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Date: 08:55PM | Wed, February 15th | 2012
Subject: So....
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Listening to podcast. 'Let's Do This' for Feb 14th 2012. And they get to a point of answering questions. And one of the questions is; what movie property would you like to see crossed over with a tv property. And the person asking the question gives an example; Attack The Block + Misfits. I don't know much about Misfits really, but my first thought was an angle on unexpected heroes from likely gritty circumstances, and started wondering about Misfits, and how those individuals got their powers? Is there anything to say it couldn't be from intergalactic space dust etc...? Anyway.... What really struck me, is that the commentators think it's an interesting question, but also a hard question. And they start talking about how it's something that's never been done and it's hard to think of. And all I can think about is fandom, and fusion fandom.

I mean, fans crossed over The Sentinel with Highlands w/o blinking. The City of Cascade with 'Seacouver'; Twin Cities on the coast and who knows what else. I know people who've combined Nolanverse Batman w/ Comics Batman. Or Nolanverse Batman w/ Smallville. There are stories doing all sorts of things and it doesn't seem the least bit difficult or unusual or 'what a concept to me'. And I found myself wondering if the person asking the question is a fan and how that perspective on life might be so different than the commentators/personalities on, even though both groups really like media, review it, are interested in good writing, good plot, good pacing, good meta and may share interest in cinematography and particular actors and even deeper technicalities.

The other thing I laughed about? Was that on a different podcast? They'd already done that; when discussing 'The Dark Knight Rises'. They discussed that when WB wants to pick up the franchise again, that they should make a 'Batman Beyond' and have Christian Bale show up in age makeup to 'pass the Torch'. So, right there; Batman Beyond (tv show) mixed with Nolanverse (movie).

It didn't seem a tricky or deep question, when it wasn't a question. When it was just them riffin and exploring their love of an icon and franchise. They'd even discussed the rumors about Tom Welling showing up as a young Clark Kent (thus being Nolanverse and Smallville).

Perspective. It's just such a tricky, tricky thing. Say 'fandom' and people have LOTS of varied impressions. Ask a 'fannish' question and it's so unusual. Ask it a different way, talk about 'exploring properties' a different way, and some people don't even blink.

Anyway, given how much I'm not watch tv these days, I've no idea what movie(verse) I'd cross over with a tv show (verse), that could possibly be as cool as the example of 'ATB + Misfits'.

Though... back when I could handle watching Dexter? A crossover of Dexter and the comic Hack/Slash.

**snickers** Mission Impossible / Resteraunt Impossible. (would make an awesome drinking game media).

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Date: 05:00PM | Sat, January 19th | 2008
Subject: Is Fusion Only For Cuisine?
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There's a lot going on in my head.

For the moment I'm focusing it on fannish thoughts. Or rather a confusing mishmash of fannish thoughts + role playing thoughts + unspecified thoughts.

[info]dragovianknight is currently working on a Power Rangers AU reintroducing the Green Ranger (or a new Green Ranger). And I've found myself thinking of the experiences I wanted to have in certain rpgs I was a part of. And how they failed, usually miserably. And how sad it made me, because I was writing every day and excited, for the most part, about writing.

Is it fannish when you want to AU absolutely everything?

Had I in the past been trying to have a fannish experience among gamers / role players?

I mean aside from being fed up at certain cliquishness that seemed all about how many romantic storylines can we tell with each other in different universes to soothe...whatever in our souls...

I had a lot of friction with other people, some stemming from not wanting to copy-cat movie plots. I wanted organic motivation to the character I'd created and built history for - never mind that it was a comic book character and not 'original'. They were original to me.

So, was I trying to have Fannish AU Experiences in the wrong venue?

When I try to think of fanfiction recently, I realized yes I want closed fandoms. But...

But it's a big mess.

I don't want to write something original INSTEAD. I want to write about this FANDOM, just not the way it is, or originally came.

I mean...


I get excited about the thought of putting X-Men Characters in the Harry Potter Universe.

I get excited about switched power universes and what if scenarios for comic book superheroes and Power Rangers and lots of things...

But I don't want to play a game to do it.

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