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Date: 02:38PM | Sun, July 11th | 2010
Subject: Grr
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Tags:they be cancelling shit, willow's warren

Upstairs tenant had someone come to their door; booming like it was police, banging on the door and shouting. Woke me up out of a lovely dead sleep (where I've been recovering frm this morning's chores & activities). Was so startled I barely maanaged to get outside with pants on and point out they didn't need to bang so hard - someone lives below. And if no one's answering maybe people aren't home.

Them: "Oh no someone's home." While talking on a cellphone.

Wish I'd had the whereithall to point out if she can't get them to the front door AND she has a phone, then maybe they don't want to talk to her.

Now it's for me to deal with the rush of anxiety.

Eta: Smoked up the apt, new tenant came to make sure I was ok. Asked to hear what it sounds like when people walk. Of course I had every fan in the house on at the time - so I have no idea what she believes now.

ETA2: And I just saved two of her kids from being locked out and stranded outside by letting them walk through my apt, to get to the back/kitchen door where they'd be heard easier. So I think she's likely to believe the messed up acoustics of the house and I feel less anxious.

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Date: 02:10PM | Mon, May 18th | 2009
Subject: Some Letters Of Interest
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Tags:they be cancelling shit

Dear people who liked the Terminator Show (Sarah Connor Chronicles),

I am truly sorry. I never watched even a commercial for your show, but I liked watching you squee about it.




Dear people who like DOLLHOUSE,

The people who like SCC are coming to get you, and I'm selling them baseball bats and crow bars. I suggest you run. Some of them are also oddly/mechanically fast.

For the record, one episode of Dollhouse was more than enough for me. And the 'It Depends On What You Pay' video just ranked the skeeze up to truly intolerable levels. (It makes me think Dean and Sam should meet Echo and then hilarity of truly grotesque erotitized proportions would ensue)

Personally I don't understand the people claiming JW immune to the conservatism of age that happens to most humans. Or from his rampant skeezy race issues, ableism, and remember the dead lesbian?

Anyway, why are you still reading this? That knocking on your door ain't nothing good.


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