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Date: 04:55PM | Thu, July 14th | 2011
Subject: Things What I Did & Seen Today
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Mood:exhausted exhausted
Tags:energy level 4.5, exhaustion scale: 8, sleep cycle, therapy / therapy day

1. Someone left their teeth at the bus stop today.

2. Sat down with therapist, realized I have some, uhm, gender things, multiple things, to deal with. Mac Truck of DNW. So High.

3. Local Supermarket which closed? Did re-open under new management. Some new products. Still half empty.

4. Managed to get to bank for money mom owes me (she did not give me monies to cover the stuff I'm currently paying for now).

5. Actually looked up Mozy vs Carbonite before I left house.

6. Wanted to stay up. Want to stay up so bad. Haven't even eaten yet. But feel very, very crashy. (British Time again?)

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