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Date: 10:27PM | Sun, March 18th | 2012
Subject: Still Not Dead.
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Tags:feeling: accomplished, wtf scale 6

Apparently, part of my serious, and dangerous mood dip today, and the past two days, has been hormonal. Something to mention tomorrow in the office. Also, phone's been bought, now to wait and see what exactly shows up. I think, however, I will, once things get transferred over, really miss the int text msging I didn't even know I'd had until last night. And for the record (ebay and papal are creepy).

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Date: 02:44PM | Tue, April 12th | 2011
Subject: It's All The Pillow's FAULT!
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Tags:about me, feeling: accomplished

Ok, it is at least 50% the pillow's fault. Have discovered that crappy pillow support leads directly to the kind of pain I often get up with in the morning; headache, shoulder aches, jaw aches, back spasms, dizziness. This of course is further exasperated on days with rain/high barometer readings. Last night I tried a thing with what I have available to attempt to give myself more support and I woke up in a better place!

So now the hunt is on, as far as I am concerned, to find the best possible sleeping support, angle and device so I wake up with less pain. I woke up today without a headache - it was wonderful.

Part of me is a boggle I hadn't figured out before that pillow stuff could be contributing. But that's not true. I know I have pillow-pain issues. I just didn't realize HOW much they caused and how much attention I should put into fixing them. I look forward to the possibility of it NOT being a fluke, when I wake up feeling even more refreshed. Cause it's been frustrating to finally be getting solid sleep, yet my body waking up feeling so crappy; my mind clear enough to know I can't focus on anything cause ow. It's so easy to forget too, how much pain exhausts.

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Date: 06:33PM | Sun, March 27th | 2011
Subject: Oblflistkenobi
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Mood:complex complex
Tags:feeling: accomplished, i will cut somebody

Paranoia and the realization I do a lot of processing on twitter, has led me to ask - does anyone have a NON COMMERCIAL port from Twitter to an LJ or DW style journal? I've done the attempt to pull it all into a file, and I've tried to save it as a feed to my desktop, but I do miss the ability, like I have with my journal, to search easily and find notes. Twitter should really just charge a fee to let people port everything already - unless the big secret is that it's all lost.

In other news; cleaned out the basket by the front door, cleaned out some boxes from the move, took out some trash, washed a coat, put away some cds and finally figured out how to watch movies on the dvd/vcr w/o having to get up and manually switch cords. Oh yes, also made a grocery list for a different grocery store than I usually use. Considering strolling to check the place out tomorrow. But I really, REALLY wish I had a reliable, non painful, public transportation kind, carry all to use for shopping.

I am seriously considering a baby stroller at this rate. Because it feels like they're less likely to break down after just one usage. On the other hand, I'd probably have to take everything out just to use the bus. Damn. Still, everything else is weak made, wheels liable to just fall the eff off, or disintegrate. I found some lovely baskets - but they seem aimed at people who have cars. I'm left going 'It's beautiful and practical - if I didn't walk with a cane to bus stops. So that even if I took a special day just for groceries, I'd still wear myself out.

Ahh hah, just found something else that seems perfect. But apparently it's Industry level and costs 325$ for 1. I'm here talking myself into perhaps possibly spending 80$ on something that will make my life easier, so I can shop from more places and have more freedom than just deliveries (especially that delivery mistakes and carelessness now could be a known factor in my health and OMG the trouble with substitutions and paying for delivery of stuff w/o substitutions and getting maybe $30 worth of groceries. This has happened).

All these carts seem to be for laundry and light stuff; clothes shopping, or houseware shopping. NOT heavy groceries.

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Have also! By the way, washed my beloved Bridgette and discovered that she may not be able to leap back into surface because dirt was holding a tear together. And am now washing my other bag. I sigh, I'm doing a lot of sighing.

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