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Date: 09:00AM | Mon, November 8th | 2010
Subject: KERPLUD
Security: Public
Tags:about me, discomfort scale 4, energy scale 3, errands: house stuff, pain scale 5.5

The universe reminds me of what it felt like to cry to stand up, to feel dizzy upright, to feel two to three times as heavy as I am, to have tingling-tickling-sore-pain. Prescription renewed. Will try and pick it up when I can this week. Feel like I've been smacked with two things; this medicine is actually working and I may be on this medicine the rest of my life so dystopian explosion better not happen.

Meanwhile I have all day to try and make soup.

Oh yeah: Soft toilet seats are squishy cushioned icky germ infested doom. Too easy to rip in places you never notice, causing you to suspect your toilet tank has not just hard water / hard water stains but some freaky funky fungus problem. Soft toliet seats are NOT progress. They are a bane!

**collapses now**

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Date: 04:37AM | Sun, July 12th | 2009
Subject: All You Wanna Be Cat Owners
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Tags:cat adventures, cat is idiot, energy scale 3

I dropped some chips today and didn't pick them up before the cat nibbled a few. No big deal thought I - it was only a little.


My cat only eats a certain kind of cat food. Which means she got instant digestive problems. Which means I just spent the energy I was storing up to deal with a turkey breast for Sunday (and the following week's dinner) on cleaning cat poop off the carpet with oxiclean, wipes, and the vacuum and changing several pounds of kitty litter filled with upset stomach cat poop.


The cat went and hid in her 'I've been bad'/ Oh noes mommy's gonna use the vacuum space - preemptively and is only now creeping out to see if I'm mad. She's attempting to give me the 'doe eyes'. I am totally ignoring her furry ass. I'm now too tired to even get up and turn off one of the light's I forgot.

On the plus side...

I now know that oxiclean and a vacuum with good bristles will keep my carpet clean. I may not make things as wet in the (heaven forbid this happens again) future.

ETA: Stupid cat still had poop on her butt. I only noticed this when the just cleaned living room carpet suddenly had streaks all over again. After the first seventeen scratches, trying to hold her down to cut it out. I filled the tub with warm to hot water and dumped her ass in, and held her butt under until stuff came free. Then there came scrubbing with a wet towel (which was needed to dump her ass in without getting seventeen more open bleeding wounds). She is now ratface ms scraggle puss. And is hiding cause I just used yet MORE spoons to clean up for the second time and vacuum. My ass is laid out until Tuesday now.

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Date: 06:51PM | Thu, May 28th | 2009
Subject: Dot Dot Dot - Thursday
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Tags:.deewee, energy scale 3, health: physical, willow's warren

Did not collect script today. Last night got fed up with litter tracking and vacuumed. I'd only been doing it once a week because the machine is heavy. And not only did I vroom across the carpet, I tried to move a door out of storage (that didn't work out) and I fiddled with several pounds of little in a box, trying to figure out the best position for it, to place something to catch the tracking.

I wore myself out in otherwords and luckily I recognized it and didn't go haring off downtown, which would have resulted in me flat on my back. As it is, even though I'm lime and salting a chicken, I might just order dinner, because dealing with wrestling a 7 pound bit of poultry to rinse it, season it and put it in an oven, might knock me flat on my ass.

Also today? I wrote up a 2 page report on LED lights, with some mention of CFL's for my landlady, because when someone asks me a questions and I don't know - I research. And I fell into the mode of giving her the same kind of report I'd give my mother when -she- wants to make a decision. I guess I felt it was my responsibility for even mentioning the lights just because I turned the tv on last night and they got mentioned.

Oh yeah, and I've been stretching all week, trying to include some movement in the hopes it'd help me handle the barometric pressure from all this rain. I'm lucky I recognized the twinge of 'Your ass is gonna fall flat out girl if you try too much more like taking that hill you live on down and up'.

I need to get the focus to read these articles I have up about CFS, I know one explains the exhaustion and chemicals and I really want to know.

Also! Saw the icon browser thing either Wed or Tues and so much YAY! It's not the GJ version, but it's still pretty cool.

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Date: 05:39AM | Thu, December 11th | 2008
Subject: Dreams, Energy, Spirit & More
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Tags:about family, dreams, energy scale 3, thinky thoughts

Obama dream number two.

I almost completely forgot about it when I woke up because I had to do the practical thing and feed myself and the world's starvingest little kitty. Then I ended up settling down and watching Erin Brokovich on cable. I watch that movie every time it comes on. I think that might be a sign I should own the dvd, cause obviously I like it and enjoy watching it, even without dvd extras. Weird.

Anyway what I remember about the Obama dream is fady bits and pieces, but seemed to involve a sword, a playground and magic. And I remember thinking "WTF Quest?' when I woke up. I'm going to take it as a sign that the O is equipped and ready to slay some big bads. Though the part where I'm fairly certain I was some sort of squire has a little - huh? Then again the O is inspiration to man. Yay Community Leaders! And I guess I'm kinda, sorta, an online community leader - almost. Perhaps on in training. In which case my trailing wheels are pink with sparkles and lavender stripes.


In other news, yeah I've heard about the live-action Avatar: The Last Air Bender and the apparently all white main cast. Later today I'm going to compose a letter/email to my sibs and explain why we won't be seeing it together but why I will try and get them the series as something we can all share together. ETA: Will attempt to mail a letter to TPTB later today.

I'm exhausted and in pain. I stayed up a ridiculous amount of hours with a friend. But totally went beyond my endurance limit and basically, the cat beat me up when I woke up today. That's how weak I was. So I might be hermiting for a while to recover.

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Date: 09:11AM | Fri, July 18th | 2008
Subject: A personal rant
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Mood:exhausted exhausted
Tags:discomfort scale 7, energy scale 3, health: emotional, health: mental, health: physical, mood scale 4, pain scale 8

TMI Whining/Upset/Whatever )

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