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Date: 08:49AM | Sat, August 8th | 2009
Subject: Adventures Of The Bathroom
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Mood:unhappy unhappy
Tags:stress scale 6, willow's warren

Last night, shower water would not go down. This morning, it'd moved down maybe an inch.


Flushed the toilet and the bowl overflowed. My bathroom is flooded, water's seeping in to the carpet (this I just discovered when I went to turn off the light AFTER calling my landlady. I'll tell her when she calls me back).

There will need to be strangers up in my place. And SOON, this is ridiculous. Ugh. Stress.

And as an added extra just killed my second bee that snuck into this place, of the week. So I'm going to likely have to go outside and see where they may be nesting to sneak in when I open the front door. On Monday, I'm rescheduling my specialist appointment. Surviving this weekend is going to use up a lot of my cope.

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Date: 11:19AM | Wed, June 3rd | 2009
Subject: I Think I'm Upset Because My Toes Hurt
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Tags:discomfort scale 8, health: mental, health: physical, mood scale 5, pain scale 7, stress scale 6

Things are happening. I am upset. )

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