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Date: 02:07PM | Wed, September 7th | 2011
Subject: Rainy Wednesday
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Had a bit of an outing with my landlady today. It was nice. The part where she stopped to grab a bite to eat was fraught though. She was feeling for Chick-fil-a. Even though I had the Kindle on me, I didn't think to check the menu online until we were in the drive-in line; mostly because I hadn't realized we were still going. I think I've forgotten what it is when people crave a food, since I have to ignore so many of my own. Originally it was a thing, but then I said I had foos issues and she said we'd figure out something special, but then we had to head back early, so we swung by... Anyway, I picked the cheese out of my salad, added some tortilla chips and some sauteed beef and made a thing. And I gave her the soup, cause it had noodles in it. In future, I check a menu before hand, or make sure I can see the menu. If I could have, I'd have noticed the soup had noodles, or seen if they had little GF signs up on different dishes. But live, learn, adapt.

I mean, I still ordered thousand island dressing on the spot, and then got home, tasted it and realized I needed to check ingredients. Sure enough - this emulsion had egg yolk. It's all taking some getting used to - but between today and Monday, I am beginning to feel like the biggest 'going out kill joy'. If I were more social, it's be all about inviting people to my home, where I CONTROL THE INGREDIENTS (the horizontal and the vertical). But I'm not. So that's not going to happen.

In other news, the great big 'OMGosh! Why is the ceiling leaking?!!!' Turns out, it wasn't the roof, and it wasn't the plumbing. It was the fact that despite our landlady buying the central air filter systems FOR US, the upstairs tenants hadn't changed theirs. So the system got backed up and filthy. Usually there's a cleaning twice a year. But we didn't get cleaned for summer, because the company switched areas. Anyway, the filter itself was filthy. I got shown it. I have a longhaired cat, and my own filter, changed every two to three months DOES NOT get as filthy as that was. That thing was FURRY. The fur had fur. And thus the upstairs system got clogged, things froze and leaked and it was a mess.

I keep boggling. She buys the filters FOR US. She'll buy most things for us we need if she can afford it or give it on loan, etc. So I'm seriously boggling. And I keep wondering if the difference is having actually lived with the landlady - in terms of her treating me like a housemate/roommate. Or if it's just about how the upstairs tenant is as a tenant.

But important news?! New box-cutter! It is yellow. Which is not as bright as orange. And not as pretty as red. But I like yellow. And it is in my little hands (so to speak).

ETA/PS: I also experimented with a smaller bag. I felt naked. I really did. It needs further study. And possibly a prettier bag.

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