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Date: 09:05AM | Fri, March 9th | 2012
Subject: So I Know The End Of ME3
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While looking up something else, I stumbled across it. Said WTF, and looked into it more. And I'm... not happy. Not spoiling anyway. I, just personally, am not happy with it. But I also read something before then that REALLY pissed me off about one of my fav characters. So I'm aware that might be colouring things, a little bit. But seriously? Right now? WTF is that?

Undoubtedly, though, there will be people who like it. And for me, it's just yet another case of; not the story I thought was being told/not the story I wanted. Blah blah blehhh.

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Date: 08:56PM | Tue, March 6th | 2012
Subject: ETA: My/More Mass Effect Thoughts
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Bore people? Maybe. But I did miss some stuff )

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Date: 07:48PM | Mon, March 5th | 2012
Subject: Belated Mass Effect Thought
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Tags:games: mass effect

Well, actually, I've had this thought before, I think this is a more fleshed out version; enough to prick me to write it out. How is it, Shepard becomes a Spectre and has to go doing odd jobs, to buy the equipment needed to stop Saren, etc? I can understand doing odd jobs in ME2, because yeah, supplementing whatever budget is given to you under those circumstances, wanting things they can't say their money was funnelled towards, wanting control; that makes storytelling sense to me. But in ME1? It just seems like game mechanics; this is the way things are done/ this is the way we do things / this is the way we have to do things, to have someone like a Spectre doing odd jobs for other people, to earn enough money to buy weaponry or see to their ship, etc.

I mean, Spectres walk the line so close already, does it really make sense to encourage them in Mercenary work? Are they Intergalactic Ravenwood? Or are they Intergalatic MI - it's not 6 is it, 4? 11? Eh, my point, Protected Service/Secret Service Military w/ Missions. An action arm of a government, or free enterprise guns for hire - that's my point.

Then again, maybe the point is that the whole system is very badly thought out in the first place?

This isn't related to the wtf mercenary thought I had, but it did come up in conversation last week; how the more I see little clips, read up on Mass Effect, the more, well, I can tell white people wrote this. Clueless white people, who tend to ignore or censor-edit history for their own purposes. Cause hot fuzz damn, that whole scenario...

For those who y'know would consider this all spoilers )

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Date: 07:55PM | Sat, February 18th | 2012
Subject: Stumbled Over Let's Play Demos of ME3
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Tags:games: mass effect, genre: space opera

I'd forgotten the demo was going to be out uhm, sometime this past week I think it was. So that was a surprise. Watched it. Sighed, cause I doubt it'd ever be that crisp on my computer - mostly cause my computer is an appliance, not a gaming machine and a long term appliance at that, heaven bless it. And my love of mods and fandom tweaking a game, like fanfiction for a story. I doubt I could ever be satisfied just spending 200 bucks on a console and chilling. Too many half naked women, not enough African Descended natural hair, not even African Descended people in the first place. But....

Jane Shep's lipstick is black cherry and my gaze kept going there. It made me sigh. Also apparently she's the only one to get freckles. WTH? Again w/ the need for mods. The story is as intriguing as ever, but I'm reminded again that I should really investigate visual novels. Because I get really bored by the third wave, of the 1st instance of 'enemies approaching'. I am not a soldier, I do not want to experience the aggravation of 'how many more people do I have to kill!'.

My other thoughts? They're a conflicted mesh of wondering why the Krogan female looks like she's wearing niquab. And the twitches it gave me, talk about 'save the female, protect the female' and 'Wrex and fertile females'. I already find the decision to 'not' show female versions of the speices in prior games to be full of bs and resulting in a lot of 'Oh sure, Salarian females run the show... at home!' / 'Oh sure, Krogan females have their pick! Which is why they stay on the homeworld!'. It's a lot of twitchy 'women in the kitchen' stuff. And now with an actual female member of the Krogan race as some kind of bargaining chip/hostage/something, so... twitchy. Also, there's a bullshit Anita Blake moment involved there that just screamed to me 'Male Programmers Thinking They're Writing A Strong Woman And Getting It ALL Wrong'.

I think I have a particular twitchiness to any species coded as 'Strong, Tough, Female'. There's something within that coding that's very much 'Strong PoC Female Doesn't Need No Help Or No Man' that just... I can't explain it any better. But the Krogan female pings it sharply in a way that hurts.

The good news for me, is that should I, once upon a time in the future, buy this game, Liara is really a child who grows into womanhood and thus becomes less annoying. And I squee at the possibility of that. Also? Garrus is the Hotness. No really. NO. REALLY. The scarred, scarred, hotness.

And... new dude looks annoying and I'm already wishing it was possible to change and switch faces on ME w/o doing contortions cause, whoa.

Heh, ME needs to be a choose your own adventure interactive 1) visual novel b) book and I would totally be there. Truthfully, if games just gave options for queer romance and more options to be poc, I wouldn't need mods so badly to enjoy the story. And I'd deal w/ my boredom at the shoot, no shoot again, no shoot some more, yo, yonder, yet some more enemis to shoot.

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Date: 08:41PM | Sun, October 30th | 2011
Subject: Oh!
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Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:#social justice issues, games: mass effect, personal is political, thinky thoughts

So I was watching the story of Mass Effect (minus the fighting etc) and the playthrough was Paragon (by the looks of it) and it irritated me SO DAMN MUCH. In describing it to a friend I realized what it is that bothers me, what I see, possibly because I'm a WoC with many other ism intersections. In the Paragon Path, Shepard has to be 3, 4 times better than anyone else, has to win and save the day, while never being believed, always being questioned, and on that path, also saves the Council. But the ending, really rubbed it in for me. At the end Humanity gets accepted to and given a seat on the Intergalactic Governing Council. And there it is; the model minorityness of it all the myth that stepping and fetching and following the rules, living within stricture, will lead to accomplishment and meritocracy winning out over institutionalized isms.

It's the whole nobility and leadership is in the blood. Mandate from heaven. Show your mandate from heaven in your actions and it will be recognized and you will be let into the club and handed things due you because of your exemplary nature. But the things due are basic respect. Privilege creates a system, where the ability to NOT be seen within the constant frameworks of stereotypes of your class, ethnicity, species, race, gender, ability status, what have you and being taken as an individual is a thing to be EARNED IN THE EYES OF THOSE WITHHOLDING SAME FROM YOU.

Gah, no wonder I can't stand stories where some peasant farm hand is automatically the best and right king or ruler due to BLOOD and not knowledge of political and economic systems and a quick mind and many well trusted advisor.

But still, if someone has the answer to this bullshit, I want to know. Tell me. HOW DOES ONE EARN THEIR WAY OUT OF OPPRESSION? When having you under their foot, and in their control gives someone else power and benefit, how do you become so exemplary, nay, how do you prove your entire SECT to be so exemplary, that those individuals GIVE UP their power and benefit and treat you as an equal.

I maintain it's bloody impossible. That it's a logical fallacy.

All the system does is allow individuals to prove they are willing to put everyone else under their boot, and on THOSE MERITS, be given limited acceptance into the club holding the power. Which is not equality, not even an equality for one. It's totally buying into the system, agreeing with it and claiming that everyone who isn't in the club, deserves to be where they are, because they don't have the whatever to keep others under the boot.

ETA: Maybe the fact that the storytelling goes along these lines is the true demarcation of why Bioware's Dragon Age writers are attempting (though often not very well) to address social justice issues and why Mass Effect has a supposedly ambiguous but very white looking male as their canon lead. Because white, cis, hetero, able bodied males can always show their exemplary status. Yes? But that would be giving the DA writers too much credit, I think.

PPS: I also think it's __ something, that the meritocracy myth ends bare seconds after the Council gives humanity a seat. There should undoubtedly be a list of qualified applicants for such a role, it shouldn't just be Udina alone or Udina vs Anderson. Instead, one individual, gives a hand into the 'club' for another individual and I'm left rolling my eyes. While at the same time pndering what I'll see about how the Elcor and Volus treat and are treated by humans after such a leap, bump, skip.

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