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Date: 04:04AM | Mon, June 11th | 2012
Subject: Today I Discovered 'Academagia'
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Tags:i will cut somebody, out of fucks

And so far have not found a single PoC character, not player character, not NPC in the game. So, despite the fact it seems intriguing; it's not getting my money. Even if it seems far more long lasting than 'Magical Diary' (from whence i found the link to it in the first place). Magical Diary allows you to create a brown character, and HAS brown character NPCs. So yeah, eff you too, 'Academagia'. I'm not going to pay for your game, then hunt down which coded files have the portraits, then find a program to safely open them, then either color people brown, or hunt to find a matching art style to add brown people, then save it and after ALL THAT PREP? Only then start enjoying myself.

And I might, MIGHT, if I'm feeling up to it? Email them to point out they don't have any brown characters that I can see. MIGHT. But I resent having to be 'ahem, perhaps there are brown and black folks, non white folks who'd like to play your game too and give you money and enjoy your creativity'. I RESENT IT. I'd like to know if I buy a game? I start it and BOOM; I can create someone that looks like me, my family, people I know, my neighbours, my community, my ancestors, and the majority of the fucking world.

My Herminone Is Black, Yo!

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