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Date: 02:38AM | Thu, March 15th | 2012
Subject: The Past 2 Days
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Tags:technology, the world: 2012, wtf!!

The past 2-3 days, I've been looking up mobile phones, various 'lease line' mobile services, and all sorts of stuff. I went from knowing what I wanted to not knowing what I wanted to pouting at the pretty being... I can't even.

The thing is? I want a phone that accepts picture msg for the sake of my sister. And a phone that at least looks 'modern' for the sake of my brother, and also cause hey - a bright screen is a pretty thing. Of course, I had to figure out it was a bright screen I wanted and liked. And admit to myself that touchscreens feel like 'skin on skin / nails on board ugggh' to me. The whole concept, and touching and poking a screen and smuges and oils and texture and ARRRRGGGH. And then I found a phone I actually liked, after HOURS of research and research and research.

I liked this phone, even though it was an Android and had a big arse google search box on the top screen. And even though it was touchscreen. It had an optical track button. And a keyboard. And was pretty. And was also, totally CDMA.

And while I was pondering it being only accessible to certian providers I don't like, I floundered around them too; watching various people who'd gone to certain cheaper places and away from big brand name service, only to overflow it with their 'UNLIMITED USE' with their iphones and complain about how it wasn't really unlimited. And I'm all you cut your damn bill in half and didn't think your usage should go in half too?

But that's another conversation about privilege and the Reccession, and the overflow of privileged peoples to certain businesses and institutions that were catering to a completely different market.

Back to the research suck hole of doom. Where was I? Oh, I saw international texting and thought, OMG! Actually, for a service I've since decided could never be - because it doesn't seem to offer voicemail at the lower ends I'd pay for - I saw way more minutes than I could get now, and opportunities and international txting and I thought; whee!

And then it became a thing, who had it, who didn't have. How much minutes, how much data. Then I discovered that having a credit card on file for some of these places would be worse than a contract w/ hidden and unexpected charges. Then came the crashing realization that putting a simcard in a phone, without any sort of 'flashing' of the phone's wee little system, meant no meter on the phone about minutes. A thing I find extremely useful.

And ease of use to me, does not include going/finding a local store and balancing physical access with prices. I tried, it got frustrating.

Then came the realization and the reading and re-reading of several TOS and explanations and seeing that 'roaming' is COMPLICATED.

So, screw that.

And there was looking at more coverage plans and more coverage plans and realizing I have never once thought about not having bars. Not once, in the few years I've had my old school, damn near probably original, 1st generation non analog phone.

It was great, realizing as I got more and more frustrated and began making list (oh so many lists) exactly what I wanted. It's such a tiny ass list. 'Pretty Screen' is waaay at the bottom. But it was also then that I realized, that it hasn't been lack of imagination keeping me from other phones and phone related stuff. It was comfort. I've BEEN quietly waiting for Tracfone (yes Tracfone) to get 'prettier phones'.

I like the confidence I have with it. And my only grump lately has been, having difficulty hearing people on the phone, and finally realizing it's not my hearing, the phone might just be getting old.

Annnnyway, at the end of the day, I discovered that Net10 and TMobile have, well, they both have 'INSERT YOUR SIM'. Except Tmobile is more reasonable for someone who isn't a phone person. And Net10, has obviously found no way to monitor how many minutes a person uses and just demands you get a specific unlimited plan. No flashing the phone to commence sim activation available yet.

I know people have very pretty phones. My siblings do. Zvi does. All very pretty. I have no idea how much my siblings use all the pretty on their phones. I know Zvi and her phone, had a private civil ceremony sometime last year; not many guests, and truly, there were three brides, Zvi, her phone, and her ereader.

But I loathe facebook, don't want to use google on a phone. And specifically bought my Kindle 3g so I wouldn't have to pay for data. 2, 2 things in one.

If I could stand touchscreens by themselves? I could get a pretty phone, with the service etc... I want. Except, even if I used a stylus on the phone to move things around? I damn well need a physical keyboard.

So here I am. Not about to jump on the DROID bandwagon, cause I could put that money towards minutes. Realizing that what many people think of as a 'basic cell service' seems the lap of luxuary to me, which means my current service is full of 'Oh poor dear' to them. Cause I just. don't. phone. I think I might text, w/ a proper keyboard.

But yeah. So much swirly upside down, new phone manufacturers I'd never heard of before Loads of pretty. Have a tab open on the fricking Sidekick Canada (Sidekick Sharp), but as wonderful as that screen and text are. It's... really not enough to deal w/ TMobile Service. Or some other 'lease lines' (it's easier for me to think of them that way, I know there's an official term; Mobile Virtual Network (Provider, Enabler, Etc...).

**flops** Can't even finish this post. Too exhausted.

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Date: 10:34PM | Sat, July 2nd | 2011
Subject: Google+
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Tags:about me, introvert i am, technology

Have an invite; if it's new and shiny, chances are ZviLikesTV will know about it, and I'll get an invite or poke or nudge or something. The thing is though? I'm still an introvert, even online. And right now I can't even read the info properly for Google+ because they mention circles and keep wanting me to add people and it all just seems like a crazy, jangly, extroverted, privacy abridged, constant online chat or something. And as socially repugnant to me as walking into a room of extroverted people who'll want to touch me, and talk in my face and breathe my air and tell me to smile.

No. Just. NO!

I like absolute control of my environment. I like choosing who I'll talk to and when (block or no block). I like the thought of having my virtual front door open - but I have ABSOLUTELY hand picked the neighbours. Or rather to be less Americana; some people live on my street, some people have an invite to my front courtyard, some people have an invite to my back courtyard and a few, very few people get to step foot inside the house.

Plus all the 'PUT YOUR LIFE ONLINE! TOGETHERNESS! SOCIAL NETWORK! WOOT!' Makes me want to punch someone in the mouth. With a boxing glove. Filled with lead. That's on fire! There's this immediate assumption that all such tools must be used by everyone, all the time, at the same time. Isn't the world already too barbed wire fluxing as it is with points of attention jabbing everywhere? I mean, I have to physically restrain myself from leaving the bloody bathroom to answer the phone - just because I can hear it ringing. As if I don't have the right to not want to talk to anyone, or having anyone else's life intrude into mine. OMG it's my phone! (Though, less with the landline and more w/ the cellphone! OMG it's the cell! It must be important! Let me run outside without stopping to wipe my be- WAIT A MINUTE. WTF Brain?!)

As it is, sometimes I can't even handle being online (open door/chat programs) at all. I'm feeling too fragile, or anti-social, or a need to hermit, or socially bruised and/or over-taxed.

So yeah, I'll be over here. In the quiet, slow lane, missing the days when email alone was the best thing ever - because LONG LETTERS and NO POSTAGE (or waiting in line for stamps).

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Date: 03:57PM | Fri, February 12th | 2010
Subject: If you're using Google Buzz
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Tags:privacy matters, technology, wtf!

Please check out the following to do with Buzz's lack of privacy. I turned it off from my side bar, but didn't realize to REALLY TURN IT OFF - you have to scroll down to the bottom of the gmail inbox, where you can check your logged in sessions, and click 'turn off buzz'.

Moreover I'm glad as hell I didn't fool around with it. Because the last thing I would want, was for various people in my life to be outed, because of how I label my contacts. And I'd hope people I know wouldn't want others outed because of their address books either.


1. CleoLinda's WTF Here.

2. Lifehacker Info Here.

3. CNET on how to purge yourself from Buzz and block others here.

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Date: 01:58AM | Mon, February 1st | 2010
Subject: Cause I Want To Slap You
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Mood:get offa my lawn! get offa my lawn!
Tags::{ grumpy face, question everything, technology, wtf!, wth?

Dear varied anonymous (and not so anonymous) people salivating over Apple's portable larger screened device,

The Japanese have had those capabilities, without Apple's hobbling, for around three years now, possibly five. In fact just this past December I was salivating over the possibility of a CHUWI 300 (and I desperately want the manufacturers to work out the programming and slight hardware problem that meant it couldn't get rebranded with english menus here in the States).

My CHUWI offered me a camera, portable pdf files, wifi access and the ability to read manga, comics (in colour) and books. Listen to music. And watch videos.

Yes, the iPad is the next logical step for Apple. But after all, considering they take ideas completed and in the public's hands in Japan and then respin them and simplify them for American hands - of course the next step was logical.

Meanwhile y'all are going to be paying who knows what for the iPad, if it's not subsidized by some telephone carrier and carrying on like you did when 3G networks hit the US - again 3 years later than Japan.

I honestly don't think I'm a Japanophile in denial. I think I'm just a baby gadget geek. But I seriously want to smack people for, in my eyes, worshipping at the altar of Apple. Especially because so many of you I see, talk about some device of Apple's crapping out on you, or about a friend you know whose device got bricked and the hellish customer service and how Apple's changed over the years and they make their devices disposable - BUT YOU ARE GEEKING OUT LIKE YOU'RE GETTING PAID for something that's sure to bring you frustration down the road.

And yes, if you're getting the idea I chose that metaphore on purpose. The similarities to churches and religious organizations is not an accident.

And also yes, I realize I'm coming from a place of privilege, in that I like research, I have internet access and I'm not afraid to spend hours researching every other word in a description so I can understand what's going on. But since the bulk of you have the same opportunities I do to catch a clue, it all seems very sheeple to me. I cannot believe the 'general public' really thinks Apple is the only company out there to create mobile internet & personal media device. There isn't only one company that makes your fridge or your stove or even your car. So why think there's only one company for the device that does what you want? Are the combined powers of advertising and brand establishment that strong?

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Date: 12:29PM | Wed, July 1st | 2009
Subject: Dropbox, Scrapbook, Rambling
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Tags:online: safety and security, rambling, technology

I just dropped unlimited long distance from my phone, which is basically $10 extra a month - because I'm paying for minutes on my cell and not using much of them. So I didn't want to continue paying for something I don't use. And this made me feel more comfortable about what my monthly insurance will be.

However, I'm now contemplating paying $10 a month for 50g at Dropbox. On the one hand I feel there's no way I'd ever use that much space, unless I was perhaps hosting music I was afraid would disappear (do I even have that much music that's purely digital?) . The primary focus would be online backup of current files and using Scrapbook + Dropbox (which I already do), so as to more freely save whole pages to come back to later. Very often I stumble across interesting tibits and research bits, and bookmark - but end up worried about the page disappearing. And lately I worry about losing things I've scrabbooked should something go wrong.

It's not reassuring that the homepage of the extension has disappeared and I don't think I ever thought to scrapbbook the scrapbook site, just in case. Which means I'm currently SoL in remembering how to do a couple of things I now want to do with it.

Dropbox does offer public links for files, so it would solve the problem, I believe, of my no longer wanting a webhost. I'm satisfied with my journals as my spaces. But I have missed having host space. And this would be far more space than I'd ever had before, at a far less price.

But it is difficult not to wish they offered a something smaller between free service and first tier pay. Because I would want to use it enough that paying seems fair.

ETA: [info]das_dingsi - There is Scrapbook+ and Zotero as alternatives to Scrapbook. Plus even claims to keep pre-existing files. I'd meant to add that bit and forgot. I will now cuss sweetly 'Ohsugarfoot!'.

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Date: 06:51PM | Tue, April 14th | 2009
Subject: In Other News
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Tags:technology, wtf!!

Does anyone else who uses Thunderbird have any idea why my IMAP folders disapepared? I need some help. First Outlook Express was eating mail, then I thought to give Thunderbird a try and it does come with good add-ons, but now I have Outlook Express open again so I can be sure I'm getting my mail (Currently I'm not)

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Date: 06:10PM | Thu, January 1st | 2009
Subject: Random
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Mood:pouty pouty
Tags:migraines are no joke, technology, where's my padd?


Maybe some of you know I've been mad for ereading devices. I want my future reading here now. Give me colour screens for comics and let me have my book collection in one easy place that doesn't need hundreds in shelving and hours of dusting.


Today I got a chance to see the eSlick, Foxit's pdf only reader. I saw their film of it online. The thing flashes with every page flip and I could feel the beginnings of a migraine. I feel totally blindsided and flumoxed. Why hadn't I heard about this before? And when I went to research it, most people DO NOT seem to have a problem with the flashing. But I felt as if I were in pre-migraine, possibly pre-seizure land. I've luckily never had an epileptic seizure. But I have had migraines that left me drooling like an invalid and with a kind of lethargy. Seizure might not be the right word for them after all. But the point is, the flashing on the eSlick's screen? Prelude to pain.

I can't find anything yet on the Kindle (ie, film), but it's supposed to have the same flashing. And all I find is that some people find it annoying and it's a toss up as to whether someone will grow accustomed to it or not. But NOTHING so far on it causing pain. My world is so upside down right now. I find myself thinking of the devices as 'Little Evils'. It's supposedly some affect of e-Ink technology. And quite frankly, I think it sucks.

What the hell do I do now? What device do I look forward to? And why can't I find anything mentioning tests done to DISPROVE the flash's affect on individuals far less other folk complaining?

I'm quite comfortable on computer screens (crt at least). My main difficulty with laptops is that I tend to find them not bright enough. Which is usually the result of the device's attempt to conserve power. Holy Instant Headache Batman!


ETA: Vid link here. Watch pre-warned that flashes could trigger headaches or worse. Click for evil

ETA2: Well triple crap This is the Hanlin v3. It's another e-Ink device and the flashing is quite evident on it's video too. Click for more evil

ETA3: Kindle. Click at own risk. I've been told the Kindle seems to go -dark- first. So maybe I really am the tiny minority that has a problem with it. The going dark's fine. The screen flashing up again re-triggered a low headache.

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Date: 05:00AM | Tue, August 26th | 2008
Subject: Computer Alert
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Tags:computer adventures, technology

If you use Gmail, read this.

I've been forgetting the difference between my lj flist and my iJay flist. I saw this via my iJay flist but only mentioned it to one or two individuals. But it's actually important enough that I just can't count on everyone I know reading Elke So please check this out and take the two minutes to check a little box in gmail.

Some jerkwad's releasing a hacking tool to hijack gmail cookies and setting your account to ALWAYS secure login - https will save hassle in the longrun.

Oh! And make sure you do it for ALL your gmail accounts. I know that's tripped me up, turns out I had one already set that way, but others not.

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Date: 04:52PM | Thu, August 7th | 2008
Subject: Dear Google - You Either Die A Hero or Live To See Yourself Become The Villain.
Security: Public
Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:online: journaling systems, technology, things that suck

Guess who's a villain?

I did a post to promote IBARW on my blog. My blog's been gone/inaccessible for going on nearly 2 days now. And my frustration about that is eating into any energy I might have had to do something original for IBARW.

This sucks.

I don't want to transfer to WordPress, it does too much of what I don't want and don't give a damn about and not enough of being easy to give me precisely what will make me happy.

I'm seriously contemplating moving my blog to iJay. [info]squeaky is responsibility, affability and just plain love.

I'm also thinking about buying a domain name for the blog, so no matter what, I can point the domain *somewhere* so I can leave a msg explaining if something goes wrong. Right now, no one knows why Seeking Avalon isn't showing up.

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Date: 02:45PM | Tue, August 5th | 2008
Subject: Ugh & Wee, children of Tweedle Squee & Tweedle Ow
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Mood:hungry hungry
Tags:online: culture, organizational, technology

Dropbox.Com + Firefox's Scrapbook Extension = Willow's Online Bookmarks.


*sighs* In other news, the groceries just arrived. This time I had good customer service before hand - but there are dented cans. PLUS, despite my diligence, I somehow ended up with a tiny packet of chicken wings instead of the 15 lbs of chicken breasts (or legs) that I'd requested. The site messed up and I didn't notice.

I'm so tired of being tired and fed up with my grocery situation - of waiting until the last possible moment cause I'm deliberating. I didn't go with Safeway because their site kept messing up - javascript stalling or the cart rebooting to empty. I wish the request I'd put in for transportation help would go through. I need to follow up on that with my caseworker. Right now I'm not feeling too positive it will. I'm going to start looking into cabs and seeing how to finangle the costs on my own. I would like not to have to experience this stress over food. It's probably not helping my digestion, my weight or my pain levels.

And I think I also miss buying my food weekly, which I can't do if I use a cab - I'll definitely need to make one big purchase a month, but I miss looking and catching deals and figuring out what fresh fruits / fresh vegetables I might have been in the mood for for the week.

Plus, it's just a damn downer. All my excitement about my bookmarking's pretty much faded. I need to move back up and try and remember how it felt that made me open up Semagic.

Dropbox.Com + Firefox's Scrapbook Extension = Willow's Online Bookmarks.

30 Mins Later: No Folksonomy. NoTaxonomy. No Social Tagging. No non engaging layouts.

Yes to: Page capture & storage. Editing and highlighting. Searching within text. Editing before I capture. Multiple profiles so I can keep surfing separate from writing from comic links from art.

I suppose if someone else has Scrapbook and Dropbox, I could start a public file others could import. But I've never really cared about sharing. I just wanted something to help me organize. I'm fine with sending people links via email or through my journal. I suppose I could now use Delicious (way to squash the original, Yahoo) purely as a link forwarder and reciever. I originally only got an account because [info] had one and she was feeling a tad lonely with her new toy. And I liked the thought of her having someone in the network to send links too with the system - cause it made her happy. My current doorbell plays 'Greensleeves'. Life is often about the little things.

Oh! And if you have a account. There's a Scrapbook add-on called So you could save files directly to your account, since Scrapbook also saves files.

Now I suppose the next time I'm fiddling around online, I'll catch myself and start going through my links to finally have all those saved links (now pages) somewhere I'll actually use them.

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Date: 11:44AM | Thu, July 17th | 2008
Subject: Grr arrgh
Security: Public
Mood:grumpy Willow is grumpy grumpy Willow is grumpy
Tags:technology, willow's warren

This is a frivolous complaint. I'm aware it's a frivolous complaint. After all I'm not paying for my access to cable tv. However...

I really don't like direct tv. Really really don't. I realize Comcast has customer service issues out the wahoo and that you have to be in the right area to get the 'good' Comcast service. And yet, so far I can't find anything to help me set up my DVD and VCR player with Direct TV.

There is no 'on demand' which is the only way I really watch cable tv. If I can't get what I want to watch when I want to watch it, I'll watch it online. But worse than no tv shows on demand, there are no explanation videos for the service on demand. So if I want to figure out how the remote works or something else, I have to get to the channel and wait until the loop maybe, perhaps, hits the topic I'm looking for.

I seriously don't believe that someone should pay money, LOTS of money to have all these movie channels and then not be able to see the movies WHEN THEY WISH TO SEE THEM, but instead have to try and catch them at a certain time. I've missed a movie I wanted to see -twice- maybe thrice, because I didn't have the tv on then (oh yeah, that's another thing. You can't schedule two or more shows as a possibility for a time slot - y'know because your mood might change. You can only auto-schedule one.) or because I was watching something else or had music on and forgot I wanted to watch something. In the end I went and watched the damn thing online - my time, my comfort.

Am I just really old or generationally lost that I don't get why, aside from being in an old building that Comcast won't wire, one would get Direct TV? And my apt is wired around the moldings anyway with the cable for this, so it's not as if that bit was avoided. And my landlady is so busy. She works really hard, an hour away. And she also teaches at a college and thus has homework to grade and tests to give etc, PLUS she takes a class for herself too. So when does she really get the time to watch tv? It'd be around the edges, right? Without on demand that pretty much leaves her to the mercy of whatever is playing.

Then again maybe because I've the unit downstairs that's not connected to the phone-line on the account that I may not have gotten some kind of firmware upgrade to on-demand. But everything I've looked for and found online says it's in 'beta' in some parts of the country.

And yeah, I already know I don't get the big deal about HDTV. Because honestly I wish they'd just come out and say there's a need for emergency services to have these frequencies so tv has to be moved to -these- frequencies and stop giving me crap about clarity. Zvi and I went looking at HDTV screens in Best Buy and we didn't see an improvement. Maybe she's since peeked and seen a difference. But I still haven't. I can appreciate that television technology has changed and there should be improvement there. But 'dramatic difference, oooh' - yeah no.

*is grumpy*

I definitely, definitely need an extremely comfy computer chair, so I can relax by my desk and watch movies and series.

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Date: 08:01AM | Wed, July 2nd | 2008
Subject: Don't ask me why I'm still awake...
Security: Public
Tags:odd thoughts, technology

I'm having the oddest mental / consumer confusion right now.

There are portable dvd players selling for around 100$ to 150$. These are tablet devices, with 9 inch screens, capable of playing music, videos and viewing pictures... on dvd.

Flash drives are getting larger and larger and less and less expensive.

People want portable media devices.

And yet the market seems to tip toe around providing a somewhat hardy, larger screen device that can read information off SD memory cards and USB flash drives that offers music, video, pictures - in colour, and also ebooks....

What leap in combining technology am I missing?

There are factories that know to make the shape and concept of a tablet portable dvd player. These companies also make mp3 players. Some of these companies even attempt(ed) to make storage devices with screens where you could see what you had.

Why are ebook devices so elite right now? What happened to the whole 'competitive market equals new and better and cheaper devices for the consuming public and a healthy economic (capitalist) base' ? Why is everyone trying to become the next BRAND, rather than create a device that works and is liked and is actually easily copied (and it doesn't matter because you / they have bigger and better plans in the wings)?

When did electronics become mine claiming? When did innovation become a non renewable resource?

We are a breath away from Star Trek PADD (Personal Application Display Device). Why aren't there variations? Some that can go online an browse. Some that use this memory device, some that use that memory device. Some with keyboards. Some with touchpads. Some that are also phones or video phones. Some have amazing battery life. Some don't.

Why isn't it here?

Why does it seem like everyone's moving towards creating the exact same device? Everyone wants to make the next iPhone or iTouch or what have you.

Which reminds me, is it just me or is America returning to the days of trusts? AT&T merged with Cellular One. And I still remember when Lucent Technologies broke off from ATT. Heck I can remember how we came to have so many different long distance and local phone companies. But one flash disc or similar memory device company buys another one and then there's one company controlling the devices flooding the market. Does it seem backwards to anyone else?

It's oddly Matrix. As if the machines don't want us nearing the time period when they were first born, so they subtly send everything back towards the -last- century while the numbers count up to a future that won't really come.

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Date: 02:17AM | Tue, June 17th | 2008
Subject: Dear world, I want a colour ebook reader (w/ comics), music & video player with wifi browsing access
Security: Public
Mood:tired tired
Tags:technology, things i want

I am seriously, seriously, like, in July or August and quite likely to be July, considering purchasing a PSP. I've been researching portable media players for a good couple of months now and I'd reached the point of looking away at Japanese and Korean MP4 players and pondering the possibilities of the PSP. Mostly because I liked the thought of something similar to the Smart Q T5 but with possible internet access.

Hell, I even found myself looking at phones in Best Buy and trying to figure out if one of those would give me what I wanted and if I wanted to juggle around my budget and not have a hard line phone service at home.

But in the last few weeks I've seen the PSP everywhere, in the hands of a 30something woman being used as an mp3 player on the bus. I've seen it in the hands of teen boys, also being used as an mp3 player. I've seen it in the hands of a late 20something young woman who was actually playing a game on the bus. I've seen it on the subway...

I've just been noticing the shape everywhere. It feels like all of a sudden my looking out to see what kind of mp3 player someone has when I spot their headphones on, has suddenly become a 'Spot the PSP'.

I'm nervous about the fact that it doesn't come with an ebook reader and that'll have to be added via some freeware. I'm, well, it makes the whole damn thing feel community and woosh, over my head. I'm all 'omfg who do I think I am, adding non proprietary firmware and blah de blah'.

But I want what I want and after weeks of looking, I feel like this is what I want. I like the size and heft and the screen, my experience noting the screen over people's shoulders on public transport has been a pleasure.

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Date: 05:49PM | Tue, May 20th | 2008
Subject: Son of a ....
Security: Public
Tags:technology, things that suck, wtf!!

New program.

It tries to use something it's not supposed to. I say no. Not permanently, but for now. Next thing I know my current browser profile can't c onnect to the internet.

Ok, fine.

Delete delete delete commands. Reboot browser, accept. WTF ever. Except the first reboot doesn't take. So I have to close again. EXCEPT, firefox doesn't read the urls of tabs that don't load properly so I've FUCKING LOST THAT BROWSER SESSION FOREVER!

And firefox doesn't fucking save more than two sessions back.

SHIT FUCK DAMN, as if I need another reason to scream today.


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Date: 07:40PM | Wed, May 14th | 2008
Subject: Signs I've become used to Twitter
Security: Public
Mood:still owy still owy
Tags:online: culture, technology

Twitter is down for me.

And it took me a half hour to remember Instant Messaging Exists.

ETA: I'm right now looking at Pownce and Tumblr but I feel so skeezy.

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Date: 03:07PM | Sat, March 1st | 2008
Subject: Hey you. Yeah, you software maker. Bite my flat black bum!
Security: Public
Mood:bitchy bitchy
Tags:getting older, technology, things that suck

I have episodes of something I want to put on disk. When I try, I'm told it's not in the right format. It's AVI.

And it apparently needs me to load extra stuff into a VOB folder.

Cue me going WTH???

So I try to see if I can back up the files as a SuperVideo CD. But that layout doesn't recognize I've got a dvd-rw in the tray and blocks me after one episode transfer.

Looking up AVI, I think, maybe, they want me to convert it to MPEG?

But the info there says it's time consuming. It also goes on and on about technical details of which I don't give a crap and don't want to have to wrap my mind around. I'm a simple little consumer and I want something on DVD. Why make it hard? If I want to spend three hours getting schooled on MPEG, formats, compression rates and the like - I'll take a class or something. With a teacher. Who'll teach. And of whom I can ask questions.

I'd like to maybe watch these eps on my tv one day. That'd be splendid. But I'm beginning to think I shall have to try and figure out how to copy the info over as Data. (Provided that layout recognizes I have a DVD and not a CD blank media in the tray *checks* yes it does. So at least I'll be able to save it)

Seriously, I think I now understand a little bit about why certain devices make people feel old. It doesn't take much to wonder if someone younger than I, would have a)picked this stuff up as part of their everyday life as easily as figuring out the ice maker in the fridge, b) think nothing of apparently needing to know what I think of right now as useless technical details irrelevant to what I want to happen.

And the funny thing here is. Newtech Inforsystems is all 'We're so easy and simple'.

And I'm all 'No you aren't you lying gold bitch'. And how do I know this? I watched the former roommate tape things off the telly onto a dvd with her dvd recording device. And I picked up some of what to do partially by watching her and partially by reading the damn intsructions.

So is the unnecessary 'we'll treat your need NOT as if your computer is an APPLIANCE' due to 'OMG, copying could be something illegal!????

Or is it more of 'We're assuming you don't MIND wasting time trying to do a simple procedure, cause you're just sitting on your ass by a computer - NATCH'

Suddenly Apples iPR for their products makes so much more damn sense.

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Date: 10:08PM | Tue, January 8th | 2008
Subject: Technology Mocks Me - And Other Sagas of Almost Woe
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So as you know, me cell phone died, or rather for the first time ever the battery ran all the way out because the plug where I thought it was charging wasn't turned on. Disappointed, crushed and anxious, I weathered Christmas without my own cellphone. And in January I bought a new one.

Today, it turns out that my phone didn't die at all. No sirreee.

I simply hadn't turned the bugger thing on.

Laughing at me are you, well I'd probably laugh too if I'd not had panic attacks about it. Turns out that you need to hold the OFF button on, for 5 seconds in order to turn the phone on. And I'd only be taking it off standby since I'd owned it, not having it ever turn itself off and go dead before (battery needing complete charging)

This information was in the troubleshooting section of the manual for the new phone, cause I picked it after it'd been charging all day, and it wouldn't turn on either and I had a moment of such complete and sheer utter panic at the thought I might have broken it before I even got it started.

Why'd I blame myself?

Well, I've an unusual electro-magnetic body field that messes things up. Zvi, the former roommate can attest to the fact that I can give the tv remote batteries a boost and cause them to last extraordinary long and other weirdness.

Still, I'm not too miffed. I got a second battery, a backup phone should this one suffer real harm and a double minute value card all for 15$ + shipping and handling. And the double minute card is usually 50$.

But I still feel foolish and edgy and slightly relieved.

In other news my slide british accent brought to you courtesy of Sweeny Todd and Zvi's birthday which I shall post about next.

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