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Date: 06:12PM | Sat, November 19th | 2011
Subject: I Don't Get Tumblr
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Tags:about me, internet_fail, stuff

And this fact actually makes me sad. It feels like the conversations I used to follow and sometimes even be a part of, have moved to tumblr. But everytime I look at Tumblr (after attempting to set up an account, becoming thoroughly confused and hating it) I get this weird feeling in my stomach. All my feelings of that frustration come back and added to it are all these thoughts of 'Who owns your words on tumblr?' and 'How do you control your space'? Of course, given that I couldn't understand the... dashbord?, how would I fathom controlling the space.

I hesitate to stick my nose back in there though, even though I want to puddle around the conversation. Cause man, I loathe feeling as if, on my worse brain says, I wouldn't be able to even poke a stick at what is a medium of communication.

Then again, maybe the conversatons would stress me out, give me a headache, and it's a good thing I have one less medium to try and filter into my information streamload.

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Date: 01:14PM | Mon, November 14th | 2011
Subject: Note To Self
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Tags:internet_fail, note to self, things i loathe

I went back to using Google Images (encrypted this time, however), instead of BING, because you can't spit, but bing wants to show you naked pictures. And when the most innocuous things shows you porn, penis and beastiality (something something, puppies, something smething ponies), then going back to a place for images that won't show me porn/as me to turn off the filter cause asian models/asian women = porn, is the right sensible thing to do.

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Date: 10:52AM | Tue, September 27th | 2011
Subject: New Delicious! Full Of BORK & FAIL :(
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Tags:internet_fail, wth?

I stopped using Delicious ages ago (back when it was and the name was the most fun part to me). I found the user interface confusing; I didn't get the culture. Lots of stuff. When the mentions went 'round about the loss to fandom if one didn't transfer over one's account; I read the TOS and PP and flicked the switch. But I was so unused to Delicious - I didn't realize all my links were private and had been private and unused for YEARS. I have public lists for other things; but even though those accounts were transferred over to AVOS - I also haven't used them in YEARS. I used SIMPY. And then, without warning, without notice, SIMPY went away. And I said eff it, and started putting important things in my browser bookmarker or making old school lists on a note editor.

But Delicious did work for other people and worked well. In fact, part of the reason I gave a dam about 'fandom' losing link access, had less to do with 'fandom' and more with individuals. I remembered times I'd been sent info via Delicious. In memory of that, I switched over. Now it seems via this post by Renay@Dreamwith, that the new owners got Delicious even less than I did! I haven't even finished reading her criticisms, I plugged in the URL, went to take a look, and well, I find the interface even MORE confusing; and I admit even though I did my best to make a conscious decision; I feel duped. I feel like the whole point was for them to try and get consumer information out of me as an account holder and that's what they're hoping to get from future account holders; tracking tracking tracking. And who gives a damn about usibility.

I can't even FIND my tags. They're not under or over or near my links, they're not accessible via edit. And up to what I'd read at the link above, seems to hint they just said 'TO HELL WITH YOUR TAGS; Welcome to OUR STACKS - of which you can only have 10.

I'm not subscribed to anyone. I am ALWAYS subscribed to ZviLikesTv. At the very least. But, not anymore.

And there's images everywhere; or at least I think there are; I use RequestPolicy and don't give permission access lightly. What the heck do pictures have to do with a link library? There are already sites and systems for VISUAL libraries (links or no links).

Media Fandom, specifically visual media fandom really had a bedrock in Delicious; it was another way to fan. But even I knew there were computer and tech geeks there, authors in public and private personas, university research list with detailed tags and the like. Now there's... userpics. And some shadowy-fudgy stuff about pseuds.

I have a cup of tea for you Delicious users, really I do.

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