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Date: 11:19AM | Mon, July 6th | 2009
Subject: Monday *stab stab stab*
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Mood:upset upset
Tags:#s is for survivor, former roomate/boston wife, i will cut somebody, things that suck

Day so far.

1. Get up, read flist, see the word 'remix' and have it actually log into my brain.

2. Go to Zvi's website, can't find anything, remember she moved it all to AO3.

3. Go to AO3 thinking to peruse the list and see if there's the slightest thing I might be able to handle to remix for her for traditions and love's sake and as a round about 'we're cool now'.

4. Run smack into 'Choose Not To Warn' and realize I cannot read a single one of her fics in order to remix anything for her the way I have in the past.

5. Get upset and angrier; at Zvi, and at circumstances. (Though really she made a decision to choose not to warn, that that affects an aspect of our relationship is secondary. )

6. Get triggered by my own anger at feeling this upset over someone I consider(ed) close.

7. Give up completely on a DW reading list. Say 'Suck it World. Suck it Zvi!' and go find something soothing to watch/rewatch. Hopefully with breakfast.

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Date: 06:17AM | Sat, July 12th | 2008
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Mood:awake awake
Tags:chocolate distinctions, former roomate/boston wife, things i like


You were right. I just put six squares of intense dark chocolate in some milk, microwaved it a little bit and made myself the. perfect. cup of chocolate. It didn't really need sugar, I added just a dab. But I think popping a single mini marshmallow in there would have done the same trick.

Intense chocolate flavour. Creaminess. And it all not overwhelmed by sweetness.


Thanks :)

Now to figure out how to factor this into my buying of stuff. Do I buy baker's semi-sweet and keep it around with a couple cans of evaporated milk for quick pick me ups? Would that be cheaper than candy style chocolate? I need to find out.

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