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Date: 04:49PM | Fri, June 8th | 2012
Subject: TGIF!!!
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The bad/urgh part about having a wonderful and successful landlady? Is that when circumstances arise and you ask her to go to the grocery for you, to buy you some lamb? She comes back, despite you mentioning 3.99 a lb lamb. With 9.99 a lb lamb. But I'll pay the price and shut up, cause today. TODAY!

Been up since 8:30 when someone came to cut the grass. And I rushed to put something by the gate to keep them from blowing grass all over my portico area. They noticed me, disheveled in my jammies and actually cleaned up with a broom for once.

But the day dragged on... and on, upstairs neighbours did things even the landlady noticed and was all 'WTF?' And then inspector didn't show up till near 3, and there's still a need for an electrician to come out. And there's still inspection on Tuesday (for which my ass needs out the house). And then is finding strength to go up for my brother's graduation (the baby's graduating! OMGWTF how and why did he grow up?!!).

Other pluses, however? Including the fact I now have lamb, to hell w/ the price cause this week's been shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite. Did I remember to post about losing all power in my sockets for about 90 mins? It's the same thing that now needs an electrician. But, I went ahead and bought memory. Everyone's all 'buy a new computer'. But this is memory I've been trying to buy for years. And it turns out, that I may have bought the right kind earlier, but they just don't work w/ the old ones. So now I don't have 3g like I wanted, only 2g. And I'm deciding if to buy more, and any 'new computer' I buy will be a laptop for travel.

Games disappoint me, so I don't know that I'd want to buy a 'gaming' anything. It's cool and all, in concept. But even as I want to 'dabble' with The Witcher 2 and 'dabble' with DA2 (for whom the only reason I'd be there is because Fenris hits all my 'young lady has to swoon' buttons. And the fighting seems, interesting for a mage? ME3 knocked the playing any ME 'video game' out of me. Read some books, sure. But I can't even watch a let's play of ME2 right now, I get so 'two finger salute bioware, ea and the ME team wtf?'

And huh, until this very second, I damn near forgot Skyrim existed. So, yeah. Not to sure 'ability to play games' is high enough on my list o thingies.

Are there even any $200 laptops left? I think not.

Annnyway. Memory. And also storage (clear) - so I can see things and not forget they exist or be unable to find them (moving things around to put into them? I found two pairs of leggings I'd been searching for ALL DAMN WINTER).

Also, bracelet came. MedicalID pretty purple & white braaaacelet. And my landlady mentioned using RoadID when she runs. Which is what I'm thinking of getting for my Dad. And if this bracelet doesn't work out, might get for myself. But I think this pretty pretty thing will. I 'm having to get used to having something on my wrist. But I can see myself wearing it. I am currently wearing it. It fits forma and informal decoration needs (RoadID, would be very informal). And it came w/ a lovely little pouch. And more importantly? An Emergency Alert card for my wallet. I thought it would, but didn't see any mention on this most recent trip to the website. But there it is. (Thank you very much for the gift certificate [info]sami - I shall be protected JIC now.

Meanwhile this week? EXHAUSTING.

And then some. I even had to take an anti-histimine so I could get to sleep and stop sniffling, stopped nose, itchy runny eyes-ing at dust n'stuff from cleaning and I guess just 'summer' - it was not (so far) a cold.


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Date: 05:33PM | Fri, September 9th | 2011
Subject: For The Record
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My focus isn't and hasn't been on 9/11. I keep seeing it mentioned and forgetting it. I'm busy gearing up for the first anniversary of SkywardProdigal's death. As I write this, I find myself thinking, there are too many other people dealing with private, personal loss in the same period; or reminded of such by the season change of fall. I'm glad I'm missing the media hype. It's not a national holiday, it's not a celebration. It should be a national day of mourning, except it's too entangled with hate, loss of aspects of citizenship and a whole lot of bullshit. To those of you feeling jangled by it all; take care of yourself. Keep yourself safe. Turn off the tv if you can, avoid the news and papers, get a special favourite book out the library, try to have the ingredients for your favourite meal to cook, or just treat yourself somehow.

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Date: 02:41PM | Sun, August 30th | 2009
Subject: Fie Upon Thee, Land of Kitchen!
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Willow attempts to cut watermelon.

Willow succeeds in halfing watermelon.

One half of watermelon promptly ROLLS OFF THE COUNTER. I don't know how. It grew wheels or something.

Willow spends 15 minutes cleaning watermelon off everywhere.

Willow hunts for knife which also fell - finds it in trash.

Willow must now contend with littles going 'But now it (the watermelon) looks all yucky and broken'

Willow is still making said littles eat the watermelon that survived because if she throws it out, it'll be a waste of money plus lots of 'Wah, you threw away our water melon!'

If you don't hear from me in Sept, it'll be because I starved from refusing to do anything in the kitchen that requires more than a spoon or fork (I'm not even gonna risk a butter knife - except maybe for butter like spreads).

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