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Date: 01:13AM | Sun, June 10th | 2012
Subject: ... [Prometheus]
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Tags:movies that suck

There's no way I was gonna watch the movie. Was listening to a review, then hunted down a spoiler page. And, now I'm half-laughing, half incredulous.

Spoilers: Based on the subtext I got from the spoiler summary )

Granted, I didn't watch the movie. It's what I picked up from the summary and the review I'm listening to, intrigued me, because one reviewer was mentioning how sloppy it is, with obviously many different hands, points of view and messages all over it and showing.

Apparently it may be a movie one has to see to possibly truly enjoy (though the reviewer I like just doesn't, two many let down, too many plot holes). But I am never going to watch something for atmosphere, that has that kind of atmosphere. So... noooope.

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Date: 10:17PM | Sat, October 23rd | 2010
Subject: ... cannot be unseen
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Tags:movies that suck, wth?

Looking up Astro Boy in Wikipedia, I have it confirmed it was not in the original that his creator/father was yet another neglectful father (see media for more examples) who learns the world's harshest lesson. I had difficulty watching a show where I was expected to feel something for the father who so postpones being a father, his son actually wanders somewhere dangerous in a desperate effort to spend more time with him.

This was on top of the creepiness, to me, of the high mucky mucky city being all white. Yes, the original Japanese creation would have had the city as all Japanese. But it goes back to perceptions and white as the perceived default that the english speaking remake has the powerful city, of all white people. Who of course have robotic slave labour, who aren't believed to equally measure up to oh so precious white human beings.

I stared at the screen with some shock.

I do not think, also, the movie meant to inspire thoughts of WTF at even a neglectful parent believing one child could substitute for another, for the subtext of Astro as a mulatto child picked up and groomed as a replacement who still isn't enough and more.

I mean I was just so in shock, I couldn't change the channel a bit. I was just sitting there going 'This can't be... what?' While the cat sniffed me trying to figure out why I was going all weird.

I mean the 'minstrel goofy show' that was the Robot Revolution.

And the...

Ok, yeah - I can't finish writing out my thoughts about attempting to watch the movie due to some inner childish belief it wouldn't get worse.

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Date: 10:44PM | Mon, January 14th | 2008
Subject: Sci Fi Channel did not impress me
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Tags:media: tv, movies that suck

I watched parts 2 & 3 of Tin Man last night. I watched because other people were excited. I watched because it was a retelling of a known tale and I am partial to those - being a story teller and believing it's all about how you tell the tale.

But I found the whole thing incredibly boring.

Cut to spare you my acidic thoughts more than possible 'spoilers'. Seriously it's a fairy tale trying to get ratings. How do you think it would have ended )

Please do not comment, if you do comment, about what's going on in my life. I'm not thinking about it until Thursday or I'll slit my wrists in agitation/frustration/depression and a whole host of other 'tions'.

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