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Date: 11:37PM | Wed, July 25th | 2012
Subject: In Other Other News
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Tags::( frowny face, games: general

I really enjoyed 'Magical Diary - Horse Hall'. And I've been poking around at other visual novel/life simulation stuff. Problem is, I think MD:HH spoiled me. Because limited as it was, there was character creation, and choice of responses. The next thing to interest in was - well actually the next/similar time was 'Long Live The Queen'. But it causes far too much anxiety at the moment. So, the next life sim/dating sim was 'Lucky Rabbit Reflex'. Which at first I thought was really cool. And now I realize, it's not.

Lucky Rabbit is set in England, surrounding 6th form. Ahh 6th form. Anyway, the character's personality - at least their - her private responses are set. I've yet to figure out if choosing a birthdate affects that or not. The game seems very involved and that's the part I liked. I liked that one of the goals is also to get a best friend among the girls - if I can't date one, actively working on a friendship is a good option. But it's in the dating/interacting with the guys that I've gotten my hugest turn off.

I'm just mucking about with the demo right now, and played through once and didn't much notice anything wrong at all. I was so excited. Then last night, as a calmer before bed, I mucked with the Demo again. What happened? I picked a different guy, just to see and well, I rapidly hit on the realization that this particular guy seems to have a problem with girls who don't have a problem eating good food, lots of it, and ingulging in hamburgers.

While I was pondering if what I thought was going on, was really gong on, I went perusing the game's forum. And there it was; 'to get your guy, you need to wear what he likes, and eat what he likes'...


So first time though, I was chilling with the brown dude, who plays sports and didn't have a problem with a geeky girl, with a big appetite who was also into sports and gaming etc.. And I didn't think much of it. Second time through, as a girl who's got no problem scarfing a burger, while dressing dainty - is apparently way too much a contradiction for the game's writing. Elegant girls might perhaps need salad and water.

I have issues with that. I have issues with a script that says; you can't get the guy unless you dress the way he likes, eat the way he likes, and have his exact interests. I don't like the message that sends. I find that really upsetting.

Really upsetting.

As if what you like about a person, what interests you about them; the light of their personality and soul is nothing compared to the right clothes, the right diet, the right look, and matching you for everything. As if relationships aren't about challenging one another and complimenting one another and supporting one another, friendships or more.

And I hate the excuse that it's all 'due to the limits of the game format'. There were things about Magical Diary I disliked too, and spoke to the creators about. A plot scene I found abusive. But even there, whatever guy or gal you ended up with? 80% of the time, you could play the character your way; choose what magics they liked, were they brainy or not? Pranky or not? Making friends with their roommates or not? Making other friends or not? Concerned about following the rules or not? Concerned about their fellow students or not? It was all up to you. Your personality and caring is what got people, characters interested in you. And that can happen no matter what shows you watch, food you eat, clothes you wear.

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Date: 08:14PM | Fri, June 15th | 2012
Subject: It might not be the dominant cultural thing to walk away - but my soul needs air
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Tags:games: general, i hate people, ig'nant ppl, shit fuck damn, wth?

... I am having some kind of moment. Just, some kind of moment. I am fed up with people so in their thoughts and feelings they can't utilize reading comprehension - start bullshit talking to you explaining their position against a position you never even TOOK; which they would know, if they had actually READ YOUR WORDS & TOOK SPACE TO COMPREHEND THEM.

And it's irking me, but I'm not going to respond, cause I already said I was through discussing anything with them. But I'm just stuck solid, on their need to pull out; but the one who notices the problem is actually the problem. And no, this isn't even about race. This is about a bloody game, that I liked but had a complaint about that the creators found applicable and they and I were discussing options for an update to add some stuff. And here comes this person all; but that's just the way these games are, but that's just how this character is, and to call them on their actions is to be as unreasonable and angry and dangerous as you're claiming they were - you need to be more introspective.

Whereas I'd said ; whoa, what happened there was kind of freaky and I found the character's apology to be milkwater, is it possible to have a chance to call them on their action? Mention they scared or hurt your char? Cause it seems kind of abusive, especially if you end up just taking their remarks and their weaksauce apology.

And the creators aggreed with me. We'd spend the day working out possibilities as well as discussing stuff. Back and forth on the board. And then here comes this two legged turd.

I can't even. I just can't. But y'know, I should have been warned the moment the person was all 'It's a 50 Shades of Grey thing'.

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Date: 06:09PM | Wed, February 22nd | 2012
Subject: Some Stuff + Thoughts + Gaming + Articles
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Tags:games: general, thinky thoughts, whoa

All the borderhouseblog stuff (newest: An Engagement w/ J. Hepler's Ideas) about Hepler making note of non twitchy combat, etc...etc... It's the 1st time I've felt... I don't know, emotional about stuff. People are talking about having to be twitchy to play the games. About getting bored w/ combat etc. Or being confused by the controls, etc. And why I figure I may get bored w/ stuff faster than some of those commenting, still - WHOA.

Cause yeah, the ME3 demo? The second part? To me that entire second part is a grind, and in my head it'd have been better with 1 set of soldiers, 1 bit of portable turrent, and 1 mecha. End. Done. Three waves, three different types of fighting. Instead... that's SO. Not. It. And while the fighting is supposedly 'easier' / takes less clicks in 'Storymode', the amount of 'waves' is the same.

And OMGosh, to see other people talking about the boredom of the same animations over and over again in combat. Again, not getting bored as quickly as I do, but mentioning the things that make me sigh and feel it's not worth it / not worth spending money on, etc...

And people talking about the lack of broader base development and awareness of evolving story engines, more complex branching algorithms or non branching but evolving story possibilities w/o distinct written or linear scripts. I did not know there were people who spent money on videogames who thought about this stuff (outside maybe 1 or 2). Who thought about how combat has become gameplay in the minds of some or in culture or perception or design.

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Date: 08:17PM | Sun, February 19th | 2012
Subject: More Katawa Shoujo
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Mood:contemplative contemplative
Tags:games: general, thinky thoughts

As mentioned in my ETA: went back, and redid my last choice and discovered a branch that led somewhere. Next time I play the game, I'll rethink the phrasings being made- I think interpretation may have partially been my problem. So, had a non 'drunken falls to death' ending. And what I'm most surprised about? The physical handicaps/disabilities of the characters are spelled out, but I ended up feeling like the real disability one character was facing, was not her lack of arms, but she seemed somewhere on the autistic spectrum in her inability to understand certain things to do with human connection and communication. Yes, she has no arms, but that wasn't where the connection is made - to my mind - or where share growth happened, or where complications happened. I'm... pleasantly surprised about that.

Now I'm wondering at what secondary things might be involve in the game. Is the 'shy girl', dealing with PTSD? That's the 1st possibility that comes to mind.

So, yeah, I'm still WTF at the wording of some things, in terms of the character getting to take some time. But I'm much mollified by once in an arc, seeing the character explore depression, explore grieving, explore rebuilding life, explore thinking about the future.

And yeah, invisible disabilities as well as physical ones? I am very curious now; though pondering if that was even intentional. Might have to look it up.

ETA: Also, odd as this might be to say, given this is distinctly a romance game, and DAO for example (among others is not). I did like the fact that it wasn't a gift gift gift, tag tag tag - boom, sack time. It was awkward complicated courting - for a game. For something that started off infuriating me, I'm really, really pleased, and also sad. Cause I seriously doubt there's another game out there to give me the emotional satisfaction I originally thought I wasn't getting. Granted I have replay with at least 3 other characters I can stand. Still. Tiny sad.

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Date: 11:32AM | Sun, December 18th | 2011
Subject: Gaming Graphics
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Mood:sore & achy sore & achy
Tags:games: cinematic interactives, games: general

Am beginning to think I favour cartoon style, non realistic models and backgrounds in video games, along with colour. I find the clips I've seen of Skyrim to be dark and drab, and all the squabble over HD 'realistic' texture packs, kind of flies over my head. Cause those I honestly don't understand the need to have a rock look like a rock. And maybe I find it confusing and depressing, if a rock looks photo-realistic, when in all truth, cgi animation is NOT, still, at a point where human beings look good/real/other than dolls. I find it more realistic, to see stylized universes and stylized characters. And find myself, I guess somewhat maliciously, wondering if it's a lack of imagination and an after effect consequences of the destruction of play (see various studies and observations on the psychology of advertising to children and how that affects the stories they tell - these days mostly stories they mimic).

Other thoughts? Before I had even discovered that SWTOR is pay to play, I was wary because I do not like MMORPGs. I like what they offer for less up to date, tricked out, utilitarian computers. But as I have seen remarked, it does throw one out of the story to see someone running willy nilly across your path, with a name above their head, and one that says 'Abomination 345. The Gamminator'.

I wonder, is there such a thing as story focused/ story driven table top rpgs? It seems unlikely - it'd be an official canon rail then, wouldn't it.

Note: This is me, keeping myself occupied and awake.

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Date: 02:55AM | Sat, December 17th | 2011
Subject: MMPORPG: Star Wars - The Old Republic
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Mood:hungry, disappointed, mildly pissed hungry, disappointed, mildly pissed
Tags:#social justice issues: media representa, games: general, genre: scifi & fantasy

The fairy dust dropped off the Franchise for me w/ the prequels - perhaps even earlier w/ the revised originals. Tried to sleep, it ended up being a nap. Internet currently working for the moment - I watched a let's play. Only thing going through my head in that 1st episode? What are the Jedi doing on a planet that has native inhabitants - calling said inhabitants hostile cause they don't like that someone came and set up shop in their home? WTF is it 'OMG, they're primitive but now they have guns!' With the strong implication that some outsider power is supplying them and thus these natives have no agency and exist to be killed, for HP. My frowny face, people. My frowny face.

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Date: 03:08AM | Sat, November 12th | 2011
Subject: And How I Don't Much Feel Like A Gamer
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Mood:bah humbug
Tags:comics, games: general, grr argh

1. I'm a girl (mostly), there's a whole lot to say and has been said about being female and dealing with gaming. But right away it's the screen door in my face when I start thinking about it.

2. I find the numeric dynamics of D&D type tabletop games, ridiculous. I'm always focused on the story, and all the numbers ever seem good for is determining who wins in a fight, a pissing contest, or who gets to wield weapon number blah blah blah of blah blah blahness.

3. I adore the worlds of some video games (and table top games). The possibilities are amazing. But each time I buy one, or watch one, I realize my enjoyment is mostly about what I think could happen, or how the person playing (whom I'm watching) is reacting to what is happening. But I? I don't get the point on spending money for hours and hours of fetch quests and grinding to level up, so you can be the proper power level to go after some big bad, blah blah blah cakes.

4. Pokemon 300+ has proven to me there's such a thing as too much of a good thing. I was really enjoying this. But now, not so much. I need to switch my focus, I think. I still like the bright colours and the fact that things don't have the world 'die' on the screen w/ the skullface or whatever. But the more pokemon they are, the more I'm finding myself not focused on any one group that I like - not thinking strategically like I did with the first version (with unique indie pokemon/fakemon) and having a well rounded 'team'. I just go a little 'whee! So cute! So pretty!' and then end up grinding to get that pokemon up to the level of everyone else and that's... boring.

5. Have I mentioned Fetch Quests? Fetch Quests and Grinding. W. T. F. I loathe it in games. I loathe it in 'fantasy books' - most of which I don't even read anymore cause thumbscrew the white boy farm boy and his epic destiny while there's not one shred of measured learning in his head. But I've realized I can't see myself paying money to run around doing chores in the middle of a crisis to convince people I'm worthy enough to be joined to - to defeat the damn crisis in the first place. Video game mechanics to me seem effing fucked up and crawling along, severely hampered by (currently bleeding) injury to try and reach a level that tabletop games already had and some few are moving beyond.

6. How can I be a gamer when there's so much I want to complain about; how female character don't really change size, but men can be whatever. All the judgements about female characters needing to look pretty or sexy, while male characters can be badass, imposing, intimidating and the rest. Hearing that perpetuated in people's vids, or seeing it in game ptb interviews. Shuddering as 'diversity' is catpeople and lizardpeople.


There was more, but I just got distracted by Dex-Starr, the various Lantern Corps being underused, how the Blue Lantern Corps is apparently a servant class for the GLC and no one finds this skeevy, and all the complaints about the various other corps colours; despite the fact there's a long history via the Sapphires that it takes a while for a Corps to hone purpose for it's emotional inspiration. After all, Willpower is NOT an emotion. Determination, is. And given Love has avenues to obsession and possession, makes sense it would take a while to hone; Anger? Not so much. There's revenge, vengeance, avenging, righteous rage, even the concept of purifying anger. It's all set up to make sense to have conflicts between the Corps. Red = Scorched Earth. Green = Jail and second chances. Yellow = Intergalactic Boogeymen perhaps leaning towards Facists policies.

But meh. Maybe this is also why I don't much feel like a Comic Book Girl anymore either, or a Super Hero Loving Girl.

ETA: Friend read this, im-ed me to say that they think while I don't get all of gamer culture (I'd say most), that I am a gamer. I just haven't yet found a game that meets my needs. It's a thing to consider.'

ETA2: Added 'currently bleeding' to injury. Because the visual is not meant to invoke physical handicap or claim vidgames are 'crippled' - but to invoke them dying of injures but still plodding on. Somewhere between walking wounded and crawling dead.

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Date: 07:21PM | Sun, September 4th | 2011
Subject: Watching A Let's Play Of: DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION
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Tags:#social justice issues: media representa, games: general

A tweet couldn't quite contain what's slapping me in the face. There's a black cop - yay! She's dressed as a whore. Boo! She needs help. She gets the white progtag to do ALL the work for her (some of it, because it's illegal, some of it because it's easier). Then she makes comments about the white male protag's 'cute ass'. Meanwhile, left right and center, there's black gang bangers and latino gang bangers.

But there are white men committing crime. White collar crime; industrial secrets, stealing business supplies etc. The protaganist gets the option to help the white criminal and get him out of trouble.

In the police station, I saw a few black cops; I think they were in uniform. Didn't see that many women, certainly no WoC as detectives and/or the like. The black cop mentioned above is the only major 'good guy' (in quotes for a reason) quest giver. The two other black characters you intitially meet, are not in positions of power. One latino character is both a gang banger and a victim of the larger story quest. But depending on how things are played out, he could die without anyone having a clue.

Meanwhile, there are corrupt cops ALL THE FRACK* OVER (white). And I'm just getting twitchy about the portrayals and how they play into building a foundational expectation of aggression and harm and danger around certain ethnic and gender combinations.

As far as I know, also to show up in this game, will be Triad gangs. My squinty eye, let me show you it. Especially when there's snippets of radio programs and the like all around pondering the nature of humanity. What's human, what's not. And I'm also staring heterosexual representations everywhere (and among the gang bangers a particular flavour of promiscuity - in one case it certain looked like the woman in question was absolute high).

These are the stories our society is telling itself.

Twitchy making.

None of this even getting into the concept of 'augmention' and the in game/in universe issues around privilege and ignorance revolving around that; who gets it why, at what costs, at what long term risks, how. Etc...

*Frick frack, brickabrac.

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Date: 05:22AM | Mon, August 22nd | 2011
Subject: Huh...
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Mood:contemplative contemplative
Tags:games: general, tv

I'm not enjoying Season 1 of HAVEN as much as I've enjoyed what I've seen of Season 2. Why is that? So far my thoughts are; Season 1 keeps flinging itself at me, begging me to like it, taking me by the hand with much spoonfeeding, and the format is monster of the week. Season 2 is where the long arc storyline is further developed, and the characters are established - so perhaps I just like sorting the cues and clues to pick up personality, relationships and the like. I don't want bite size, pre chewed little bits.

In Season 2, I figured out there was low lying chemistry between Aubrey & No Feely Guy. And a frienmy thing going between No Feely Guy and Duke. And that there were possibly also family ties between No Feely Guy & Duke. And there was comfortable flirtation between Duke & Aubrey. And those three are the three amigos meant to be Scoobying it up.

I didn't realize the Brothers Grim were Brothers. I thought old fussy gay couple actually (which in heteronormative tv means lifelong bachelor grumpy old men friends). I think they're the only thing I got pegged wrong (and not so much by).

Do I just generally not like 1st seasons? I think I liked 11th's first series, but then again, while it was a new incarnation it was hardly the first episode or first true season of Dr. Who. So... so indeed.

And this is also pinging me hard where it concerns The Witcher 2. All this fussing about it dropping you in the pool and letting you float, sink or swim. And I liked that so much, I really wished my computer was up to the job.

I keep feeling; Physican Heal Thyself is akin to Writer Know Thyself. And wow, there's a lot of parts of me to know. Things I don't even realize I'm continually expressing or rehashing until someone nods and goes 'yeah, that sounds like something you'd like' or 'yeah, that sounds like it'd annoy you'.

[And yes, sleep schedule still messed the hell up, but tween the rain, the panic attacks, computer issues and the like. I'm just going to be glad I'm breathing and able to feed myself]

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Date: 03:07PM | Mon, May 30th | 2011
Subject: A Thought
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Tags:games: general

I wish it would be clearer in the story/plots of media games that the 'SOMETHING IS COMING / SOMETHING MUST BE DONE' is NOT actually immediate, but rather approaching, approaching faster than the halls of government can handle. And thus your character must journey about and do the things that need doing for the next, oh, I don't know, YEAR or HALF YEAR etc. Rather than the set up being 'THE BRITISH ARE COMING! THE BRITISH ARE COMING' - ooh, antiques, must pick a few of those up, never know when you'll need antiques/metal/ore/extra companions/another sword/food/a treaty/agreement when, THE BRITISH ARE EFFING COMING!!!!'

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Date: 06:03AM | Wed, May 4th | 2011
Subject: I Always Choose Story Anyway....
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Mood:chocolate is mother chocolate is father chocolate is mother chocolate is father
Tags:chocolate distinctions, games: cinematic interactives, games: general

In attempt to relax and calm down, am looking at a LET'S PLAY for Mass Effect 2. Was originally looking at it, because friend was playing early this week and letting me make decisions via online. It was a thing to do, and interesting to get commentary from someone I give quite a b it more than a damn about. The LET'S PLAY style videos is what got me so hyped up last year, I spent, for me, serious money on DAO. Even though I'd been slowly talking myself into waiting for the complete pack with all the downloadable content etc, etc, etc... Now I pout, since I even got frustrated despite enjoying that game and haven't played in months and also never finished.

Mass Effect? ME2 via this LET'S PLAY has taught me the only thing more boring that a video game battle scene, is a scifi futuristic shoot'em up, long distance weapons type battle scene. Just on and on and on. On the one hand, the series I'm watching skips some stuff they consider to take away from the cinematic drama of what they're doing with their LET'S PLAY. So hacking, shopping etc, poof, gone. Whereas for me? 10-20 or MORE minutes of shoot, duck, switch guns, reach for ammo, (I'm guessing here btw, can't make much heads nor tails of the screens and things go pretty fast) shoot shoot, throat punch, repeated phrases and grunts...

Uuuuuugggggggghhhhhhhhhhh. I like story. I like puzzles. And I can handle some day to day minutia; eating, healing, shopping.... But OMG, really? I think the main thing keeping me from gong back to DAO and would keep me from other games, is that I need to work on my 'But.. but...' As in other people think it's cheating to have a kill everyone so I can bloody move on, command code. I'd reached a place of comfort with what I needed to enjoy a game when dealing with DAO. But now I realize, the money I spent on DAO is GONE. It's not coming back. If I ever want to have fun in that place again, I need to just buck up and do it. And for future - no matter what the buzz, I wait for things to cost 10-15$ bucks. Then they'll be my interactive cinematic media.

ESPECIALLY if I can personalize stuff to have PoC leads. Oh hells yeah. I'd pay 15$ to watch space or fantasy epic saga with PoC front and center.

So, when it comes to pre-scripted cgi gaming - I'm not a gamer. I'm a media consumer. I'm good with that.

**looks at time** Was so tired earlier, forced myself awake. Now UP, no idea how I'll keep going really for therapy. But my sleep schedule is messed. I guess Vit B is my wake-up friend and maybe tonight I'll go to sleep regular. End of this week, landlady stops over. I should... tidy or something. If I can pull myself out of this hole to do it. Also tomorrow? Chocolate. Seriously. And people who get in my way are getting stabbed w/ my keys.

PS: One thing that really disturbs me about ME2? There's all this talk about humanity. And well, Jacob's the only 'brown' person I've seen. And I think one civilian somewhere might have been Asian. But on the whole, it's a bunch of white people determining the course of 'humanity', Really everytime they mention 'humanity' I feel othered. Makes me wonder where the hell Jacob even came from. Other crew, random humans on stations, Miranda, the iMan; white mcwhite bread white. With Miranda having a scifi 'patriarchy' problem and apparently no intersections. If it turns out, however, the coloration was all the player's choice... though as far as I know, ME's engine doesn't allow for customization for random backgrounders and team members etc.

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Date: 01:02PM | Sun, July 18th | 2010
Subject: Note To Self
Security: Public
Mood:aggravated aggravated
Tags:#race issues: visual media, games: dao, games: general

No matter how excited I get/got about mods, and the possibility of having a'party' of all brown folk (which I think is why I've been chewing thoughts on DAO lately). Checking out the bioware forums will only hurt me.

Hurt #1 - A Black Sten, titled 'ANOTHER Black Sten'. Wherein the images for the character were called Mugshot Night. Mughshot Day. In His Cage.*

Hurt #2 - Browsing character creation threads, and someone actually did a WoC! Only to have a comment to her say 'OMG! Usually I can't stand PUFFY LIPS but your girl actually looks pretty!'

I think, no matter how I try to change it - I just hate people on principle. And perhaps there's not much wrong with being misanthropic/ having misanthropic views.

[* None of this helps with how I felt when I heard about the Quinari and saw the 'Black Man Tank' in the trailers for the game - no matter how he turned out in the game itself. I suppose it's something that the possibility of an all brown party -still- excites me.]

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Date: 10:40AM | Sun, July 18th | 2010
Subject: More Wrapping My Brain Around Game (DAO in particular) Concepts
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Mood:ignoring hormones - determined ignoring hormones - determined
Tags:games: dao, games: general

I've no idea why my brain's tussling with this stuff now. I hadn't thought of the game in months. But it is, and I'll write out my rambling.

Cut for the potentially boring )

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Date: 08:09AM | Sat, July 17th | 2010
Subject: Some Rambling / Dragon Age Origins
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Mood:thoughtful thoughtful
Tags:games: dao, games: general

So I started one walkthrough not realizing it was never completed and then I tried another and - long story short, I'm trying not to go through all the possible new stuff should I buy the game.

However I do have this little thing that's been nibbling at me. Basically, has anyone else (someone who's looked at walkthroughs or played the game) had the thought that DA:O is a bit like The Lord Of The Rings meets Legends of The Fallen Angels?

Cast out from heaven, banished to earth, running around with burning hearts of vengeance and a desire to do evil. Does this make DA:O's Trolls, the giant offspring of the fallen + man?

Facepalm Realizations )

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Date: 11:02AM | Fri, July 16th | 2010
Subject: DA:O, Video Gaming & Me
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Tags:games: dao, games: general

Dear Fellows (as in my dear friends and acquaintances, not preference for gender),

Those of you who game, can you tell me just why there must be scene after scene of dressed up dungeon crawling? I'm watching a walk-through of Dragon:Age Origins (noble dwarf) and while I do enjoy the story-line and for the most part did not grow bored with - point A to B, with protect people/kill darkpawn. There's a section involving the Fade I find very monotonous.

I'm left thinking it was put in just to kill time/add hours and possible, maybe offer an opportunity to level up. It's the first time in the video walkthrough that I fast fwd through fights. And now I'm skipping whole 10 min sections.

Are all games like this? Corridor after brown corridor with the same grouping of enemies to defeat? And then the fight's over, and you leave the room to go down another corridor and open another door? I mean I thought Yahtzee was at least exaggerating a little for comedic effect!

In the main story-line, at least, it felt like there was a purpose to things; cleaning out and establishing safe zones in particular buildings, in order to get to a goal. Or maybe it was a goal I was invested in, whereas while I know the goal now, I just want it all over with so the story can continue. Yes, I think that's it. This side bit seems to have no relation to the over all story at all. It's doing nothing to invoke my imagination. And omg the horrid horrid brown! This is the world of the spirits?

Hmm, it's almost like the cut scenes in the main story part were little treats I could imagine having to hack and slash towards and without them, it's just a lot of mindlessness.

I wish I knew what it was that would consistently keep my interest. I feel rather as if I'm a non-gamer trying to force myself. While at the same time feeling like there's so much I'd love to explore in the games, if only there weren't long sections of (grinding) nothing.

I do understand, btw that different people have different things that appeal to them. I love the pause aspect as displayed in combat - because it feels as if it's so much more than just mashing a bunch of commands or in my case wanting to scream and give up because my brain doesn't track virtual reality that fast - or rather I keep wanting to be logical, methodical and determined and the game seems to invoke 'swing, slash wildly and hope for the best!'

Oh yes, and the group combat aspect is currently gone. More ugh. So 6 going onto 7 hours into it, DA:O will apparently bore me into no longer caring about the ending. If we add say, 2 hrs per, for the other 5 origin aspects. That's 16-17 hours of enjoyment before I'll want to quit, or slow down considerably for slogging through in hope of more interesting bits later.

Yup. It definitely needs to be cheaper.

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