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Date: 01:44PM | Sat, July 28th | 2012
Subject: Haven't Seen TDKR, but am very confused
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Tags:lil help?

Can someone who's seen 'The Dark Knight Rises' Movie, and who knows non-movieverse aka graphic novels, comics and prose novels - let me know the scenario involved in the movie is a Nolan spin on NML?

I'm listening to a review with spoilers and right now I'm very surprised not one of them has mentioned any similarities - not even the premise of No Man's Land. They mention Knight Falls, but not NML - it's a little, bzhuah?

Anyway, I'm not planning to see the movie for -well, significant ages. DK was an interesting movie, a good summer movie. A good super hero movie, even. And I liked the character development of B, J and T. But it didn't feel like a Batman movie to me all the same. So I'm not in a rush to see this last one.

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Date: 12:27AM | Fri, June 1st | 2012
Subject: So Twitter's Done Something. Again
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Tags:lil help?, online: keeping in touch, online: support network, online:life

First my new tweets weren't loading. So I started checking my scripts, only to discover that some just aren't working anymore. Either I keep the ones I have, or I delete them - but not more editing; adding colours etc. But Tweetdeck looks dark and confusing. Hotot actually looks interesting; but it's apparently very unstable on windows systems. Does anyone know of any others?

What I'd like:

Ability to have simple stream (I don't like a lot of confusion and clutter)
Ability to colour code people I follow (for easy identification)
Ability to choose font, and width of tweets (for easy reading)

Things that I do not enjoy:
A whole bunch of multiple columns.
No control over when I see new tweets (aka them just popping up)
Dark colours
Multiple sets of information coming at me at once.

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Date: 01:34AM | Sat, May 12th | 2012
Subject: Recc Me Sucky Books!
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Mood:indescribable indescribable
Tags:lil help?, therapy / therapy day

Early arse morning in the middle of the night, world. My nap; my nap turned into 'knock out'. But here I am. Up! And with a request. Could you recc me some really, truly, sucky books? Nothing that sucks because of isms, lack of diversity representation, or because they did something awful with sex or the like. But just, sucky. Just, WTF IS THIS SHITE, sucky/ HOW DID THIS GET PUBLISHED, what?!

I'm following a course of action suggested by my therapist. I'll let you know btw, if it helps. So, books where I will not be even remotely invested. Books where perhaps, I will not be moved to give even the smallest crap. Maybe even textbooks! During our conversation, I floated the possibility of books on cars; if you know of any? Point me to them? I'd appreciate it.

I'm not sure if fanfic would work the same way. I guess it'd have to be for a show I'd never give a damn about one way or another; and where both the show and the fans aren't indulging in some kind of ism. To me that seems very unlikely - and then there's still, unless it's gen, going to be sexual/sexual attraction things going on.

I know I've asked for reccs before, privately/personally for good safe for me books. This is a completely different tact. If you're afraid to publicly say 'I found this book crap' - then NO FEAR. All comments will be screened! I have to admit, I'm too paranoid to take a recc from an unsigned anonymous comment post. But all comments are screened. So point me to the boring? The badly formed; keeping in mind my parameters of no isms and not having to deal with sex/sexual attraction stuff.

Who-ever thought you'd get to recc text books? I know some of you know some proper boring, crappy textbooks. The kind of things that if they were written about making toys - even Santa Claus would not be able to finish them.

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Date: 04:38PM | Sun, January 1st | 2012
Subject: Note To The 2012 World
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Tags:lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

If you're near an Ikea? I'd grately appreciate you picking up a container of Elderflower Concentrate for me. Pretty. Pretty. Please. It's something that can only be picked up at a store; it's a day trip for me to get to said store, especially if tis just for one or even two bottles. And the price to quality ration is exceptional.

ETA: In case you hadn't guessed, had elderflower syrup w/ soda this past Chrismtas, also elderflower liquier. So so scrumptious. I never knew. I never. knew.

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Date: 03:26AM | Thu, November 3rd | 2011
Subject: Does anyone have any suggestions...?
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Mood:-- --
Tags:lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

On international long distance calling cards? Doesn't seem to be any with reasonable rates and just a connection fee. To me, maintenance fee every 2 weeks or every week - looks to eat into your bought time like whoa if you use the card for more than one call. Is it better to see if anyone in my area sells physical cards rather than pick up an emailed card? Anyone know?

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Date: 07:11AM | Tue, October 4th | 2011
Subject: Obi-brain-flist-kenobi
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Mood:awake - I think awake - I think
Tags:lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

How would one go about looking for a Leverage / Hustle crossover fic in AO3? Or anywhere else for that matter? Though I admit, even though I'm convinced it must exist, I'm not sure I'll like if if I do find it; ismis, writing style, etc... Also, peeping at the AO3 stumbled me over Nathan/Elliot which is just so effing wrong and NO. And seriously have you noticed how often he and Hardison hug? And how Nate's just that old bugger with the planning? Seriously, what? Ugh. Anyway, feeling somewhat bruised at the sight of that.

Yes, blah blah your pairings, my pairings whatever. But what chemistry is even supposed to be there? And how does that not mess up team dynamics if it's all hate canoodling all the time? Just ugh.

Obvously my brain's been demanding heist programming (are there heist books? Are they any good?) And well I've run out of Leverage - I actually put up with Nate because OMG, I do really adore the Parker, Hardison, Elliot Show; guest starring Sophie Deveraux.

Haven't watched those eps yet, but am aware HUSTLE goes to the US at some point. And we know on occasion the folks from Leverage go to the UK and Sophie would know all the players.

If anyone ever wants to write me presentfic....

I'd especially like a fic where Mickey Bricks is doing; angsty hero leader of the gang, and Elliot says "He's just like Nate. But less irritating."

Anyway... Heists, preferably on evil mogul sons of filthy lucre.

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Date: 12:03PM | Tue, August 23rd | 2011
Subject: Tap. Tap Tap. Ahem. Taaaaap.
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Mood:weak weak
Tags:about me, lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

Dear World (ahem, the few people who bother to click and come over here)

I am recovering from the panic and stress of not having had computer access for a week, during which with my routine disturbed I forgot to take some needed medication and am now well, dealing with that. I have caught up on 11th Doctor Who and Haven and well, I need comfort_distraction as food isn't much of an option for me. It's all self scratch in the kitchen these days with no take-away or delivery. And most of the rest, well, not good for me.

The thought of picking up a book unrecced makes me itchy nose and eyes close to tears. I stare with a kind of awe at people who continue to read authors or works with huge chunks of absences or phobic comments or any of that. Because I just - it makes me twitchy in the head.

So suggestions would be nice. This is me asking for help. Because too much thinking and sorting on my own is liable to stretch out my already stretched brain; which is needed for cooking for myself and cleaning the house so I don't drown in fur balls and/or dirty dishes.

This is the point wherein my thoughts have petered out. But media of some sort? Non hurty media? I may be able to hold for a while by rewatching The 12 Kingdoms/Junni Kokki. But Moribito WILL make me bust out the tears and overwhelming emotion is not the righteous right now.

Oh PS: I've been making w/ the phone call errands and stuff. All important and busy like, dealing w/ stuff. I'm guessing that's part of the brain porridge as well.

PPS: I may try the LOTR DVD Extra, but am wary, since I've had a recent 'spork' reaction to things tolkien. But I just had the mental image of Zvi reminding me to crack them out, so they're going on top the tv to remind me. Oh... geeze. I could totally watch them ON the computer, couldn't I. **ponders this**

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Date: 06:54AM | Sun, July 10th | 2011
Subject: Mass Effect Question
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Tags:games: cinematic interactives, lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

Going to bed shortly. In pain. Agitated. Mother and siblings supposed to visit today, briefly. OMFG, I can't even. Anyway. Mass Effect (1). That thing involving the Consort, Spoilers & Personal Upset )

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Date: 01:26AM | Mon, June 13th | 2011
Subject: Hey;
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Tags:fanfiction, lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

Is Rizzolii and Isles (tv series) the Lesbian version of The Sentinel? Is there fic? Would it make me tear my hair out by focusing solely on the lives two white women in an all white town? Cause I've seen a couple of episodes (including groaning through and flicking back and forth the 'lesbian episode') and I admit I get the same feeling with them that I did with Jim and Blair of 'But aren't they already together? Why do they keep trying to stick love interests in there?'

I saw this banner and damn near thought it was the real deal. Also? I agree with a comment I saw that said 'I've never seen any two straight women ever have this much chemistry - and that's because two women with this much chemistry are called LESBIANS'.

And I admit, Isles as the long lost daughter of an Irish Mob type, and Rizzoli as a possible 'But when are you gong to get married and have with the babies' put upon Italian Lesbian daughter of an Italian Mother seems like uhm, not peanut butter and jelly since peanuts seem no longer my friend - but chocolate and chocolate :p

Anyway, before I go even sniffing around Ao3, perhaps there's an author someone might want to recc who won't make me scream? Jim and Blaire fic can get away with a lot, cause there's Simon and Joel and Henry and most people seem to remember Cascade was pretty damn multiethnic. And of course Peru pops up all over. (and I do a lot of sighing sometimes, cause I love Sentinel despite all the appropriations).

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Date: 03:25PM | Tue, November 23rd | 2010
Subject: Ow.
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Tags:about my siblings, lil help?, misty water coloured futures, obi-flist-kenobi

My sister wrote me and said: If the night is always darkest before the dawn, then well I EXPECT TO BE BLINDED when that elusive snake of a dawn shows its head..

And I want to cry, because history shouldn't repeat itself, damnit. Though I admit, while I am still looking for that bright sun, I have lived, luckily, with a brighter blue sky and the merest hint of possible pink on the horizon for a few years.

If anyone has suggestions on coping for a 13 yr old girl, who's even having trouble escaping into books these days - I'd appreciate it.

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Date: 08:42AM | Sun, November 7th | 2010
Subject: Oh Spirits of Obiflistkenobi....
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Tags:lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

Does anyone have good recommendations for a humidifier? I am in desperate need of one - having finally found and cleaned mine, only to discover it is no longer working. isn't very helpful and well, I'm well aware that the further we go into the future, the cheaper and crappier American made products are due to built in obsolescence.

All suggestions very welcome. I grew up with the warm air options, have experienced the cool air options (in winter even) but currently am not leaning towards a particular. I don't want to spend above $50 - because even if *you* bought yours 10 years ago for more than that and it is still going strong - there's been plenty of time to cut quality control in the meantime.

If someone paid a reasonable price and have had something for about a year - that would be best. But again, all suggestions welcome, including if you know ways to just have a big bowl of water by the bedside and have that work.

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Date: 11:51PM | Wed, November 11th | 2009
Subject: Obi-flist-kenobi; Monitors
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Tags:computer adventures, lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

Ok, my brain is just way too exhausted to do as much research as I'd like. So flist, is anyone on here techy? I need to buy a new monitor and I'm thinking of a refurbished widescreen gateway lcd (and getting a two year replacement warranty). I currently use a crt monitor, set to 120 dpi and there's a cat in the house, so there's some worry of sneaky desktop investigating while I'm asleep; there's been mention of a wobbly stand on the gateway.

Good, bad, indifferent?

I hadn't originally wanted a wide screen, mostly because I do other things besides watch movies on my screen. But right now I'll take what I can get at decent pricing.

I'm also hesitating because quick searching did bring up that people who'd been having similar visual problems as myself with lower dpi's are fanswooning over 1600x1200 resolution in 120dpi. The above mentioned gateway? 1440 x 900. I've no experience, really (a few moments on my local library's newest setup is the only thing that comes to mind) with anything bigger than 1024x768.

I'd really like insight on the difference, since if I stick to refurbished monitors, the difference is likely to be only $10 more.

I want to do right by my eyes.

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Date: 08:10PM | Sat, September 12th | 2009
Subject: Obi Flist Kenobi - Question
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Tags:lil help?, obi-flist-kenobi

DragonMoon Press.

I know I came across the name recently but I cannot remember in what context. My first instinct is that it had something to do with RaceFail. But I want to know for sure before I scratch them off my 'possible things to read list'.

Anyone else have a clue?

ETA: While I'm asking for help. Anyone has access to Fast Lane Episodes with the original music?!

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Date: 03:36PM | Thu, February 21st | 2008
Subject: Jumbled Thoughts On Art
Security: Public
Tags:about art, lil help?, poc: culture, question everything

I like Thomas Blackshear's work, specifically his figurines. I think I've finally figured out that I am not a photo person, which is why I don't enjoy photographs in frames around my living space. I like 3d objects that trigger memories.

I'm the sort of person who'd want a box of smells, or who'd press a flower and frame it. I finally realize this now.

Of course it will be a while before I can ever afford Thomas Blackshear's work and a suitable case to have in my 'office' where the cat can't get near them and break them with overly enthusiasctic sniffing, rubbing and pouncing.

Mr. Blackshear's Ebony Visions have been incredibly inspiring to me as a visual cue as to where to take my writing now that I've battled and won my previously internalized 'SciFi/Fantasy is for the White Guys'.

I've started added images to my icons, along with images from Frank Morrison.

In researching/surfing/realizing this I started looking for artwork from other areas also for inspiration. And that's when I realized I have no idea what search terms to use to find modern sculpture/figurines from Asia.

Inputing Japanese , Chinese or Taiwanese sculpture got me lovely stuff from ages upon ages ago. But I don't want anthrpologically important bits of statuary.

Input Asian Art and there are all these stores that want to sell you water colours of misty mountains and bamboo, or china dolls. I found something mentioning Batik and Southern China and there were some lovely for sale pieces. And I'm going to further research Batik, because growing up in the Caribbean, I'd always thought it was African. So now I have something to learn.

But I feel uncomfortable using the work of anonymous Southern Chinese women in my icons without being able to give specific credit. And also, I just feel uncomfortable with some of the art and the nagging suspicion that they're creating what they've been told will sell.

I don't have a problem with people making money and if 'Chinese Peasant Paintings' make money, then so be it. But I am curious about art that comes from the artists and their pov and their culture and history that's not about exoticizing to feed the family.

Every time I've found something it's been couched in terms of 'Exotic' and it focuses on Samurai or Hindu Gods or Geisha Dolls or 'Look at what these people did back in the day' with the sub-current of 'before they got right and westernized'.

I had to pause and give myself a nice forty minutes or so of reviewing Japanese Modern Architecture (of which I do know some search terms) in order to calm down.

I know that these modern artists exist. I know someone online who does curating work in Signapore and coordinates with various other countries in the region. I may very well end up asking her a bunch of questions. But I'm still wondering if I'm viewing what I've found from the wrong perspective or if I'm missing some crucial/fundamental search terms to enable me to find things on my own.

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Date: 05:27PM | Sun, February 3rd | 2008
Subject: So anyone know...?
Security: Public
Tags:#sexuality issues: the erotic, lil help?

Talking About Sex Things: Namely Search For Erotica )

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Date: 12:04PM | Mon, January 28th | 2008
Subject: *rocks back and forth*
Security: Public
Mood:needing comfort needing comfort
Tags:lil help?

Does anyone know how to get torrents off's streaming shows? Or if Daybreak is available via torrents? Or knows how to look via torrent searches?

I need to burn that to disk (they're not ever putting it out on dvd, are they). I need to hug that and hold it, the way I hold Batman Begins and Juuni Kokki.

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Date: 12:41PM | Fri, January 11th | 2008
Subject: grumble snarl, kick things put a sign for help
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?

Someone on my flist in either December or November linked to a story writing software page. Between ebay making me clear my flipping cache and a lost session, I no longer have any idea what that software was.

I think it began with S.

The page linked leg to a file showing all the things it could do. There was a pin up board with seeming index cards and what seemed like a screen cap showing a place to follow story arcs....

The link lead to a page with several screen caps.

Does anyone have a clue?

I think [info]rexluscus was talking about how she recced it to someone, but I am no longer certain it was her - mostly because in my current state I can't find a mention on her lj.


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Date: 12:48PM | Sun, December 9th | 2007
Subject: Flistkenobi
Security: Public
Mood:anxious over committment anxious over committment
Tags:lil help?

I just took the plunge and went "permanently insane". Thank you again for the coupon [info]dragovianknight.

Does anyone know what happens if you'd previously had paid time? Do you get to donate it anywhere? Because [info]dmitchell1985 got me 6 months paid time for my 07 wishlist and I'd like to donate it to either another journal I have or to someone else.

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Date: 04:19PM | Tue, November 27th | 2007
Subject: Firewall / Antivirus Programs
Security: Public
Mood:aggravated aggravated
Tags:about my mother, lil help?

Does anyone know of an easy/peazy as in 'for dummies' firewall and or antivirus?

I use Comodo and I put it on my mother's computer. But the alerts intimidate her and she's been blocking anything it decides is suspicious - which isn't really helpful as Comodo defines as suspicious any previously used program that has a regular update. It finds AVG antivirus suspicious sometimes.

So does anyone know of something easier?

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Date: 04:19PM | Sat, November 10th | 2007
Subject: lil' help? Oh Flist Kenobi?
Security: Public
Mood:huh? huh?
Tags:lil help?, online: general & misc, online: life, power rangers: in space, power rangers: lost galaxy

Dear Flist,

Would someone be so kind as to explain Torrent to me?

I would like to seed Junni Kokki.

I would like to get: Power Rangers The Album: A Rock Opera

I would like to get: Power Rangers In Space

I would like to get: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

Also I've heard things, about comics.

Please note that I have honestly tried reading information regarding uTorrent. But it made no sense. I kept having the feeling they were starting from an assumed point of knowledge. And my assumed point of knowledge was/is lacking, very lacking. It's lacking like a month and a half ago when I didn't know what a 20 sided die was for. Like seriously lacking. Lacking as in the opposite of my love of Jason David Frank, which can only be measured in Kitawatts. That is, the unit of measurement that denotes how much Kita0610 loves Vincent Kartheiser / James Marsters and David Boreanaz. (Which can now be referred to as Willowatts, as in how much Willow (me) loves Jason David Frank, aka Tommy Oliver from Power Rangers)

PS: Zvi aka Witchqueen can attest to my eardrum bursting, gonna start a fight for mocking squee and burning, enduring love.

PPS: Ten years from now someone is going to ask their parent where the term Flist Kenobi came from and boy isn't that going to be an interesting intersectionality of pop culture conversation.

Son of PS & PPS: My Fav Power Rangers (in order of love) Tommy, TJ, Andros, Adam, Carlos, "Ashley & Cassie", Karone.

Karone as Andromeda made my second favourite villain. The first being, of course, Tommy.

"Ashley & Cassie" are combined because I love them as a friendship pair. Especially because they'd have conversations that had nothing to do with boys and everything to do with their friendship.

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Date: 04:52AM | Wed, October 17th | 2007
Subject: iJay wth?
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?

Does anyone know why iJay suddenly stopped accepting my cookies and letting me stay logged in to post (thus being able to choose icons)?

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Date: 03:44PM | Sat, October 13th | 2007
Subject: Once Again I Ask For Help
Security: Public
Tags:about family, lil help?, siblings

Anyone reading this with kids?

Have you tried floam?

Or Moon Sand for that matter?

My tiniest's brother's birthday is in just around two weeks. I've been nudged.

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Date: 10:43PM | Fri, October 12th | 2007
Subject: More Flist Kenobi
Security: Public
Tags:about me, food porn, lil help?

Yeah, even no one could help me with the art identification (stupid LJ, stupid Exodus, stupid lonely lost land of Ijay), I try again.

Does anyone know anything about wild rice?

Would you pay $60 for a wild rice blend with brown rice?

Am I just crazy in the head?

I want to eat more rice. I miss it. I love it. But I have realized that plain white rice just goes right through me, plays havoc with my blood sugar and thus ends with me hungry soon after and very grumpy-miserable.

Brown rice on the other hand, while expensive and a little tricky for me to find, has been, in general, rather filling and I don't get that awful crash at the end.

Wild rice is supposed to have even more protein and fiber than wild.

So - anything, anyone?

ETA GRATUITIOUS PORN: Hmmmmm, tea smoked steamed rice, baby.

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Date: 07:16PM | Thu, October 11th | 2007
Subject: Help me Artsy-flist Kenobi. You are my only hope.
Security: Public
Tags:about art, about me, lil help?, things i like, things i want

Does anyone know what the style is that is used on chick-lit book covers? I've seen it other places of course, but it's difficult to find those pieces since I've no idea what they might be called.

I think part of the reason I'm so drawn to them is that they remind me of comics.

Things like this and this or this

But especially these types of images, like here or here. There's something about the blocks of colour or pattern I find very soothing and very chic. It's like comics meets collage and it sends my mind to happy places.

I don't often have happy places.

There have to be posters out there with that kind of art. Or books discussing it. Or sites discussing how to make it or something.

Does anyone know? Anyone at all?

ETA: Aha! I knew there was an animation with the style. Stupid me tried google before Wikipedia. Never underestimate the wikipedia.

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Date: 10:01PM | Wed, September 26th | 2007
Subject: Flisti-Won Kanobe...
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?

I don't like drinking water.

Clarify, I don't like drinking tap water in the US. It doesn't matter if it comes out of a filter, I tend to have to be very thirsty.

I would like to not get thirsty as being thirsty is a signal of extended dehydration - blah blah.

So I need to find a way to drink more liquids so I don't keep getting up with a dehydration headache.

I like a little flavour in my water - I think it comes from years of my mother forcing me to only have flavoured soda water instead of juice or soda etc. I got used to it.

But buying soda water is expensive. And buying essences to put in regular water is expensive.

If I'm taking caffeine tabs to regular and possibly lesson (in small doses) my caffeine dependence then I need to change from drinking iced-tea like it was my crack. Even decaffeinated iced tea has caffeine. And I can't accurately combine and judge the mg's per glass there while taking a tab or half a tab of a pill each day.

Are there any suggestions?

What does Kool-Aid taste like w/o sugar? I can barely remember ever drinking it as a child. And yes I'm taking sugar intake into consideration as well. But I'm not a fan of Aspartame or Sucralose.

ETA: Herbal Teas also seem expensive. And at the same price as a 20quart container of ice-tea mix, not worth the money.

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Date: 08:07PM | Fri, September 14th | 2007
Subject: Shopping Help
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?

Romeo + Juliet winning out over Eureka and Jericho?

*stares and stares*

I'm suddenly eligible for free two-day Amazon Prime. Now I may go to check out and discover I have to sign some contract or the other and say screw that. But omg if not - I need to buy the stuff before this goes away....

Also do shower massagers really help with muscle tension?

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Date: 07:12PM | Wed, September 12th | 2007
Subject: help?
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?, solved a problem

What does it mean when Widows Windows Media Player doesn't show pictures?


CODECS FOUND. Problem understood. Problem fixed. I am triumphant. *flexes*

Most importantly I have 12 Kingdoms on my HD. Now to figure out how to burn it to disk. This can keep me until I can save the 110 dollars for both sets (and who knows while I'm waiting maybe the last few episodes will come out - then again it might not take me *that* long to save up*

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Date: 05:08PM | Fri, August 31st | 2007
Subject: Sat
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?, recommendations, watching: anime

So I'm up to date on BLEACH. Anyone have any reccs on 'What else you might like if you like BLEACH'?

In other news - alive, anti-social, cooked and am eating food. Slept a lot.

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Date: 08:03PM | Sun, August 19th | 2007
Subject: Questions, questions, suppositions, comm?
Security: Public
Tags:lil help?, question everything, writing: me

And now I want to make a comm for Writers of Color writing Characters of Colour. Mostly so I can have an audience to ask questions of like:

Am I cracked in the head if I randomly decide that all Nordic inspired mythological beings - Jack Frost for example - are gonna be black just cause I say so? I know I'm the writer and my word is law. But wtf is my mind on crack?

Can I do that?

Also I'm slightly disturbed at my sudden over caution against making any character white. Is "But they do things with snow!" a good enough reason when in Australia the Aborigines have a legend about the Seven Sisters (The Pleiades not the colleges) and how they ended up in the sky sending down icicles that smash and become rime frost?

And yes, in this particular instance I need to use "Jack Frost", it's not a situation where I can create my own world with my own nature creation legends.

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