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Date: 11:06AM | Wed, May 25th | 2011
Subject: Remember Ms Bossy Pants?
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At the library? Who has issues with me waiting my turn at the side and not going through the turnstile? Well she'd looked at a book I had, and put it UNDER the desk, aka under where the computer and keyboard are. At the time I hadn't thought -too- much about it, except to wonder why she hadn't put the other interlibrary loan books there too. Well THAT book is MISSING. I distinctly remember it, white with a green band at the bottom. An allergy book for kids and food which turned out not to suit my needs. This, way back in April. Well... here it is fricking MAY and the book is in the system as belonging to me and being with me, despite the fact I turned it in.

Just called the Central Library, told them what was up. They're going to call me back. But I'm getting ready to leave the house in a bit for therapy so I don't know. Not looking too forward to being out of touch. Not looking too forward to possibly strolling back to that place with Ms. Unpleasantness and asking 'Where the hell is my book?'

Except that might not do any good - just got the phone-call back (Shirley) and it's going to take a couple DAYS for them to check and see where the heck this book is. And yeah, now I'm upset. I'm told that any fees accrued will be dismissed once the book is found. But geeze damn stomach-stab - wtf is that woman at that local branch playing at? How will this affect my ability to continue to borrow books? Is there a notation being made? I'll have to ask when I'm there that a notation IS made, cause eff, damn, stomach-stab.

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