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Date: 08:14PM | Sat, June 9th | 2012
Subject: Things I Have Done Today
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Mood:grumpy ni grumpypants grumpy ni grumpypants
Tags:computer adventures, my boo

Had a conversation, on the phone, with my boo. More people should have a boo. They just can't have my boo, unless they understand she is meant to be SHARED. No monogamous hogging of my boo! It is spoken. So shall it be done. Anyway, conversation, about computers, specifically, laptops. And how I am quite possibly mostly, perhaps even 80% a desktop girl.

I had found one I liked (laptop), with innards to do or mostly do what I'd like (yup, innards, so not in the brain space to break down the specs). And a purdy shiny outside, and it not being too heavy (cause just no, not with my random body issues) and an elevated battery that helps with cooling (air circulation for the laptop. whoop).

But the truth is, I apparently feel far more comfy, sliding my hd (and possibly even my dvd-rw) into, maybe a new chassis. Definitely feel ok about sliding a new motherboard( & thus memory) and cpu and game card into my current chassis.

For a moment a laptop seemed easier. But apparently ppl who'd get a laptop would get GINORMOUS desktop replacements, if they were, y'know, using it primarily at a desk. Whereas I just think it might be cool to have a wider keyboard when I'm away from home and needing to do a couple things online (Kindle Keyboard is kind of small).

Hmm. My main impetus for thinking of laptops was actually back pain and body pain. For the times when I want to be mentally active and not just reading, but can't quite 'sit at my desk'. Somewhere where I could lie down in bed, and still talk to people seemed cool. Portable movies like that - also cool.

So, maybe, one day, a tablet will be my complementary device to go with a desktop computer (a tablet w/ a damn keyboard attached SOMEHOW). While an e-reader will remain a way for me to not have to dust so many shelves of books. Thus leaving me willing to sneeze over the ones I have, as being personal and special to me. Which reminds me, I need to look up the ebook versions of a few books I have that I just 'have'. Cause really? There're not worth the itchy eyes.

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Date: 05:49PM | Sat, June 2nd | 2012
Subject: Because My Boo Is THE AWESOMENESS / Come At Me With Your Popsicle Recipes
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Mood:loved loved
Tags:food as good living, my boo

There are popsicle molds on their way to me, as we speak. So I won't keep spending money on (perhaps outrageously priced) organic popsicles; these treats being the only dessert, foodie yay and whee I get. That and variation not on a stick, aka fruit sorbet.

Pouring some pulpy OJ into a mold is all fine and good. But, there is actually a limit to how much OJ I can have before my body rebels. Whereas I may be hunting down mango juice; yay! And perhaps some simple apple juice (maybe mixed with sauce?) could also be an option?

Anyone have any ideas? I'd like to avoid added sugar (which would have to be organic, and close to raw) as much as possible. But I'm up for ideas.

I'm also thinking kelp flakes so things are less ice-icecube and more smoothe. But again, I'm open to ideas - if any do abound.

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Date: 12:59PM | Mon, January 9th | 2012
Subject: Yay. Exhale. Breathe. Feel Good.
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Tags:my boo

Just saw Zvi off, we had a very mellow, relaxed, homey time. I enjoyed it a whole damn bunch - even the part where my attempt to make a snack the night before resulted in some lack of confidence in cooking the next day; resulting in famous undercooked chicken. But putting it back into the oven worked. The visit was mellow and homey and relaxed and easy and comfortable and fun and I need to remember that there is someone with whom I do not have to be 'on' or running around like a hyperstressed chicken trying to be 'perfect' or 'decent' and the like. I seriously think her visit brought down my blood pressure.

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Date: 09:42PM | Mon, September 5th | 2011
Subject: Movie & Media & My BW Oh My :)
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Tags:friendship, movies i've seen, my boo

Attack The Block was pretty good. I'm glad I saw it. I laugh a bit now at having gotten the set up for something. Still, it was enjoyable. My only problem in considering whether or not to buy the DVD is that it was more gore-y than I'd anticipated. Yes, it's an alien invasion movie. But it wasn't an action movie, not with the gore. It was full horror close-ups, counting on both the eeewh and the claustrophobic feeling. There are least 2 minutes I plain couldn't watch (or wish I hadn't watched) and I'm not sure if I bought it, I'd ever really watch it. I'd just be buying it to add sales; and that's all well and good. But financially, if I'm buying something, I want to know it's there on my shelf to help me handle bad days.

Enjoyed visiting with Zvi. We got sidetracked a bit watching Chopped instead of going out for lunch. And honestly, I'm not that much fun to go out to eat with; having to be so careful about what I eat now, needing to see ingredients, often making compromises - there was a period where I started scratching and Zvi noticed and I ate a little more food but eventually stopped because I couldn't tell if it was psychosomatic fear of scratching (since I knew the ingredients) or actual itches from me and brown rice not getting along. I'm still trying to figure if it's only BROWN rice that hates me, and if I should try plain white rice and see if I can get rice back. I also don't know why I didn't try the quinao since I've been wondering about it anyway.

Odd moments of feeling the technological generational gap; seeing someone walk out of a stall in the ladies, doing something on their phone. And watching how Zvi's phone of awesome got her attention even though I was right beside her. Quiet chilling is good, and I enjoyed it. But I did have the odd feeling of feeling, old fashioned. She was updating Get Glue at one point about what she'd watched, and would be watching and I had the thought of 'is that being in the moment, if you're reporting the moment as soon as it's over, or before it's happened'? It made me re-evaluate why I keep forgetting I do actually own a camera now. Is it because it's meant to be a 'take pic of things because' and not a 'go be arty and take things of things because' ? Where am I getting the arty or not judgement?

It rained off and on today (note: the rain may be affecting my apt, so I need the camera to charge so I can try and take a pic) and was kind of a curl up in your space and chill, so I'm pretty darn proud I made it out of the house. Though, not turning on a computer, DOES throw my routine.

All in all, good day. My grumpypantsness and all.

PS: Realized the media I'm consuming these days is largely games via LP's; The Witcher2, ME, ME2, Minecraft (I know, and yet...), Deus Ex: Human Revolution (despite things making me all growly and eye rolly, etc...), DA2, DA2: Legends, Beyond Good & Evil....

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Date: 05:33PM | Sun, September 12th | 2010
Subject: Sunday Visits
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Tags:about friendship, about me, my boo

You know you're enjoying the company of a not often seen friend, when you walk right by a place that potentially holds everything you need for the errands you have planned for AFTER the visit - and you don't even think about it. You're just too into the conversation and companionship. Thus, because Walgreens and RiteAid were closed, I ended up having to walk just a few blocks shy of the place where Zvi and I had lunch, after dropping her off several block away, to pick some stuff up before coming home.

The visit was nice. It's really.... comforting to have a safe and trusting space WITH a person. I'm glad I have it.

ETA: Apparently it is NOT surprising when a character sticks in my head for being a kick-ass, intellectual dominatrix. I laugh at this. I laugh at all.

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Date: 07:30PM | Wed, November 25th | 2009
Subject: Head's Up
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Tags:my boo

Zvi, ([info - community] zvi_likes_tv) is currently inpatient (and doing better for it) and accessible only via her cellphone.

Good wishes appreciated.

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