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Date: 06:16PM | Tue, December 13th | 2011
Subject: Ok then Tumblr
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Mood:aggravated aggravated
Tags:the world: 2011, wtf!!

I begin to believe it's a good gosh darn thing, my mind just hasn't worked to 'get' Tumblr. Cause even getting a feed from a few I like onto my desktop - my blood pressure is all 'walk. away'. I just... Life is too damn short. TOO. DAMN. SHORT.

For the record, the whole 'baby being breast fed' - just has me writing off a WHOLE HOST of the damn human race. Just, blip, off. Deleted. BAHLETED.

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Date: 07:34PM | Tue, June 14th | 2011
Subject: For The Record
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Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:i will cut somebody, the world: 2011, the year: 2011, wtf!!

I am a queer, WoC, of Caribbean Heritage, who is neuro-atypical and a survivor. I exist. People have met me. I have met them. They exist. Last I checked Zvi_Likes_Tv was NOT a middle aged hetero white guy (I only mention my Boston Wife, cause I can handle her smacking me for insisting she exists, I won't insist other peeps exist w/o their permission). Also last time I checked the mirror I was not a middle aged hetero white guy. Y'know, just in case someone gets it into their head that the seeming diversity from straight, white, hetero, cis, white guys on the internet are all just pretend, all just default white hetero cis white people who're currently able bodied and/or disability free 'pretending' to make the world more diverse and different. NOPE. Not the case.

PS: There are other identifying aspects of myself I've likely forgot - because I don't go around all day long thinking about just how 'different' or 'unique' I am compared to the particular 'default' most people (of a type) assume.

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Date: 04:43PM | Fri, March 11th | 2011
Subject: Babble
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Mood:indescribable indescribable
Tags:the world: 2011

I have nothing to do with Japan. I admire their anime industry; the artists in particular but also the technical creators. I admire certain aspects of the manga industry. I was just looking up some things research wise, and so it is a sudden shock to see names that are more than names, that have visual meanings. I know what houses in Chiba prefecture look like. I just saw some.

It hits me how easily it is for people and places to be far away 'over there' and 'somewhere strange where a thing happened, maybe a bad thing' and also how easy it is for another country, many miles away to mean something, for its people to be people because of an ability to relate; it is the home of artists I admire, writers I admire. There's something I want to say about appropriation vs actual appreciation - but I'm not quite sure I have the words.

Meanwhile I keep thinking of George Carlin discussing how one day the Earth would just shake us all off like a case of fleas. Australia flooding and the cyclone, NZ earthquake, Japan earthquake. Reminders of the fragility of our environment, both in an ecological sense and a trappings of modern civilization sense.

A huge part of me hopes that people I know who have connections to Japn, hear from loved ones and discover at most that people are wet, grumpy cold, but ok. At the same time, even as I hope that for people connected to me, my sphere of influence, by such short degrees. The truth of the matter is that there are people who won't get that reassuring phone call. There are people in Japan who won't get it. And that is just so sorrowful.

Huh, it was just sinking in about the earthquake in NZ.

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Date: 07:30AM | Fri, January 7th | 2011
Subject: Tuning Up The Volume
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Tags:health: physical, the world: 2011

Retracted; Autism From Vaccines Study an 'ELABORATE FRAUD'. Of course people have been pointing this out for a while now, but I guess it's 'official' because a medical journal did an investigation/study and tadah.

I admit I have never quite understood where the 'autism OMG" came from when it comes to vaccinations. They weren't talking about high fevers, possible allergies, new parents and possibly brain damage or stress on infant bodies (which is my objection to giving vaccinations to newborns and very young children - what's the point of colostrum and sharing antibodies via breast milk if a kid can't wait a few years?). But Autism?

This fraud affects so many damn people - not just the kids who haven't been vaccinated, or the stress on their parents or the movement that's seemingly gathered leading to outbreaks of things in the US etc, but the man who put Asperger's in the Diagnostic Manual wishes he hadn't, because of what he sees as the rise of diagnosis pertaining to attempts to get special programs, etc. I have no doubt one fed into the other - and then you have people crying an Autism epidemic, as if it wasn't possible autistic people had always been around but the categories for diagnosis were different, as well as shifting status of perception of people with disabilities, or particular disabilities/ side paths from neurotypical (however small), etc...etc...etc...

It's kind of like claiming dyslexia was an epidemic. It wasn't. It was just people stopped being labeled difficult children, stupid, class clowns etc, and got identified as having their brains work differently and needing acceptance of that.

But now, here we are. What will happen next? How far will this information be disseminated? There were already people pointing out the fallacies - bringing the man's name up and showing routes to the fraud. Now the fraud is 'official' what next? Because people holding on to this source to blame for why their lives didn't turn out the way they'd always imagined - I don't think they'll have an easy time letting go. When something happens to a child you care about, you want to help them AND you want to make whatever hurt them pay. You want to stop it from hurting others.

Is one journal's refuting the study going to do more than all the people pointing out the study was false, previously? I don't know.

But at least I can signal boost.

ETA: British Medical Journal Write Up (via Rydra Wong). And accompanying editorial. If you occasionally have problems with FLASH, info may not show up.

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