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Date: 09:42PM | Mon, September 5th | 2011
Subject: Movie & Media & My BW Oh My :)
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Tags:friendship, movies i've seen, my boo

Attack The Block was pretty good. I'm glad I saw it. I laugh a bit now at having gotten the set up for something. Still, it was enjoyable. My only problem in considering whether or not to buy the DVD is that it was more gore-y than I'd anticipated. Yes, it's an alien invasion movie. But it wasn't an action movie, not with the gore. It was full horror close-ups, counting on both the eeewh and the claustrophobic feeling. There are least 2 minutes I plain couldn't watch (or wish I hadn't watched) and I'm not sure if I bought it, I'd ever really watch it. I'd just be buying it to add sales; and that's all well and good. But financially, if I'm buying something, I want to know it's there on my shelf to help me handle bad days.

Enjoyed visiting with Zvi. We got sidetracked a bit watching Chopped instead of going out for lunch. And honestly, I'm not that much fun to go out to eat with; having to be so careful about what I eat now, needing to see ingredients, often making compromises - there was a period where I started scratching and Zvi noticed and I ate a little more food but eventually stopped because I couldn't tell if it was psychosomatic fear of scratching (since I knew the ingredients) or actual itches from me and brown rice not getting along. I'm still trying to figure if it's only BROWN rice that hates me, and if I should try plain white rice and see if I can get rice back. I also don't know why I didn't try the quinao since I've been wondering about it anyway.

Odd moments of feeling the technological generational gap; seeing someone walk out of a stall in the ladies, doing something on their phone. And watching how Zvi's phone of awesome got her attention even though I was right beside her. Quiet chilling is good, and I enjoyed it. But I did have the odd feeling of feeling, old fashioned. She was updating Get Glue at one point about what she'd watched, and would be watching and I had the thought of 'is that being in the moment, if you're reporting the moment as soon as it's over, or before it's happened'? It made me re-evaluate why I keep forgetting I do actually own a camera now. Is it because it's meant to be a 'take pic of things because' and not a 'go be arty and take things of things because' ? Where am I getting the arty or not judgement?

It rained off and on today (note: the rain may be affecting my apt, so I need the camera to charge so I can try and take a pic) and was kind of a curl up in your space and chill, so I'm pretty darn proud I made it out of the house. Though, not turning on a computer, DOES throw my routine.

All in all, good day. My grumpypantsness and all.

PS: Realized the media I'm consuming these days is largely games via LP's; The Witcher2, ME, ME2, Minecraft (I know, and yet...), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (despite things making me all growly and eye rolly, etc...), DA2, DA2: Legends, Beyond Good & Evil....

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Date: 03:58AM | Thu, August 18th | 2011
Subject: Inside My Mind
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Tags:about me, friendship, health: emotional, health: mental

I realize some people have been responding to this tumblr post as if it were the asexual version of 'The Nice Guy'. That is not at all how I read and interpreted it. I saw it as an example of one of those times people think they're all speaking the same language, because they're using words they think each other recognizes, but in actuality the definitions are completely different, and thus the language is different and thus misunderstandings, hurt feelings and more occurs. This is the short version of what that tumblr post inspired in my brain: I have friends and I have people I care about very deeply in a myriad of ways, and most of the time only one of those myriad ways intersects with the way society tells me I should treat people who are not blood family.

The Long Version )

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Date: 02:32PM | Sat, March 5th | 2011
Subject: It's Good To Have Reminders
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Mood:contemplative contemplative
Tags:friendship, online: support network, online:life

Sometimes I look at my flist/reading list and am overcome with a wave of affection and deep caring. I look at the writing of various individuals and it's like peering into a friend's kitchen, just watching them drink something warm and yummy with their feet up on an extra chair and they notice you and wave you in to share. Right now I'm focused on all of them, all of you, as individual beings. As people trying to make your own way in this life and it is so damn comforting. You don't always have all the answers or even the right answers, but you're putting one foot in front of the other, you're trusting in yourselves, in each other. You understand the need to BE a solid independent person. You may have to navigate that due to varied circumstances, but you're doing it.

It's like Church/Synagoge almost. A community of individuals fixated upon a goal, one others find ephemeral; but supporting and encouraging one another, inspiring one another.

It's pretty damn cool.

Then there's the part where many, many of you are quirky, smile creating, silly beautiful beings, even at your most righteous.

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Date: 09:23PM | Sun, April 13th | 2008
Subject: Things That Make Me Smile
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Mood:amused amused
Tags:friendship, online: support network

[info]fickle coming across the date we met online.

Her: But wow, we've been friends for a LONG time! <3
Me: hmm, 2 and a half years, I think
Me: That's not all that long.
Her: Shh, I'm little. That's over a tenth of my life.
Her: So in my head, it's ten years.
Her: Because that's a tenth of a hundred
Her: And I do percentages in hundreds. XD

Friendship Math - This Ain't No Ordinary Algebra!

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Date: 01:19AM | Sat, January 5th | 2008
Subject: ---
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Mood:sad sad

All this stuff with Thamiris has had me thinking about Olwen / Tenebraeli all day.

I miss her so much. Every time I want to kick this stupid apt I'm in, I remember it's mine and I'm in it and as crappy as it is I made it to the point where I could be in a place and not worry how the rent was getting paid every month. And I miss her all over again. Every single time.

Every time I get depressed, I think about how I'm still feeling, with her gone, and I get up and do something else, or watch tv, and try to remind myself the feeling will pass.

And on top of it all, my year started with the unexpected confession that my very presence online was one of those beloved aggravations that kept someone from doing something so final.

I was too upset to get the Cuthullu doll. But at times like this, I seriously need one to hug.

Solid stone is just sand and water, baby
Sand and water, and a million years gone by

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