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Date: 05:49PM | Fri, December 31st | 2010
Subject: Pinch On The Wallet & Some Extra
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Tags:the year: 2010, things cost money, wth?

I'm trying to find every menu I've got from this one take-out place. They've seriously gone to pot as the year's progressed and tonight was the final straw. Order just slightly wrong enough to be annoying, and the food was also smaller and watery/tasteless. I understand cutting back because of the economy, but seriously, the money isn't growing bundled bills on the trees for me either! Though maybe I'll just throw them all out (slightly doubtful sometimes I need to know a thing is there) - cause even their pizza is getting skimpy. I just never expected the Indian Food to be all wrong. OMGoodness.

I'm trying not to think of it as $20 lost. It's just a semi expensive lesson in recognizing when a food place has FAILED - loyalty and memories be darned.

In other news: Is it normal for one's insurance company to be tracking card purchases so they can updated your covered items?

Now I think I'm going to crash in the next 40mins to an hour, and wake up in 2011. I've been juggling a lot emotionally and mentally (thus the exhaustion and need to order out instead of cook) and need the rest. I'll probably wake up before the West Coast feels 2011 and have a little toast or something then, maybe. If not I'm not sweating it. I woke up in New Year's as a child, I can do it again. Staying up, doesn't change the date.

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Date: 04:25AM | Fri, December 17th | 2010
Subject: Too much thinking
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Tags:the year: 2010

I don't want to say 2010 was horrible. I know it feels that way now, because of Oct, and now Dec, and Thanksgiving was the bright spot of Nov, truly. But there was Aug, with my sister, which was wonderful. And March with my maternal family. And my health started improving in unexpected ways. I'm still going uphill, but it's a slow walk, not a mindless drudge where I don't even look where I'm going and feel like I'm slipping backwards most of the time. And I'm cooking healthier (though I did start getting bored, avoiding msg/maltodextrin and high fructose cornsyrp does put a crimp in things with a limited budget).

And it's probably a positive, the things that came up recently in therapy that I'm dealing with, no matter how... exposed/explosive/omgwtf they seem - I'm aware of them, have admitted to them, have sought and will receive help.

The upstairs neighbours have been stressful. And I wish my landlady wasn't quite so even handed - but I've decided to deal with that by using as many electronic devices to block the noise (when it happens) as I can handle and am calling it even.

2010 was also a year of disappointments in terms of newer people I reached out to, who proved my instincts right, much to my sinking heart.

--- Tempest Tossed Year

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Date: 11:18PM | Sat, July 10th | 2010
Subject: That's one snazzy toga, Nero
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Tags:hold your head and weep, the year: 2010, world stage, wth?

Ordered groceries. Unpacked when they came. One of the major things I'd wanted (and had been craving) was out of stock. But even so, I still have no idea what I spent money on. Some fruit? Some greens? WTH? Near 50$ and I keep staring at the bill and going over it again and again. And the even funnier and mind blowing bit was that I seem to have caught some unexpected SALES!

In other news: Oil Spill + Doomsday - BP, the Oil Spill, deregulation, greed, all seem to be culminating in the end of the world as we know it. No, seriously - aside from the possibility of a geothermal methane bubble which could explode, cause a tsunami and wipe out the coast - but not before killing everyone dead with poison gasses (seriously, click the link) - there are fissures happening, even more oil plums, the water in that area, already going dead due to nitrates increasing surface flora which blocked the sun and turned areas into ocean deserts where nothing could live (but the flora) - now we'll have oil and methane and benzene and more, in the Gulf, spreading into the oceans. Plastic is already killing all sorts of sea and shore creatures, now here comes oily death.

Can you sue a company for destroying the earth & creating a major ecological, total disregard for homoeostasis, disaster? Would it even make sense? Would you also have to sue the government that permitted the drilling? Can the coastal cities of Central America, and the islands of the Caribbean go 'Eff you, USA'? How do you make right what greed has irrecoverably destroyed?

Is someone going to claim that the spill won't affect global warning because global warming to their minds is STILL just a hoax? Is someone going to claim that just because they're keeping the oil contained, they're also keeping the chemicals contained? That benzene and who knows what else isn't in the water? And won't be carried by currents around the globe, tainted beaches (and anything on the beach) and the deeper waters?

And did you hear how some folks are still trying to make a buck? Raising insurance rates?

And this has nothing on the burning of sea turtles alive. Or that discriminatory practices are going in the hiring of assistance. Or that that assistance isn't getting the proper and or enough training.

Bwahahahahahaha. Economic downturn because of greed. People out of work and getting desperate. Racial tensions rising because the prior privileged and elite are getting more grabby, possible destruction of the gulf coast forever (which only hits the news cause it might affect hundreds of thousands of white people - (there have been other spills and ruthless company practices in other countries)....

Someone get a damn fiddle, whoa. Get. a. damn. fiddle.

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Date: 09:31PM | Sun, February 7th | 2010
Subject: Apparently The Avatar: The Last Airbender (Live Action) Movie People - Spent Superbowl Money
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Tags:honkywoodshines, omgwtfbbq!, the year: 2010, what is this! i don't even!

Link of dread:

Where to start, where to start, where to start.

1. Could the music be any more masking?
Yes, I know it's trailer music, which doesn't HAVE to be associated with the movie in any way. But generic, (gi joe the movie style) rock. - to go with the White People Need Saving; Brown People Are Aggressive Despoiling Conquers.

Aside: Who here wants to pre-spork something at the thought of how, based on the casting (+ teaser and trailer), the sandbender tribes will be portrayed?

Aside2: For some odd reason I got a flash to the Batman movies (maybe the music makes me think action movie?) but it does now make the thought of GIANT KILLER WASPS seem... like it won't fit in M.Night S's vision.

2.Why is everything so dark? The Last Airbender is not LOTR. It's not Aaragorn with greasy hair, having not bathed in forever. It's meant to be bright, powerful, symbolic colours.

Aside3: If there's no blue for the water tribe, is that scandinavian tan meant to represent the elemental nature of pee? Sickly pee?

3. The bare back, upper body naked martial arts movements scene - why is it there? Also why does it look like a kid having been directed to try and look like 'the graceful ninja' - by an older brother, while they organize play by the beach?

4. Am I the only one who wants to weep that the trailer makes it all so GENERIC? So generic in fact, it's taken 3 viewings for me to realize it's not comets falling from the sky in one trailer scene; that's meant to be fire bending.

Generic. I know all the beats already. There will be despair, rebelliousness, rebellious hero-ness, and Aang will get the girl.

Oh crap, now I'm having flashbacks to TMNT movies.

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Date: 11:53AM | Thu, January 28th | 2010
Subject: --
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Tags:the year: 2010, willow's warren

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Date: 04:57PM | Fri, January 1st | 2010
Subject: Old Year's Night / New Year's Day
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Mood:tired, hungry tired, hungry
Tags:about me, the world: 2009, the world: 2010, the year: 2009, the year: 2010

I don't like Glee. I don't want to hear about your squee, because I'm busy wincing at the ablism, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia and other incidental careless moments of socio-political pain causing.

I've pretty much given up reading fannish fic and it's time I owned up to that. Reccs will just pile up unlooked at, because I'm tired of having to take a metaphysical drink before reading in case I see the rotten underskirt of someone else's psyche.

Or something not rotten but private and poking at sore places for me.

And if you publish professional fic and I really like it - I'll still read, but I'll borrow from the library and wait patiently for you to die, in hopes the next generation is a little less selfishly navel gazing and self prioritizing.

If it doesn't make me happy - Chuck It To Effing Hell.

That includes tv and movies and more.

There are some people who just aren't worth fart.

Last night I made a first step in putting my joys and comforts first, in terms of whom I socialize with, whom I let near, whom I comfort and let comfort me, how adorable I want to seem, how much of myself I reveal - if I want to, when I want to.

My online front door opens onto a village of individuals whose lives I care about, want to know more about, from stubbed toes, to business triumphs, career moments and parental freak outs and more. And only from that select group of individuals will my eyes merely glaze over if their squee is something irksome to me, because their joy is joysome to me.

Honesty offers less chances of miscommunication and fumbling.

There are opportunities for me within the thing I love dearly (almost most) in the world. I should seize them. Seize them even if the stars are not aligned right, even if butterflies kaleidoscope in my stomach, even of my chest squeezes and I can barely breathe.

My carryover fandom is Activism.

PS: Partaking of [info]medea_complex continuing to be awesome.

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