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Date: 12:11AM | Sun, June 10th | 2012
Subject: Distracting Myself By Jotting Thoughts About: First Class
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Tags:movies i've seen, ughh

Computer went weird again. Brain can't handle the problem solving. Will do that tomorrow. Memory test came back fine this morning. So I don't even know. Is it the more modern browser so I could poke at Tumblr? In which case eff tumblr. But anyway, yesterday during the longest friday ever/the longest day eve part 1-to be continued tuesday; I fast forwarded through X-men First Class.

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Date: 09:42PM | Mon, September 5th | 2011
Subject: Movie & Media & My BW Oh My :)
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Tags:friendship, movies i've seen, my boo

Attack The Block was pretty good. I'm glad I saw it. I laugh a bit now at having gotten the set up for something. Still, it was enjoyable. My only problem in considering whether or not to buy the DVD is that it was more gore-y than I'd anticipated. Yes, it's an alien invasion movie. But it wasn't an action movie, not with the gore. It was full horror close-ups, counting on both the eeewh and the claustrophobic feeling. There are least 2 minutes I plain couldn't watch (or wish I hadn't watched) and I'm not sure if I bought it, I'd ever really watch it. I'd just be buying it to add sales; and that's all well and good. But financially, if I'm buying something, I want to know it's there on my shelf to help me handle bad days.

Enjoyed visiting with Zvi. We got sidetracked a bit watching Chopped instead of going out for lunch. And honestly, I'm not that much fun to go out to eat with; having to be so careful about what I eat now, needing to see ingredients, often making compromises - there was a period where I started scratching and Zvi noticed and I ate a little more food but eventually stopped because I couldn't tell if it was psychosomatic fear of scratching (since I knew the ingredients) or actual itches from me and brown rice not getting along. I'm still trying to figure if it's only BROWN rice that hates me, and if I should try plain white rice and see if I can get rice back. I also don't know why I didn't try the quinao since I've been wondering about it anyway.

Odd moments of feeling the technological generational gap; seeing someone walk out of a stall in the ladies, doing something on their phone. And watching how Zvi's phone of awesome got her attention even though I was right beside her. Quiet chilling is good, and I enjoyed it. But I did have the odd feeling of feeling, old fashioned. She was updating Get Glue at one point about what she'd watched, and would be watching and I had the thought of 'is that being in the moment, if you're reporting the moment as soon as it's over, or before it's happened'? It made me re-evaluate why I keep forgetting I do actually own a camera now. Is it because it's meant to be a 'take pic of things because' and not a 'go be arty and take things of things because' ? Where am I getting the arty or not judgement?

It rained off and on today (note: the rain may be affecting my apt, so I need the camera to charge so I can try and take a pic) and was kind of a curl up in your space and chill, so I'm pretty darn proud I made it out of the house. Though, not turning on a computer, DOES throw my routine.

All in all, good day. My grumpypantsness and all.

PS: Realized the media I'm consuming these days is largely games via LP's; The Witcher2, ME, ME2, Minecraft (I know, and yet...), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (despite things making me all growly and eye rolly, etc...), DA2, DA2: Legends, Beyond Good & Evil....

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Date: 08:45PM | Tue, December 29th | 2009
Subject: State Of Me + Uncanny Valley Makes Video
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Tags:holiday visitations, movies i've seen, my sibs, state of me, therapy with dr. yoda

Alma from Rodrigo Blaas on Vimeo.

This little video of supernatural doom, via, Karnythia via Yeloson jogged my memory of watching THE MIST at Zvi's folks over the holiday weekend and my inappropriate laughter. I'm fairly certain THE MIST is not meant to be a comedy and yet I couldn't stop laughing at all the panic; couldn't stop shaking my head at all the fool dawdling decisions and was not at all crushed by the ending - I just ended up shaking my head at how trauma so... traumatizes. I mean people just stop thinking and in some cases seem to lose the will to survive. I found myself thinking, maybe everyone needs a little trauma in childhood to kind of brace them to deal - which is probably not the wise psychological solution.

If you've seen THE MIST, then you'll understand, perhaps, me shaking my head that some folk just couldn't bed down for the night and wait to see how things would look in the morning. If they had, it wouldn't have been an ode to stupidity and the chemical rush of nerves when one has seen horrible, horrible things.

--- In More Post Feastmas News ---

I'm currently wearing my new glasses. That is, glasses that had been brand spanking new 6 years ago, but when I put them on, they needed constant readjustments and I was getting hell a fed up with that particular glasses place (can't even remember what franchise it was, since that branch, I think, has since closed down. Anyway, things have been getting fuzzy and I had up lots of reminders to try the optometrist in 2010. But today while getting ready for therapy, things were SO fuzzy, I grabbed the brand new 6 year old glasses in their case, tugged them out and put them on. And lo and behold the fuzzy kitchen clock numbers materialized in crisp formation.

Wore them out to therapy and the crispness did not depreciate. So I don't quite know what's going on, but the eye doctor visit can be bumped down a bit to later in 2010 if I have glasses currently working. On the other hand it's odd to be wearing glasses again after 6 years. I keep moving to take them off, thinking I've forgotten my sunglasses on, but nope, it's glasses. I will likely need to investigate getting some spongy bits for the end of one of the arms, so the glasses don't sit lopsided on my face.

Right now though, I shall enjoy being able to sit back some from the screen without letters appearing to be teeny script. I might even see about adjusting my screen resolution again too.

-- Feastmas --

The holiday was wonderful; peaceful, mellow (incredibly mellow) - it was a good counter-balance to prior anxiety to be in such an environment. The spread was AMAZING. I think I nommed more brisket than turkey and absolutely adored my Feastmas gift from Zvi of pineapple upside down cupcakes. I have some left, currently at home with me. I doubt they shall last till the new year.


It was devoured by me. Oh the yum! THE YUM!

And my favourite pound cake with chocolate icing.

-- Post Feastmas --

Was snuggling! Zvi is squishy and warm! And giggly - very giggly :) (Also, I'm so glad of boo-ness! So. Glad!)


No doubt I'm forgetting things, but tis goodness. And therapy today was a good start for 2010. Very clearing. Right now I'm hunting down tiny earbuds for my tiny ears to use the new mp3 player. While marveling at the colour crispness of the little screen and trying to figure out how the france to get it to move past settings and playing songs I can't hear (and likely don't want on it).

It will undoubtedly make me rethink my want of a PMP/PMD/Personal Access Data Device(PADD ala Star Trek), since what I want now really will focus on colour (for some comics) and mobile web access and flv/dixx.

Oh yes! And looking it up last night just before sleep I came across Rockbox, which might be the solution to my little sister's iPod woes (she's been having white screen of death) and was within warranty when she sent it to be fixed and they apparently shipped it back -UNFIXED- further cementing my loathing of the apple brand. But maybe given all I've seen about the firmware updates bricking the devices, alternative software is the way to go to get more usage out of the thing.

And now to catch some rest, before long distance mutual movie viewing.

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Date: 11:53PM | Sat, August 2nd | 2008
Subject: The Dark Knight
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Tags:movies i've seen, things i like










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Date: 10:34PM | Tue, January 8th | 2008
Subject: So about Sweeny Todd
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Mood:tired tired
Tags:movies i've seen

[info] and I went to see it for her birthday, which is today and continuing for two more hours. I thought I was going to see a feel good musical about a serial killer and his pie baking accomplice. I got a greek tragedy set to music.

I left the theater rather disappointed and jilted because there were complications and worse, seeming morality plays (subtext) to going about willy nilly murdering anyone who so much as looked at you funny.

No feel good blood bath of the year for me at all.

Zvi's summary? - "So. Much. Death! So. Much. Death!!"

If you like greek trajedies and you like musicals and you like costume dramas, then by all means go see it.

If you want to see Snape's sleazy great grandfather, also go see it. Heck I can see the AU HP / Sweeny Todd crossover's now with -> Spoilers ** _ Joanna _ ** <- Spoilers as his mum grandmamma who bites it when he's three or something (if there's mention or fanon that says otherwise about granparently presence). Anyway AUs can do that.

In Birthday News - I had a lovely time with Zvi. She said she had a lovely b-day, for which I'm glad and it was cool to hang out with her, talk about nothing and everything, eat for hours and be total nerds and visit the library on a day out. :)

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