 2 hr nap - as if going to bed at 11:30pm is somehow ridiculous. Then got up and couldn't get back to sleep after warm milk. Figured I'm up now, step into bathroom and realize - omg, cat pee. After years of only peeing in her litter box, my cat has peed outside her box at LEAST once a month since the move. The only theory I have right now, given that she pees on soft things - towels (hers), bathmats (the bathrooms) and a month ago the futon (the cotton of which I'm still washing in fits and starts) - I think it's possible that she misses clumping kitty litter because it was soft. She's pooing in her litter box. It's just the mysterious problem with pee.

Bitter, bitter grumbling )

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Date: 10:41AM | Fri, September 19th | 2008
Subject: PS
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures

Does anyone know what to do when one's cat just suddenly stops covering her poo? Is it a sign she doesn't like the kitty litter? She's always been extremely fastidious about being clean and scratching over her poo. But she did have that accident this week with getting it on her. And I can't but think that that happened because it wasn't buried and covered over with litter particles.

I switched from clumping to clay when I moved because it was cheaper and it seemed less dusty and to do a better job handling the pee - or so I thought.

My only other thought is that this started happening right around the time I changed her food (from precise hairball, to adult cat). She's eating the food just fine. She'll eat anything by the company. But omg the stench of the poo!

[OT: At some point I need to whine about the process of unpacking when one is, well, me. I'm constantly feeling ashamed everytime the landlady has to come in here that things are so untidy and haven't seemed to progress.]

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Date: 11:54AM | Wed, September 17th | 2008
Subject: The Shakes
Security: Public
Mood:shaky shaky
Tags:cat adventures, health: mental

Cat got z log of poo stuck in her fur last night. I didn't realize it, ended up cleaning out her little box twice thinking that's where the stink was coming from. Tried to get it off/out last night and got scratched up. Tried to cut the rest off just now (this morning) only for the scissors to turn dull on me. Got scratched up more. I look like an angry suicidal teenager in an indie comic. Have the shakes. Don' know if I'm gonna try to help her again.

Anyway, when the scratching hyped me up last night, I ended up watching Jon Stewart until I could fall asleep. He made me laugh. The news was horrible, but I laughed. It's easier to take when you're laughing. I could see relying on The Daily Show as my only news source for a while. My blood pressure won't rise if I'm laughing.

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Date: 12:27AM | Mon, September 8th | 2008
Subject: My Cat's Version of a Wake Up Call
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures

- carry toy mouse onto Mommy's bed

- scurry after mouse

- pretend to be confused and pounce Mommy's toes repeatedly

- meow

- climb up on the dresser and wrestlemania dive bomb the bed, for the sake of the mouse of course

-watch Mommy pull off the sheets and wake up, instantly demand pettings since Mommy's up anyway.

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Date: 01:55PM | Sun, June 22nd | 2008
Subject: On Cats & Litter Boxes
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, product placement

Due to a lack of cash on hand and having to borrow from my stepfather, when I moved I couldn't buy my regular cat litter; Arm & Hammer Clumping Litter. I bought a relatively inexpensive bag of Fresh Step Clay Litter instead. And I say relatively inexpensive because it was bought from a CVS.

Yesterday the cat peed on my futon. So of course I went to check her litter box and see if she was protesting it needed cleaning. It's been a weird week of ups and downs and I hadn't gotten to it. I was happily surprised to find that not only was there no smell at all. But her pee seemed to be drying out faster than with the clumping litter!

This of course lead me to conclude my kitty was lonely because the new place has doors that actually close and can't be jimmied by a cat paw. So I've been locking her out of my bedroom while I slept and keeping the door closed during the day, keeping her from the windows. I'd forgotten my cat's actually clingy for all her independent acting ways. She likes to keep me in sight. She liked to keep me company by being three feet or so away from me in a sprawl on the carpet when I'm on the computer. And she likes to curl up in a bed that smells of me so she can take naps. I opened the bedroom door and she kept me company all night like a little purring machine.

Anyway, Fresh Step Clay with Activated Charcoal. WTF? Why aren't people talking about this. I'm happily, happily surprised and satisfied.

PS: Do note I have a homemade covered litter box [ Rubbermaid Tub w/ Cover w/ a hole cut into the cover ] so I'm used to not smelling the litter wafting through the house.

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Date: 04:50PM | Sat, June 21st | 2008
Subject: Arrrgrarrrahhhh Growwwwwl!
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, the move

My beautiful wonderful cat (note the sarcasm please) decided to show me how much she didn't appreciate a)no immediate access to a window and b) how much damage she can do when I'm sleeping during the day (due to medicine) by peeing on the futon. (Last night she also wouldn't let me touch her though she kept crawling up onto my stomach or trying to burrow in my arm pit and demand pettings. Yes, 'pet me but don't touch me! ' *rolls eyes - Cats. I think I've forgotten I am owned by a clingy cat)

The last two moves had easy access to people watching and traffic to distract her from the usual 'I'm exhausted/must sleep' after a move. Here the windows are in the bedroom.

Why is it so useless to show a cat its business and smack it?!

Anyway my solution was to smack her anyway and then put her out. The landlady cleaned up the portico/front area by my front door today and now I've got the front door open so Miss Thang can investigate.

I'd actually been waiting until I put up curtains, since I don't want her damaging the blinds by shoving at them to get to the window. Washed the curtains last night too.

Anyway, Miss Thang got two minutes outside by scary sunshine, air, grass, cars and people.

And seriously if she comes back from the doctor (spaying) and starts peeing messages at me, I'll put some flea medicine on her and make her a portico cat.

She may also be giving a msg that she misses using the bathroom tub tab as her own free flowing collection of water. A thing I've said "tough noogies" to, because I'm not paying money for some bacteria collecting, pet water fountain. (Yes I looked into it before the move)

In other news: Was up at 8 (didn't sleep) to 11am. No Postal Person. The landlady was out and about (getting the portico cleaned - an enterprising young mouse had got to her bag of grass seed and made it an all you can eat buffet - vegas style - press beside the hole for the 'slot machine' to pay off) and didn't see the post either.

I miss the days of talking to a damn person at the post office. I'm going to have to try on Monday to call FOR a person to get a re-delivery cause the automated system can't even let you choose BOTH 'knock loudly' (which in my case would be ring the frigging bell) and 'wait' AND 'then leave it on the porch'

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Date: 06:24PM | Sat, March 15th | 2008
Subject: Have discovered cat phenomena
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures

If I give the cat one cup of food, she eats it all in a day. Gobble gobble. However, if I give her two cups of food, thus filling the bowl, her eating schedule goes back to what I'm more familiar with.

I don't know how I got into the habit of only giving her one scoop, but I had been going WTF over how quickly the food disappeared.

Apparently my cat thinks that if she can put a paw in the bowl and scatter the food to see the bottom, it must be the end days or something and she needs to eat. Maybe. I have no idea. But at least I know why she's been heavier lately.

Beloved stupid cat.

When I leave next week, I'll be leaving her lots of food and I bet, as per usual, I come back and she's barely had any.

My cat - Suspicious of the land of plenty.

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Date: 04:52PM | Mon, November 26th | 2007
Subject: The Life & Mondays
Security: Public
Mood:rested rested
Tags:about me, cat adventures, health: emotional, health: physical

Spent the entire day in bed. For those of you who couldn't, I wish you could have. I feel better; rested and like I kicked the sniffles senseless.

I also apparently missed the drizzle, cold and rain today that's been happening outside. I am most grateful for this. My joints rejoice - though that might also be because of last night's spicey dinner.


Last night I put aside a second blanket for my own use in the computer room. Turned around twice, but then couldn't find it. So I thought I'd left it in the bedroom. But as I was going to bed later and went to say g'night to the cat - There Was My Blanket.

And suddenly the odd scratching noises I'd heard earlier that night made sense. The little feline sneak had absconded with my blanket, scratching and shoving it off the shelf it'd been placed on, into the box I'd provided for her use. She was nesting on it quite proud of herself. Do note this box already has a pillow, brand new sheep skin (in a double layer) and a squeaky sheepskin toy she likes to use as a pillow.

I am so stealing my blanket back later.

In Other News: I've discovered that Semagic has options I hadn't paid attention to before that WILL make my life easier in terms of crossposting, and also using Blogger and Wordpress as needed. I am thrilled. So I'm hoping this week to spruce up my Scribblit, prepare a feed for it and upload icons. Yay icons.

PPS: I'm also going to be able to start daily communication with mein imp. It feels like 'Xmas in July November'.

Ooo: AND I can finally complete my bunny mood theme! I remembered last night. I'm going to do that straight away!

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Date: 02:48AM | Thu, October 18th | 2007
Subject: Cats
Security: Public
Tags:cat adventures, watching: online

So true. SO TRUE.

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Date: 05:41PM | Sat, September 15th | 2007
Subject: dime bag of catnip
Security: Public
Mood:full full
Tags:cat adventures, humour, online: journaling systems

At some point in the last two, maybe more weeks, I found a fresh organic bag of catnip in the fridge. Something distracted me and I ended up putting it on a box.

A few minutes ago the mystery of my cat's random bouts of chasing amy crazy has been revealed. It is not a mouse. It's the damn plastic sealed bag - well previously sealed. Did you know cats can smell catnip through plastic?

The bag is properly perforated now. It's been tickled, flipped, dragged, chased, danced with (I swear my cat does the ferret/weasel war dance), pounced, ignored, batted, licked, sniffed and snorted at. And all that took place in under three mins.

My quietly high cat is now curled up at my feet in a little ball. She likes fall too. It gives her an excuse to curl for sleep, vs stretching out like a little 'rub mah belly' pet-glommer.


Also thank you [info]poleva for mentioning the Segmagic update in your journal. I just updated and woot! Tags! There's still that odd malformed web menus - but tags!.

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Date: 10:09AM | Fri, August 24th | 2007
Subject: Yes Mistress
Security: Public
Mood:Need a cat icon
Tags:cat adventures

This morning something soft and warm and furry jumped into bed with me and nuzzled my hand. Then licked it. Then let me scritch back while half asleep.

Then came another lick and a sharp bite. Soft paws on carpet and a demanding meow.

I'd slept past feeding time. She wanted her breakfast now.

Right now, however, all that's forgotten as my feet get love and she's all "OmgIamsocuteLoveMe!PetMe!WantMe!PlayfulKittyOfTheYear!"

Manipulative bitch Queen.

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