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Date: 11:29PM | Fri, April 22nd | 2011
Subject: Pondering
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Tags:researching a possible purchase, things cost money, thinky thoughts

I wanted to buy a 3 ring binder and create a recipe/food journal. Ideas for meals, notes on what didn't agree with me, etc. But I organize best using a computer and part of me wonders if an ereading device wouldn't be better somehow.

The nook seemed dark, when I saw it a few weeks back in B&N. I'm told the Kindle has contrast to be brighter, and thus easier to read. But of course all e-ink won't have the option to brighten the screen. The Kindle can apparently also (or at least the old one could) be used as a GPS/Google Maps/Find Your Way locator thingie. So, books, recipes, not getting lost...

Can one jot down thoughts on a Kindle (or other device), like a notepad?

(Yes, I know, I'm was/am still wary of the whole 'they control the horizontal and the vertical' re: taking books back etc and possibly nosing around in one's files. Am still having thinky thoughts, however - especially because the Battery Life is so long)

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Date: 04:16PM | Thu, February 17th | 2011
Subject: Note To Self
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Mood:pissed off pissed off
Tags:health: physical, things cost money, venting

7th Generation Products. ALL their products are total frauds. And now it explains why they COVER UP the ingredient list so you have to hurt yourself practically peeling a sticker off a sticker to try and see. A few drops and my hands are itching already - damn dish soap. Bought in Aug '10. Just opened it. Now it's frigging useless to me.

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Date: 05:49PM | Fri, December 31st | 2010
Subject: Pinch On The Wallet & Some Extra
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Tags:the year: 2010, things cost money, wth?

I'm trying to find every menu I've got from this one take-out place. They've seriously gone to pot as the year's progressed and tonight was the final straw. Order just slightly wrong enough to be annoying, and the food was also smaller and watery/tasteless. I understand cutting back because of the economy, but seriously, the money isn't growing bundled bills on the trees for me either! Though maybe I'll just throw them all out (slightly doubtful sometimes I need to know a thing is there) - cause even their pizza is getting skimpy. I just never expected the Indian Food to be all wrong. OMGoodness.

I'm trying not to think of it as $20 lost. It's just a semi expensive lesson in recognizing when a food place has FAILED - loyalty and memories be darned.

In other news: Is it normal for one's insurance company to be tracking card purchases so they can updated your covered items?

Now I think I'm going to crash in the next 40mins to an hour, and wake up in 2011. I've been juggling a lot emotionally and mentally (thus the exhaustion and need to order out instead of cook) and need the rest. I'll probably wake up before the West Coast feels 2011 and have a little toast or something then, maybe. If not I'm not sweating it. I woke up in New Year's as a child, I can do it again. Staying up, doesn't change the date.

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