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Date: 03:12PM | Sat, July 16th | 2011
Subject: I have to remember I loathe Charmin Toilet Paper
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Mood:tired tired
Tags:errands: shopping, groceries, the year: 2011

I keep forgetting that Scott's the only thing I feel comfortable with, cause I'd tried a different type this one time and it was soft and kind of nice. But have never remembered the name. Whatever it is - it isn't Charmin. But I can handle a semi 'waste' of $5, considering I'm getting near $30 refunded to me, cause the personal grocery shopper messed up on my meat. I wanted one price. She got caught up the cut, which is 'roast' and it's a $30 difference in meat. Seriously. And I was polite but firm that her being too busy to ask questions of the meat department was awful and exhausting and not the same as my budget busting problem.

Groceries are put away. No corn chips. They didn't have what I wanted and as she was too busy to call and ask about substitutions... Though Fritos -is- too salty for me in general. I just, I realize I need to incorporate snacks into my eating patterns. And I desperately want non GMO foods; which means non GM Corn. And Fritos is possibly cheaper than the 'organic' stuff I can buy at mark-up. But... hey. I have pineapple slices and I have raspberry sorbet. I can probably keep until Thursday.

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Date: 04:49PM | Mon, April 4th | 2011
Subject: [ Huurrrguuughghghghgghaayiiiii ]
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Tags:energy scale 4, errands: shopping

Tried to eat the turkey (2nd attempt) today and it made my stomach gripe. So I called the supermarket to complain that their turkey legs and wings TASTE.OF.SOAP. Had to hunt through the garbage for the grocery receipt, cause I wanted to at least prove that I had bought it from their store. I wasn't caring too much about the money, I'm just/was pissed and upset; there's so many things I can't eat anymore. I don't need what I do spent money on to end up shit.

The manager, however, had me put his name and the date on it, and claims I will get my money back the next time I stop buy. Heck if they only give me store credit, I'll invest in canned items like tuna. Never had a problem with their tuna. Right now I'm not even trusting their Silk; the one I got on Thursday tasted more like coconut milk than what I remembered from the last time I had Silk Soymilk, which may have been, hmm, a year or change ago. Maybe they changed the formula, maybe it's the supermarket.

My regular supermarket on the other hand, has a new driver. WHO IS AN HOUR LATE. And I had to call the store, in order to get him to think of calling me and telling me (and who knos if he called other customers) that he would be late. Yes, I don't have anywhere in particular to go today, but he doesn't know that. And whatever nascent plans I did have, vanished in a puff of smoke when he's AN HOUR LATE.

Usually, with previous drivers, I got my groceries EARLY. Not this guy. I don't even know how he groups them all or what. I am hoping, since no one called about substitutions that everything is ok. But I had to call about them giving me green potatoes last month - so I don't know. I'm not trusting the world much because GEEZE FUCK - I just had to dig my kitchen pot out of the trash, cause I tossed it, all depressed cause - SOAP. It can at least clean up and be a dedicated popcorn pan.

Meanwhile I am hoping today to FINALLY click purchase on my birthday gifts - I've spent all month (March) deciding what I want, vs what I need, etc.


In the midst of typing this up, groceries arrived. Apparently Baseball Season starts today so downtown is a mess cause they closed off streets to accommodate the tourists and viewers. So I give him a little leeway. But the last time he delivered, things were late too. AND they gave me the wrong potatoes. AND they were out of the things I most need; the non wheat things. **sighs** If I see a charge for the potatoes, I will rampage. Cause I made my thoughts clear.

Also? They WROTE despite my instructions, on the thingie, that I do NOT allow Substitutions. I guess SPECIFIC SUBSTITUTIONS ONLY is too much trouble once I mentioned allergies?

Ugh. And the process of buying my own groceries, and dealing with the bags and public transportation is too much to think of; even if I could feel comfortable hiring a car/cab - well then, where would I go? And how exhausted would I be after hunting it all down. That's a thing to consider; dealing with a strange person, after the in-depth ingredient peering and likely hours of focus needed to grocery shop.

**sighs more**

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Date: 06:25PM | Sat, March 12th | 2011
Subject: ... More Sorting Out
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Mood:sore sore
Tags:errands: shopping, thinky thoughts

I am discovering I dislike jeans having gone (in my mind/ how things seem presented to me) as comfortable clothing for everyone, to a way to show off how skinny a woman's legs are, even while she's covered up. So if I do wear jeans again (I do miss them, and have decided to try to convert the need to have at least 6 pair (even after all these years) into having 6 set of denim skirts, but the world is not cooperating at the moment). I would need them (jeans , if I were to start to wear them again) shaped differently than the common standard. They're supposed to cover my belly and hips and I've no bum to speak of anyway.

A little more on modest apparel & scare mongering )

I dislike clothing with plunging necklines. I like the v-neck shape, I find it flattering. But the lack of short/ non-cleavage v-neck makes me feel like there's a lighted carnival runaway pointed at my breasts. I do not like that.

I think I like shrugs. I think I like them very very much. So much so that I peeked about on Ravelry to look at patterns and wow, how do knitters do this? Spend so much money on the materials and then also make the thing. It looks like it comes out to be the same price! Yes, it's made to one's body, but... maybe they're just all amazing at grabbing up incredible OMGWTH sales?

I came across these sneaker boots - flat heeled canvas sneakers with lacing that goes up to mid calf, but they really fit via zips. And they seem wonderful and impractical and awesome and I want them and am trying to figure out if the place I saw them is a respectable place to purchase from.

Does anyone have a shoe place online? I'd like a pair of summer sneakers, but I'm very particular as to look - all the space age, plastic threw up on my toes and rolled around in neon stuff is not for me.


In other news, I need a bag. I had a lovely bag bought for me by one of my siblings, which just could not handle the amount of books I like to walk with (which is probably unhealthy anyway, but let us ignore that) and the faux leather strap tore off. And I have no idea where to go to get it fixed. Does one go to a cobbler? The one cobbling place I knew of in this city has since closed.

I am staring at etsy and pondering, but I need shoulder padding protection and a bag that is an octopus, so it can be carried on my b ack and at my side at the same time, and function as a purse and a backpack and an urban water/snack kit.

This bit of merchandise from Etsy looks very interesting and yet a part of my brain is convinced, convinced that were I to have such a bag, I might end up accidentally killing myself, or at least causing a lot of pain. But I do not think it is that big, and surely cotton can't hold a whole bunch without ripping, right?

This bag is so wonderfully sensible and comes in orange which would compensate for it being perhaps more functional than I Am A Pretty Princess Bag With Elephants!.


In other other news, has anyone ever used or known someone who's used either the Theracane, The Body Back Buddy or The Back Nobber? Is trigger point massage worth it? Is it the same, better than, ok as compared to regular massage? Is it about touch and some pressure, or specifically about poking around in trigger-point areas?

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Date: 04:43PM | Sat, January 29th | 2011
Subject: Odd Panics
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Tags:anxiety scale 5, errands: shopping

Somehow I managed to get ALL the groceries I ordered. So I am kind of 'broke' until next week. It is somewhat freaky. Ok, hella freaky. But there was a sale, damnit. And now my fridge is PACKED to the gills and then some, and a good portion of it all is EASY FOOD for those times the thought of cooking makes me weep. Hamburgers and tuna and the like - and ingredients to make more mac and cheese to last a few days.

I know I'm freaked because the cat knows I'm freaked, cause she's hear on my lap insisting I calm down, pet her and get kneaded. We already spent most of the day together on the couch as I waited for groceries. So really, she should be sick of me right now. Of course, as usual, there's groceries in the house and I'm too exhausted to think of doing much of anything. But wisely, I believe I ordered a rotisserie chicken, so I have something for supper, even if I just have some w/ a little bread.

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Date: 04:21AM | Tue, July 13th | 2010
Subject: Before I Forget
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Mood:awake awake
Tags:consumer culture everywhere, errands: shopping, question everything, wtf!

At the beginning of the year, or thereabouts, I discovered Pillsbury Simply; supposedly natural cookies with the ingredient label as: Flour, sugar, eggs, butter, milk, vanilla essence, and chocolate chips. I checked the label today because i was considering treating myself after my doctor's appointment. Guess how much the ingredients have changed?

For one thing, there's no longer any butter. And vanilla essence has been replaced with 'natural flavours'. I wish I had a camera or camera phone to take a picture so I could get it all exactly correct. But I found myself saying of course. Hook people onto your brand, with them thinking it's healthier or purer and closer to what they want. Then when enough months pass, slip in the cheap stuff; hydrogenated oils etc... because at that point they've associated the brand with something good. They're unlikely, statistically, to look at the back and see the ingredients have changed.

Unfortunately I did look at the back, because I couldn't remember the sugar content and tadah! It's no logner 6-8 simple ingredients anymore.

Bait. And. Switch. Y'all.

Bait. And. Switch.

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Date: 10:49AM | Thu, December 3rd | 2009
Subject: (no subject)
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Tags:errands: shopping, presents?, whee!

I can't remember what I'd intended to buy. I just remember that somehow underthings became something to bump up the price for free shipping. And then the underthings disappointed me.

Oh how they disappointed me.

Next thing I knew I was on an online search for underthings! And I checked Hanes.Com (They're having a sale like whoa) And I just bought myself 23 pairs. *glees*

I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and GAY!

Electronics buying, freaks me out. Underthings buying apparently equals total uncontrollable smiling, glee and squee. Then again I found stuff everyone liked.


Do you have any idea how rare that is?

There really wasn't much compromising, I just doubled the things everyone liked the most cause -SALE- and when would this alignment of personality ever happen again?

Huh, I might even call my mother so as to BORE HER WITH MY GLEE and make her listen to me go on and on about the pretty.

Oh yeah and the Tigerdirect stuff got here last night and I opened it, and I think I'll see how I'm feeling when the cleaners arrive/leave in terms of hooking up the electronics.


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Date: 02:11PM | Tue, July 7th | 2009
Subject: More On Groceries
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Mood:perpelexed perpelexed
Tags:errands: shopping

So my grocery store now has the info for my (limited account, the one I set up originally for my mom) for groceries. I'll put money in before it's time to order groceries from now on. Hopefully they won't try and pull money out since I already paid. I feel a little uneasy about it, but way less uneasy than using paypal and paypal grabbing an extra 30$ in 'reserve' etc...

And I've just called to make sure I'm not charged twice. Cause gahhh.

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Date: 10:10AM | Tue, July 7th | 2009
Subject: My Local Grocery Store
Security: Public
Mood:ugh ugh
Tags:errands: shopping, wtf!, wth?

Is now using Paypal for grocery orders. I could handle them no longer accepting checks. But using Paypal just makes my skin crawl. I'm going to have to add that on things my brains needs to process this month. Eff damn. Even more skin crawly? Where before the old service charged and -held- an estimated amount that then went through when the order was rung up - Paypal needs them to hold an EXTRA 32$ from me, because 'prices are estimated'.

WTF and Ugh.

ETA: The plus of being a long time customer means that I just got a phone-call asking me if I was unhappy with having to use paypal (mostly because I forgot to take out 'paying by check' from my order, instructions from an old order). Anyway, I've been given the option to have my card on file instead. And I'll do it with the limited card and solve the ick of paypal. Especially that extra 32$. Lots of regulars apparently went WTF? Though apparently a new customer did bogus card info for a 2k catering order. Which was the last straw in the old setup. Though I'd think the solution would be to test the card and ring up a 1cent hold. But whatever.

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Date: 01:44PM | Fri, June 5th | 2009
Subject: Oops?
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Mood:eep eep
Tags:errands: shopping, food, whoa

I have too many groceries. Or uhm, my larder, it is very sell stocked. I made a bit of a mistake in not understanding that when something reaches me spoiled by delivery and I'm told I'll be given it free, and to include that fact in the notes section of my order, that there's no need to have those items already in my cart. So I've got two of some things. And then I got a little 'overboard' in trying to buy some 'easy' food so I'd order out less given all the pain I've been having. But I also tend to balance that off, by buying more nutritious type food and well.

Very well stocked.

Which isn't a bad thing, except for a slight worry of possibly over eating.

But I've got a chicken I need to cook tomorrow (putting away the groceries and wanting to deal with kitty litter later puts it out of possibility for tonight). But after that, I won't have to worry about non easy food should the rain keep up and the pain crank up. There is tuna, and a whole ton of chicken for easy grilling and significant oatmeal.

Everyone can feel safe and secure that there is food for all manner of ages and mobility.

Hopefully by later tonight I'll stop feeling like this is all a mistake and relax and think of it as a moment of prosperity, well scheduled.

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Date: 04:21AM | Sun, April 19th | 2009
Subject: This... is your life (cue the music)
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Tags:errands: online, errands: shopping, multiple me, xposted

Took me all day, but I finally bought some underwear. Yes, you can laugh now. But I'm serious. Trying to make a decision damn near wrecked me. I'm glad though that somewhere in the middle of that, laundry got washed and put in the dryer and I took out the trash. Still though - all damn day to make a decision. Fortunately once I made that decision it was easier to buy my Xylitol and Erythritol.

I think I'm struggling with a serious inability to buy things for myself that aren't food. Technically the sugar alcohols are food, but they're specialized food. And even the realization that I have the money and can afford to buy them - wasn't actually enough. I had to talk my way through it, just like with the underwear. Talk myself through the fact that yeah, bus fare is cheap. But it takes spoons to go to the mall and realistically it'd take either even more spoons to shop and come home, or cost more than shipping to pay a taxi to take to me home.

And then I had to talk to myself about did I want to buy what I've always bought without thinking, what my mother picks up for me when she comes to visit, or did I - y'know, want to pay attention to fashion and trends and styles and buy something I liked (colourwise, shapewise) and that took HOURS.

Yeah, these are the signs that I have some.... issues. Mental issues, emotional issues, cognitive issues, sociological issues - I don't know. I just know it's definitely part of the Issue Family (They're in waste disposal! Really!).

I got so caught up with that - I couldn't tell if I was hungry or not, if what I was feeling was hunger or fullness. Tried to eat, couldn't. It's taken me four hours to eat 2/3 a bowl of rice. My head hurts so I figure I'm hungry but apparently all this decision making has made it impossible, somehow, for me to eat. So a couple glasses of milk it's gonna be. Thank goodness I ordered some granola bars (even though they don't arrive until Monday) cause this coming week might be solid aversive.

There's one last thing I want to buy. It's personal and directly for me. And i'm caught between a yahoo shop with a good price (very good) but which has some early 90's html design problems and whose number in a reverse look up leads to the right stated town and the right stated state, but the wrong street address. So do I call them and hope y'know, it's not someone happily waiting to take my money and give me no product? Or do I go to some bigger store where I feel more confident, but who're charging 7-10$ more? I feel this decision is what is going to tip me over to bed into a week of granola bars and milk and possibly more grocery shopping since I've only got but the one gallon of milk left.

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Date: 12:47PM | Sun, October 5th | 2008
Subject: The Price of Groceries
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Tags:errands: shopping, the year: 2008

Seriously, three little bags = 60$. But I'm glad I spent the money now when I noticed that things were on sale. It should balance out, I hope, at the end of the month going into next month. But whoa - some chicken, kitty litter, milk and yogurt. I'm not even kidding.

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Date: 11:37AM | Fri, September 26th | 2008
Subject: Morning World
Security: Public
Tags:errands: shopping

How exhausted was I last night? So tired this morning I found my keys STILL in the door. Luckily I have three doors and the keys were stuck behind two sets of locks.

Groceries arrived safely. I forgot baking soda - so I might need to pick that up sometime in October f or house cleaning and I'll stop by at the Superfresh after therapy sometime and pick up some lean ground beef (they have the leanest and cheapest I can get my hands on). The groceries don't seem like very much right now. But I know I thought really hard about what I needed and would use and would be easy etc. So hopefully we'll see how things pan out.

I do have one odd wish. I wish I could figure out the trick to take-out/delivery pizza. I'm convinced it's the sauce. When I buy frozen pizzas to soothe that once in a while craving, their sauce is tart and acidic, almost sour. Whereras when I buy pizza via delivery or when I'm out, the sauce is sweet and tart. I'd try to make my own pizza if I could get the secret of the sauce.

Now to decide if I'm up or if I just need a glass of milk and to crawl back to bed. It's cool and damp outside and things hurt.

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Date: 12:47PM | Tue, August 26th | 2008
Subject: Fuck
Security: Public
Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:errands: shopping, things that suck, when things fuck up

So next month, I need to remind myself to try Safeway. A friend even got me a grocery card there so I have no excuse. They didn't mess up my order 'too' badly this time from the grocery store/local store I'd been using (and had stopped using). They just got the weights wrong. So instead of 4 quarts of something, I got 4 12oz cans.

For. Real.

This is so frustrating.

I listened to Zvi about the fact that I'm likely cutting myself off from things and people who are likely to change by completely cutting out my grocery store. And I'd convinced myself they were doing better and that I should stick with them. But right now, fuck the price. What I want is GROCERIES without the hassle of having to go 'Well, I'll end up buying this and this and this during the month because they didn't have it'.

I can't believe they didn't give me all I wanted on my mango nectar and pulp. I was counting on this for my breakfasts. Now I'm gonna have to see about either another delivery, or going to the local place to the new apt and figuring out how to catch a cab or if I can handle being tired and carrying things in a bag.

Fuck damn these people are totally useless. Dented cans. Forgetting Meat. Wrong amounts of food. Forgetting fruit. Just wrong orders all the damn time. And totally incapable of figuring out something as simple as 'If there's not enough of this product, feel free to substitute with this other product'.

ETA: So they call me back to address my complaint and offer to run me out the 4 quarts I need, no delivery charge. Only the need my credit card. But the driver will be right back! So like a dope, I give it. It's been two hours. I'm exhausted. I want to crash. So far, no fucking delivery person. So much for admitting it was their mistake ,refunding what they did send me and getting me what I need near immediately.

ETA: 4pm, got my mango nectar - after a second phonecall. But just realized I got the wrong granola Almond instead of Pecan. Can you take unopened packages back to a different grocery store?

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Date: 03:31AM | Tue, July 22nd | 2008
Subject: Note to Self
Security: Public
Tags:discomfort scale 6.5, errands: shopping, note to me, pain scale 5.5

Soul food is infinitely better for my system than pizza on days when I'm too tired/mentally messed up or in pain to cook. Pizza is NOT good for me. So, if I'm going to buy delivery I'm thinking I should stick to indian food, even if it is more expensive. Cause it comes with veggies and balances of fiber and protein to carbs.

I so didn't help my sleep schedule by having so much pizza, no matter how yummy and easy it was until I got my head together.

Also while recent news articles are making me feel even more irresponsible for being unable to walk to the Save-a-lot and pick up cheaper staples - I've decided that I'm worth more than $30 savings. My energy and ability to do things and to feel good in my body and not feel exhausted is worth more than $30.

The calculus/algebra you learn later in life.

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

Clicks to Baby Dragons Makes Them Grow! Thank you.

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Date: 09:13AM | Mon, July 21st | 2008
Subject: My Life
Security: Public
Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:energy scale 3.5, errands: shopping

Get bananas Wed afternoon (since grocery store forgot them and thus messed up my breakfast schedule for the next two weeks) OR go see TDK.

I love Batman, but I think he's going to lose out to easy breakfast food that helps me have energy.

This was not the best thing to happen after getting delivery from old grocery service. It just drives me somewhere else, fuck the costs. And Safeway is definitely more expensive. Shit.

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Date: 06:27PM | Wed, July 16th | 2008
Subject: Life: Today's Frontier
Security: Public
Tags:energy scale 3.5, errands: shopping, therapy / therapy day

Therapy was.... I'll get into that later.

- Went to the library to pick up some books on hold. Went hunting for a hold that got lost. Librarian brought up all sorts of things from 'downstairs in the stacks'. Went absolutely gaga for a non related book on Japanese architecture that weighed 3 lbs and was as big as a child. Bought a paperbag to carry said book (and others) home. Bag busted. Went to buy proper errand bag - couldn't find what I wanted. Until nice little old lady said "Well dearie, there is a cheaper version upstairs." Bought $6 bag. Liked $6 bag. Liked it so much I stopped at grocery store for rice and a quick meaty something for dinner tonight. Haven't eaten since 3am or something. Got on bus with bag. Began to think bag was busted somehow, thought it was just my mind. Found out there's a busy that CAN drop me off at the top of the ginormous hill - it takes an extra 15 mins though. Got off bus, realized $6 bag was busted. Wheels are BUSTED. Bag portion is fine. This so sucks. Best thing about $6 bag was how it could fold up flat and be the size of a paperback that I could put in my regular bag and thus carry it with me all the time. Now tis busted. One wheel axle broken. So. SO pissed and sad. Though at least it only cost me $6. I pout and am weepy for $6 bag. It was blue. A bright electric sunset blue - my favourite colour (witness my winter coat and the highlights of Brigid my Jansport and my umbrella).

- Meanwhile observed prices in grocery store. Two of them actually. Rice has gone up like a fricking dollar a pound. WTF? All sorts of things have gone up in the past two to three weeks. I found myself going 'for real?'. Suddenly the prices at former grocery store no longer seem spontaneously ridiculous. They're actually still LOW, once one accounts for the price increase everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Could someone explain to me again why the electric car and the hydro cars are BAD but the car that eats food for fuel is good? For people other than farmers, I mean? I knew there were food riots in other parts of the world and I shook my head and winced. But it's just hit me how ridiculous prices must have gotten in those other parts of the world and how buffered the US currently is - though not for long.

Dear John McCain, you live for a week on my income and then talk to me again about 'psychological recessions'.

- Therapy was... intense. I'm going to be mourning my therapist all summer long, I think. Right now I'm hating that I suddenly have to coalest goals so the new person, whomever they may be, will know what I want to work on. I think I'm liable to dislike the new person on principle of being new and not knowing a damn thing about me. My -file- isn't really -me-. Anyway, there's a whole lot of gratitude tied up in my grief. I've come far and I wouldn't have without her.

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Date: 08:20AM | Sun, July 13th | 2008
Subject: Hmm...
Security: Public
Tags:errands: shopping, thinky thoughts, willow's warren

My current dilemma

Order from the old grocery store? I've recently learned they remodelled and in fact were in the middle of remodeling when my orders went all cockeyed.

Order from complete over priced Safeway?

Attempt to find a taxi-cab to go to the basic canned place down the street (5-6 blocks) and use it also on Weds for after therapy grocery buying? Because I've realized I'm really been wearing myself out with the weekly shopping. And now that I'm in this down period of safety, continuing to do it is making me useless for unpacking. I'm bringing groceries up the steepest part of the hill, by hand.

Just the thought of steeling myself to walk down the hill to get anything from the Save-a-lot feels draining after a weekend dealing with scratching in the walls, cooking, soaking in the tub, folding clothes, light dishwashing and one little box of unpacking. Where my energy's gone to, I don't know.

Was it ever really there?

Y'know, I've been managing or at least so used to my limping around the house and doing my exercises normally that I forgot my leg's still healing. Went to take the stairs earlier and surprised myself by the pull and ow.

Yeah... I have a lot more going on than I'm willing to pay attention to in the whole, in seems like. I really need to rethink my grocery needs, because stressing about it is likely taking up energy too.

ETA: Not whining or asking for comments telling me what to do. Just writing out my options and doing some self realizing.

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Date: 01:37AM | Wed, July 2nd | 2008
Subject: Oi?
Security: Public
Tags::( frowny face, errands: running around, errands: shopping, health: physical

Do I know any Canadians? If so, I think in Vancouver it's still Canada Day. Happy to you.

In other news - my day. The day that involved me nearly puking.

Things you shouldn't do before grocery shopping at the only grocery store within a 3 miles radius which is near, close to or in a predominantly or historically black neighbourhood.

#1 - Read a book about healthy eating

#2 - Look at the ingredients on the food.

Save-a-lot did turn out to be like Aldi's. But a very limited Aldi's. I managed to stock up on some canned goods I'd been missing buying. I hadn't had canned pineapple in quite some time at a decent price and had been reduced to a single can per month. I bought 16. That contributed heavily to the weight I was lugging around in my little cart. As did several cans of pigeon peas - my other comfort food.

But most of what was there was high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, unpronounceable, unpronounceable, something gum, something something starch, unpronounceable, we spare this is only vitamin e - really. Preservative #1, 2, Food color #24.

My final conclusion is that I miss a place that could give me canned pineapple and canned Goya pigeons peas at reasonable prices and also fresh vegetables and meat with a fat percent lower than 80%. Oh yeah and real butter instead of 15 variations of margarine. Margarine - the waxy substance that loves to hog/clog -- ok, there are people who probably love margarine on my flist. But I'd rather have a little less real butter than a regular serving of something that once came with a packet of colouring cause it came clear (or in Canada bright pink) {a scary thing is I remember the white version, damn I feel old}

My little cart is dead. It seemed dead after the move but my brother was convinced that it'd -never- been welded and the lacing had just popped out of the frame. I tried it once - it needs throwing away. Luckily I -know- why my cans are dented.

I hurt my knee. It was hot. I got sweaty and I wanted to hurl. And oh yeah, the supermarket isn't as close as I thought. It's 5 and a half blocks away. New York City blocks. Looooooooong ass blocks. And I didn't take my cane. Ow ow ow ow.

That was my day, and the rest of the day was recovering from that since I want around 10:30 and got back 2 hours later. Try not to hurl, nap, try not to hurl some more, have food, a little internet communication and now I'm talking myself into PT. Yeah it wasn't today it's Wed. And I don't want to go. I think I dislike my PT person. :(

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Date: 07:17PM | Sun, April 13th | 2008
Subject: Scratch 1
Security: Public
Tags:errands: online, errands: shopping, pain scale 7

So I have been reminded via comments that I had some serious pain and I went to the doctor and this isn't shit to play around with. I logged onto the old grocery's website and once again the specials listed in the posted circular are not reflected in the 'shopping aisles'. Hell their online aisles don't even show some products as being carried by them. A lot of products.

So that's out. When there's conflict with even the basics - I don't want to deal with them. Given my knee, I really need NOT to end up having spent money for unsatisfactory results.

What's left is talking myself into safeway. Or calling my general case manager tomorrow and seeing if something can be done to help me.

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Date: 06:50PM | Mon, March 3rd | 2008
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Just baked a potato. Opened it, and discovered it is NOT the yellow flesh Yukon I ordered. It's a white potato. Yellow flesh are higher in fiber and thus raise my blood sugar less.

Incredible fail on the part of the local delivery service because I was -very- specific on wanting only yellow flesh yukon potatoes.

I will be including this fail into my letter to the manager when I tell him why I will not be buying from his store again.

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Date: 11:48AM | Mon, March 3rd | 2008
Subject: The End
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Tags:about me, errands: shopping

Local grocery store that delivers?


What I need? A nice, neat little shopping cart that collapses like a baby's pram, that I could perhaps sling over my shoulder or something. The one I currently have is a bit unweildy - well more than a bit, plus rubber on one of the tires completely peeled off. I'd want something more sturdy for negotiating streets with traffic. I only trust this one to carry things from the first floor to my current apt.

Local grocery store that delivers? It was not the manager who shopped for me. And although I did get a phone call, two in fact, the first one was to tell me that once again the online store had products posted as on sale or available that were not in the store. The second call didn't tell me what further products had been substituted and I had to prompt for my total. Also my order was packed at about 10:30am but my original delivery time was between 1pm and 2pm. So what were they going to do if I couldn't accept delivery early? Just leave my groceries to sit unrefrigerated?

Two of the major things I was counting on them for, were not available at their stated price; the boneless skinless chicken or the canned pineapple. I ordered enough chicken to get me through the week.

I'll be picking up precisely what I want from Superfresh after therapy on Wed and every Wed from now on.

There is nothing convenient anymore about Santonis' Delivery. (I will be c/ping some of this to the manager)

I may test the waters with Safeway's delivery service when I'm less pissed.

Either way, I'd rather pay a higher price per item to some other store than deal with Santonis' shafting me on my meal plans etc every flipping month. And this is birthday month too! But they were even out of birthday baked confectionery.


OT: Anyone else discovered they can't use tags because iJay won't let them click choose anything from the list?

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Date: 10:01PM | Sat, March 1st | 2008
Subject: I am curious
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Is it a positive thing or not, when you sit down to do your online grocery shopping, and find yourself with the odd sensation that you've had more variety in the past three weeks of shopping once a week with what little you could carry (from a bigger chain supermarket) than you've had in the last few years without access to supplement from a bigger chain supermarket?

I've been buying easy stuff to carry in my backpack for the last three weeks, once a week, on my way home from therapy via Superfresh. Friday I called my local delivery grocery and ended up talking to a manager (one of the members of the owning family) about how quality has dropped in the last several months; dented cans, cans with mold in them/on them, ripped up containers (cardboard) holding food, no one calling me to give me my total or ask me for final substitutions, a whole host of things being marked 'no longer carried' or 'unavailable' month after month on orders at different days of the week.

The manager claimed some technical problems and recent lectures to their 'shoppers' to shop as if they were buying for themselves with a heavy emphasis on quality. The manager even offered that he personally shop my next order.

So I was going through tonight, thinking about putting in an order for Monday (no way he shouldn't be around for that) and aside from a wonderful .99 per pound boneless, skinless chicken breast - I can't actually muster up enthusiasm for shopping there anymore.

The chain stores are more expensive, there's no doubt about that. From .50 cents to a dollar and more expensive per item. But lately I've noticed that certain things make my stomach uneasy, that I'm finding certain foods too greasy/oily/full of fat, or too salty. I've also found I've enjoyed getting certain things fresher these last three weeks. Not necessarily vegetables (frozen still wins my heart), but meats and eggs and milk. I even found myself eyeing bagged spinach salad and thinking I could finish one of those off in a week and they'd taste better than frozen kale (or the horrible canned kale - ugh, blech ech).

This post isn't so much a 'duh' that I could combine things and get what's easiest and best from each place. So much as wanting to work through and ask input about this kind of dietary change / shopping change.

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