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Date: 08:17AM | Mon, April 18th | 2011
Subject: Quick Notes Before I Go To Sleep
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Still up cause pain's a bitch an a half.

1): Game of Thrones: Tv Series. My reaction. "Wow, that's a lot of half naked brown women publicly fornicated and acting all animalistic with some particular dance moves and the big, tall brown buck doesn't speak the language and there is his very frightened precious white woman. Alrighty then" Not that I hadn't attempted to read the book several years ago and didn't already know this. But to see as well. I have mentioned before yes, that I had trouble getting through the book? I may write more about why some other time soon (it may well be a general fantasy thing - hint: the trials of resource distribution of angsty white people, just might bore me.).

2) Landlady visit was less stressful than I expected, even while talking myself into remembering it's mostly less stressful than I imagine. But still recovering and full of pain and head space dealing.

3) Cleaners show up this week. Angry nasty lady next week. I think I might be something of a mess.

4) I think I really really loathed easter brisket/corned beef. It's either too salty, or I get the cheap ones that I can afford which are really nothing but fat. Note to self: don't waste the money.

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