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Date: 06:02PM | Thu, May 14th | 2009
Subject: One Of The Coolest Things EVER!
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Tags:cat adventures, knitting is awesome, willow's warren

A tote bag knitted out of PLASTIC BAGS. Yes, you heard me. PLASTIC BAG KNITTING!

It's recycling and knitting at the same time!

And yes, I am not a knitter. Put my fingers in all those weird positions - what for? No. I'd rather enable other folks by buying yarn and making the big puppy eyes to get something made for me.

In other news, something I forgot to mention about -the apt being cleaned-. The carpet shampoo guy? He claimed to have vacuumed up 4 pounds of cat hair. And there was still some left! He was supposed to have come over to clean that bit up, never did, and the cleaners got it instead.

Which boiled down to my landlady apparently going 'THE HELL?!' (her cats are short haired) and going right out and buying a BISSEL PET HAIR VACUUM. The thing looks like it came from space. I've yet to take off the signage and use it.

Anyway, apparently I have my own sheep. I used to collect her hair, honestly, back in the beginning when she was wee and I pondered making my own yarn. Then I lost the impulse. Now I'm pondering it again. You would not believe the hair I've thrown away in just the two days since the vacuuming.

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