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Date: 11:29PM | Fri, April 22nd | 2011
Subject: Pondering
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Tags:researching a possible purchase, things cost money, thinky thoughts

I wanted to buy a 3 ring binder and create a recipe/food journal. Ideas for meals, notes on what didn't agree with me, etc. But I organize best using a computer and part of me wonders if an ereading device wouldn't be better somehow.

The nook seemed dark, when I saw it a few weeks back in B&N. I'm told the Kindle has contrast to be brighter, and thus easier to read. But of course all e-ink won't have the option to brighten the screen. The Kindle can apparently also (or at least the old one could) be used as a GPS/Google Maps/Find Your Way locator thingie. So, books, recipes, not getting lost...

Can one jot down thoughts on a Kindle (or other device), like a notepad?

(Yes, I know, I'm was/am still wary of the whole 'they control the horizontal and the vertical' re: taking books back etc and possibly nosing around in one's files. Am still having thinky thoughts, however - especially because the Battery Life is so long)

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