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Date: 01:06AM | Tue, August 23rd | 2011
Subject: Well That Was Something...
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All that calling about on Mon; UPS, Amazon - and being told I had to find a UPS box. And a UPS driver still showed up at my door last afternoon WITH the label, just as the return process said. So there's a whole lot of not knowing wtf is going on with clients or their own processes. But that's an extra load off my mind.

A vacuum also arrived, so there might be a chance for me to give the place a good going over before my mother semi-unexpectedly arrives. That way my sibs can at least use the bathroom.

Meanwhile I contemplate if I'm still allergic to eggs after all and haven't been noticing. It's seriously too easy for me to think certain pains are related to ladythings.

ETA/NTS: Is it psychosomatic I'm having itchy ears now? Or no, had it before too and just didn't think about it. Too damn easy to lapse into some things seeming 'normal' even when they aren't. More ETA: Recent skin itchy may NOT have been the thunderstorm at ALL. Effdoubledamn!

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