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Date: 02:32AM | Thu, August 11th | 2011
Subject: Grrr! Arrrgh! Budget Consciousness Be Damned!
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Tags:feeling: ill, i will cut somebody

Once upon a time I bought a cutting board & knife set that has served me very very well. It's been a couple of years now. The board is wood. So, I've been wanting another since the current board is for veggies only. Despite wanting glass for meat, I heard glass can damage knives and my knives already are what I can afford and I had no wish to harm them. And then I saw and picked up, locally, a little bamboo cutting board for meat a while back, have been scrubbing it with soap and water in between uses. But I've been sick since yesterday. Today when I lifted it up to double wash it, I finally saw the FUCKING MOLD growing on the damn thing, that I'd apparently missed for I don't know how long! (It was in a crack - despite my reliance on routine for health and cleanliness while I'm feeling out of it, it was not enough)


So. Glass cutting board it is. One I can stick in the dishwasher in water too hot for even my hands to stand.

Meanwhile: Self recrimination, start your engines.

ETA: So apparently when I was washing it w/ a brush under hot water, the seams inbetween the layers began to separate - which I didn't notice as I was looking at it head on, not sideways. I'm going to guess if my other cutting board is made out of bamboo, it's not made the same way at all. Beginning to think it's a more solid wood somehow, though.

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Date: 06:59AM | Fri, March 20th | 2009
Subject: *shudders*
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Tags:feeling: ill, slept like crap


Dilemma. I forgot to pick up my prescription yesterday. Heck, I forgot to renew it. I can over the phone today. But getting down there? Had a bad night's sleep. Went to bed for a nap, but was really tired and decided to stay in bed and try to go through until morning. Problem? Pain. Couldn't get comfortable. It's also raining out. Woke up when the rain got hard, and have been tossing and turning ever since.

Have half my hoagie left to try and eat and see if that helps.

But ugh. Sick. So sick.

New guy wants to refer me to a pain clinic. We've discussed that it's taking my knee a year to heal and it's still pretty weak and that's likely messing up the rest of me. He also wants me to think about an 8 week pain management group coming up in April.

I hate being sick.

Feel like crap and it's a very sad thing. Trying to talk myself into going for my pills - actually, trying to figure out what to buy that would be yummy, as a way of goading myself out of the house. My body is very much 'Screw Treats'. It doesn't even want cheesecake - ugh. Eating is gross man.

ETA: Nibbled the roast beef - threw away rest of hoagie. Ugh.

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Date: 02:36PM | Thu, March 12th | 2009
Subject: ugh
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Mood:sick sick
Tags:about me, feeling: ill

I kind of wish someone would say yes when I ask - "Does anyone else have mornings they wake up, and they have a mild headache, and they feel about to hurl, and their stomach is griping and the only helpful things are acidic like lemonade or orange juice? And sometimes the sensation lasts hours and sometimes it lasts all day?"

Cause it would be something to not feel all alone in how my body chooses to react to its environment.

I almost feel hungry, except I know that to eat right now would be the ultimate mistake and end up with me being unable to leave the house tomorrow as well.

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Date: 10:39AM | Thu, January 15th | 2009
Subject: No Therapy Today
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Tags:about me, feeling: ill, therapy with dr. yoda

Called my pharmacist for refills and got told to keep my butt inside because it's too cold for me to be out - I'll aggravate my lungs and give the New Year's Bug another rush to recover ground. So I'm going to go back to bed and try and get some rest. My body's very grateful because it was coughing up a storm for the past two hours.

My wallet's less grateful. Oh, my library fees.

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Date: 05:12PM | Sun, January 11th | 2009
Subject: I'm alive
Security: Public
Mood:cranky + ill cranky + ill
Tags:feeling: ill

And I'm grateful. But I am definitely grumpy. This bug thing seems to feel it's waging war. It's perfectly willing to give up ground and retreat (giving me a day or so to feel better) if it can come back and make up ground on an offensive. Today's a retake day and ugh. And here I was thinking I'd be able to make it to a post box without coughing my lungs out on Monday.

All the same, I'm going to look for the nearest one and go anyway, cause I need to mail something to someone.

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Date: 12:39AM | Tue, January 6th | 2009
Subject: Random Note
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Tags:feeling: ill

Dear folks who sent me stuff - I may have peeked at stuff in order to thank you, but I haven't used a darn thing since I got back from visiting family because I've been sick. At the rate I'm recovering it feels like it might be February before I can comment on the true wunderbar that are your presents. Though that might just be me feeling restless and pessimistic.

I also haven't checked mail since I got back and if I have packages upstairs (collected while I went away) I haven't been interacting with my landlady to get them - cause again - ill *cough cough, feel annoyed*

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Date: 01:04PM | Wed, July 23rd | 2008
Subject: Look at my Beauties!
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Tags:dragon cave, feel like crap, feeling: ill

Adopt one today! Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

My dragons! Look how pretty! LOOK!

Clicky please. And admire the pretty some more.

*goes curl up somewhere and wait for hot food to maybe stop her feeling half dead and like dog's vomit*

ETA: 3:20pm
Ok. Thunder just snapped through the apartment like a fricking bomb. I think we now know why Willow woke up feeling sick - yes?

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