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Date: 12:27AM | Tue, June 5th | 2012
Subject: Korra: Sleepy Thoughts
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Have only watched up to Ep6 I think? The one where... ) Anyway, someone I read, somewhere had a thought of wanting Rich!Girl to be an Equalist. And while brushing my teeth, I had a thought. The Thought )

Bed now. Don't even have a tag for this past 'tv'.

ETA: requested cut tag/s. My attempt at vagueness, unchanged.

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Date: 06:01PM | Thu, May 31st | 2012
Subject: Oh Anime... **sigh**
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Trying that 'watch sucky/trashy'. But I'm finding with anime? I've got some triggers. I'm having it up to here and over with quiet shy stubling to talk girls who don't seem to have a backbone or a singular indepdent personality, but are somehow 'the perfect girl'. I'm also done with the the same girl who turns into a beast with jealousy. It's, to me, highly unattractive and awful.

Come on anime, give me something light hearted and sweet and fun! I can only re-atch Chi's Sweet Home but so many times.

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Date: 09:43AM | Tue, May 29th | 2012
Subject: No Ordinary Family
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Tags:tv, wtf!!

Someone on my flist mentioned it; and their incredulity at some of the goings on. Since I'm on the 'partaking of trashy/sucky media' theraputic regimen, I took a peek. I think I can watch things that suck, but NOT things that irritate me, and this show just (the pilot even) irritated me to enormous levels. More below.

Cause some folks may not have attempted the series )

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Date: 04:26AM | Wed, January 25th | 2012
Subject: Waiiiit a minute
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So, I hunted down G.I.Joe: Renegades, to see the 1st episode. And what do I find? I find it's apparently all Scarlett's fault they got in trouble in the first place? WTF? Annnd apparently, the girl gets them in trouble, but the men have to macho things up to make the problem even worse. WTF?

*so much sighing*

I just... I realize tis technically a show for 'kiddies'; albiet one dealing with concepts of corrupt army contractors, terrorism, arson, weapons of mass destruction and the like. But... damn. Or maybe I'm just not that into the implict 'American Rugged Individualism Conquers All' - and thus find the characters to have been making oodles of MISTAKES and not acting daring for 'justice' / glory / whatever. Who knows, maybe some part of my brain IS actually going 'That is SO not military procedure'. I don't know.

Oh wait, now they follow strict military protocol so they can conveniently be set up? Among other things? But at least so far I've seen PoC; as Joes, in positions of power w/i the military, (theoretically at least) etc...

Ok, apparently I am just not the intended audience. I'm asking too many questions.

Read more... )

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Date: 05:08PM | Thu, January 19th | 2012
Subject: G.I Joe: Renagades
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Tags:cartoons, tv, wtf!

WTF? Since when did GI Joe merge with The A Team???? Highly trained team? Set up? On the run? Trying to prove their innocence? Do they also save innocents on their off time? I have no idea.

Also, I just saw their version of' The Origins of Destro. It was kind of angsty yo. Like, Nate Ford, Leverage Angsty. But less annoying. I'm kind of - Oh... they do try to help innocent towns besiged by COBRA.

I laugh and chortle.

I also note the terrorism angle is very modern as compared to the 80's cartoon.

Meanwhile, Snake Eyes is... silent. Is he supposed to be deaf? Is he another 'White American Ninja' ? Or is he Non White under there? Le sigh.

Also I feel old at the thought that children watching this, might have no idea about The A Team other than that movie that came out, whenever a couple months? A year ago? Just like there were peeps claiming Bram Stoker stole Vampires from S.Meyer, or that 'other people's vampires and werewolves were ALL WRONG'. I end up feeling like people are going to end up talkin about 'Such and such stole from Such and such' And I'll be there all 'Read a damn pop culture history book, y'ignorant whippersnapper'.

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Date: 11:58PM | Mon, December 12th | 2011
Subject: Re: Once Upon A Time (tv series)
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Mood:bored bored

I have decided the premise is interesting and that it is wonderful, as a fairytales fan, to see fairytales on screen and see what new depths and/or life and meaning can be given to them. However, I find the show itself, boring. I find the characters boring as all get out. I just don't like seeing the actors much on screen. I can't seem to get excited about it. I'm not watching it because I like it, I'm watching it trying to like it. And life, is just too. damn. short. It's a pity, but there it is.

Hopefully if it gets better, maybe? Someone will give me a shout? I happened upon Haven in the 2nd season, and then went back to watch the 1st, and was essentially only watching the 1st for the characters I'd already grown to like. It too was an instance where if the characters hadn't caught me watching 2nd season, I'd have never held on for the premise if I'd watched the 1st, first.

Sometimes I wonder if fanfiction has kind of spoiled me/warped me somehow. Or if, perhaps, this is just my thing, and why I've been having so much trouble lately writing the type of things I think I want to write, or that I love to read - I wonder if my brain is just all: Can we explore the characters already? Their interactions? The world? Dive right in and count on your to follow along?. I think it's easier in fanfiction because the lore base and knowledge is assumed. But I think, perhaps, I like figuring things out, coming in on 2nd season. I like sorting out the relationships and dynamics and history. I think I like In Media Res a WHOLE damn lot. And that, perhaps, I find being spoonfed boring.

As to how this might apply to Once Upon A Time Behind This Cut )

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Date: 10:50PM | Sat, December 10th | 2011
Subject: Once Upon A Time | Grimm
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Mood:thirsty thirsty

After watching two episodes of Once Upon A Time, realized properly that there wer two shows doing fairytale stuff, and went, found, and watched the 1st episode of Grimm. I was not impressed. It's like Supernatural w/ Fairy Tales - and worse. I noted immediately that the victims were female (and white). Just like how I can't watch Criminal Minds anymore, cause they're always finding serial killers who're murdering white women, white people or light skinned women. When I know for a fact that serial killers of black women, especially dark skin women go unchecked for YEARS. And when I say YEARS? In the various movies and tv shows (CM especially) it's always shock if someone's gotten away with something for ten years, even twenty. There have been serial killers who stayed in ONE city for 40 yrs, still UNCAUGHT, who prey on black women. So Grimm was already getting all sorts of 'yet another white female in peril' side eye from me. And yes, it doesn't matter to me the age of the white woman.

* * * There might be some spoilers * * *

*** )

My thoughts on Once Upon A Time, are a little more complex. Didn't see the pilot. Saw the Cinderella Episode and the one w/ the backstory on 'Prince Charming'. I'm somewhat intrigued, mostly because I adore fairytales. Always have. Hope I always will. And from that standpoint, as a fan of fairytales, I did love seeing the combination and updating of the lore. And not just fairytales, some general eastern and western European folklore in there, some Greek and Roman myths.

Makes me sad a bit, if my head were more together, I'd have a fairytale something to throw onto the growing trend. But my head is my head, and what will happen, will happen. And I adore seeing variation on fairytales anyway. So, yay.

At the same time, Maine is very, very, white. Storybrook is very very white. And I love fairytales because they are universal.

But I digress. My major irk so far is the yes, no, how to, awwh thwarted of I'm guessing Snow White & her Prince. Maybe I'd care more if I watched from the beginning? Or maybe tis that I just don't like that kind of push me, pull me story. So more, I guess, once I've watched the pilot. I'm willing to do that and not fstfwd like I did w/ Grimm.

I do get what I've seen some folks mention, about the long lost hero being female instead of male. And her having a power more than 'heart'.

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Date: 10:00PM | Sun, October 9th | 2011
Subject: Charlie's Angels: 2011
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I think I'm jaded. I didn't applaud a latino computer expert, because I was too busy going 'WTF? Lady chaser?' And wishing he were Asian. Cause why not an Asian lady chaser and then realized it was a Latino male into picking up chicks and doing not so legal things with computer tech. Ugh.

But that's an irk and likely a personal one at that. No, I think I'm jaded because I think, if you're going to kill off an Angel; even a temporary one, don't be so cheap you can't keep her around for a few episodes. 10 minutes is not enough time for me to feel any emotional involvement with a character, or give a damn about their loss or the supposed pain their friends are feeling. It's worse when it all seems so paint by numbers.

Ok, so maybe I'm also twitching that the 'dirty cop' is a black woman. Maybe I am.

But the latina female comes from an experience with death squads and child trafficking? I get the noir thing of shady history and going after the person who ruined her childhood/backstory - all on off hours and then dying and leaving bare scraps for her partner(s) to go on to bring the scum to justice. I get that trope. But tying it all into child trafficking with all the overtures of sex trafficking somehow minus the menial labour slavery that also happens....

And I ended up wondering at how much money that 16 yr old runaway's parents had to hire private fixers to look for their daughter. And then I end up thinking about what the 16yr old could have been running away from if her parents were that well off. Yes, teenagers do stupid things, but hitting the streets? That's a 'pushed there' move. So here I am watching the episode, twitched by so much, wondering how there can be all this allusion to sexual coercion of underage girls but somehow it's an utter innocent and happy reunion between that runaway girl and her parents.

So mysterious latina to be replaced by another mysterious latina; cause look how interchangeable they are; tattoos, similar childhood history, ending up working for the same agency. So what if one was a soldier and the other stayed a thief. It's the difference between spicey and extra spicey (gag!).

So far the only thing impressing me, is that they all seem to be wearing sensible shoes. Though I do wonder if I'm not supposed to be noticing the flats.

Ending: Wrong musical choice for the ending. New team member, but the old one has DIED. It should be bittersweet. WTF?

Second episode: Not appreciating the gender essentialism.

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Date: 09:04PM | Tue, August 23rd | 2011
Subject: Watched 'The New' Torchwood aka Torchwood: New World aka Torchwood: Miracle Day
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Mood:well frack well frack

I have a lot of ... and seriously, this is the plot? With some 'oooh, I like Gwen. I'm glad I didn't have to see whatever BS it was supposed to be w/ a love triangle'. With some additional 'Ugh' at, well, some Ugly American(ism) that I can't tell if it's meant to be on purpose or not and if so, why the black male character.

Spoilers )

ETA: More Spoiler Thoughts - Upset Thoughts )

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Date: 05:22AM | Mon, August 22nd | 2011
Subject: Huh...
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Mood:contemplative contemplative
Tags:games: general, tv

I'm not enjoying Season 1 of HAVEN as much as I've enjoyed what I've seen of Season 2. Why is that? So far my thoughts are; Season 1 keeps flinging itself at me, begging me to like it, taking me by the hand with much spoonfeeding, and the format is monster of the week. Season 2 is where the long arc storyline is further developed, and the characters are established - so perhaps I just like sorting the cues and clues to pick up personality, relationships and the like. I don't want bite size, pre chewed little bits.

In Season 2, I figured out there was low lying chemistry between Aubrey & No Feely Guy. And a frienmy thing going between No Feely Guy and Duke. And that there were possibly also family ties between No Feely Guy & Duke. And there was comfortable flirtation between Duke & Aubrey. And those three are the three amigos meant to be Scoobying it up.

I didn't realize the Brothers Grim were Brothers. I thought old fussy gay couple actually (which in heteronormative tv means lifelong bachelor grumpy old men friends). I think they're the only thing I got pegged wrong (and not so much by).

Do I just generally not like 1st seasons? I think I liked 11th's first series, but then again, while it was a new incarnation it was hardly the first episode or first true season of Dr. Who. So... so indeed.

And this is also pinging me hard where it concerns The Witcher 2. All this fussing about it dropping you in the pool and letting you float, sink or swim. And I liked that so much, I really wished my computer was up to the job.

I keep feeling; Physican Heal Thyself is akin to Writer Know Thyself. And wow, there's a lot of parts of me to know. Things I don't even realize I'm continually expressing or rehashing until someone nods and goes 'yeah, that sounds like something you'd like' or 'yeah, that sounds like it'd annoy you'.

[And yes, sleep schedule still messed the hell up, but tween the rain, the panic attacks, computer issues and the like. I'm just going to be glad I'm breathing and able to feed myself]

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Date: 08:00AM | Thu, August 18th | 2011
Subject: And Other Things I Watched
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Couldn't watch web shows, couldn't quite read what I wanted (chose the wrong time to reorganize what was on the Kindle), etc... etc... ended up looking for tv shows to watch to keep me from boredom and activity. Some was surprisingly wonderful (Dr. Who) and some were good enough to intrigue (Have) and some, some just made me sigh. A lot.

Falling Skies
What the arse is up with this show? It's all heroic pans, swells of music, overly lingering reaction shots, padding (for what? time? heart string manipulation? what?), lost/dropped threads and events and circumstances. I couldn't find things to enjoy, and as I was desperate I watched episodes 3 or 4 to most recent. So like 5 or 6 in all. And even considering how much I liked Noah what'shisface in The Librarian(the first, not the sequel) - I still end up rolling my eyes. A lot. More huh/head scratch here )

Now here was a surprise. The Season 2 premise intrigued me; two people with one set of memories? Alright, let us see what they do with 'you are the sum of your experiences'. I liked the acting; a person who can't feel sensation isn't a physical actor it's all voice and eyes, and then when it's not.... I liked that. I liked that a lot. And as I said in a prior post (as I play catch up), ERIC BALFOUR! WOOT!

But Canada also looks amazing. That's some good lightning going on there. Good costuming with sufficient layers of clothes. I may roll my eyes a bit at the long triangle set up (I don't much like them) but small town/village life, paranormal stuff, powerplays and politics and people's dirty little secrets, old emotional scars and the main character is trying to make connections. And the pace is good. I don't get bored. I don't feel pushed/forced to root for any particular character or relationship or circumstances.

Aside: Which is kind of how I think I ended up completely enjoying Ghost Whisperer (despite the creepy) and loathing Supernatural. Gentle vs violent, comprehension vs exorcism, atmosphere vs jump cuts, shaky camera and freaky make up and fx tricks.

It's on Seefeey so it's liable to be cancelled for no reason - but taking it for what it is, Haven doesn't seem that bad. Seems almost like what Point Pleasant may have wanted to be, except they got caught up in THE WB teenie love triangles and other bs and characters doing incomprehensible things. People using their cellphones, pulling out their guns, communicating to one another, admitting curiosity and worry pulls them out into dangerous spaces or even sometimes impatience. Only character I didn't like was Mrs. Crocker and... now I know why too.

ThunderCats (new series)

Wily Kit and Wily Kat are adorable. Lion-o, eh, he's a teenager. Tigra is annoying, but in a way that feels tolerable in expectation of character growth. Character growth, that's the big change from 80's cartoons which seemed all about setting up fights for toy selling.

I said before I think I'm a little too old for the morality plays, but the lore of the universe; the broken kingdom and thus a reason for exploration and questing and a goal and possibly history to uncover about the enemy and the land and possible restructuring in the far flung future for a more equitable state. Nice. And the fact the state was NOT perfect to start with. And Lion-o's immaturity and naivety and inexperience have a more believable layer. I'm just already rolling my eyes at the inevitable relationship triangle there. Ugh.

But it felt like I was watching a fanfic version of the universe; because someone put some thought into it. It is, of course, no Avatar Universe. But still, nice.

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Date: 03:10PM | Thu, July 21st | 2011
Subject: Alphas (Tv Series)
Security: Public
Mood:eye roll for days eye roll for days
Tags:#social justice issues, genre: scifi & fantasy, tv

Dear Stan Lee & Jack Kirby, how do you stand it having people cribbing your shit ALL THE TIME?

Seriously WTF Alphas? Finally got around to watching it, and I couldn't stop laughing. Professor Xavier w/ his First Class Five. And a Magneto who sees 20 moves ahead and knows homo sapiens will react with panic and fear, experimentation, exploitation and annihilation.

Yeah, I suppose it could be one of those stories, in the sense of there are only a set number of stories in the universe and the trick and skill is in how you craft the tale. But seriously?

Even if I did like the little twist of this universe's Magneto seeing the truth not due to history repeating itself, but because he's a probability cause and effect master - there is still a most intimate and sensitive relationship, a betrayed trust, and a realization that that person is purposely (perhaps optimistically or blocked due to privilege) not comprehending the truth of the situation.

I can't even. I just. can't. even.

Maybe this is one case where I'm too genre savvy to just go with the flow. Or, I don't know, too contemporary times savvy. I see all the time the reactions to equality of life for everyone; the hoarding of privilege, the lashouts, etc. It could be there's a reason this particular tale gets repeated in a manner so formulaic - it's all wide eyed, non self analytical white privileged dudes doing the damn writing.

But whatever.

I'm still seriously WTF? Really SEEFFEEY Channel?

Also I saw a snippet somewhere months ago about the formulaic characters themselves; the gender and racial and possibly socio-economic make-up. And I find myself nodding along, wondering if that ties into my point about the writers and how it makes the story so damn repetitive. The black guy is strong and occasionally feels no pain (and scared the white women), a woman is the seductress manipulator, bristle face loner white dude is misunderstood with issues around failure, fatherhood and manliness, shy latina/immigrant is 'oversensative'/perceives the world oh so differently from any of us, and I twitched at the 'autistic dude does computer' - ooh a way to put 'purpose' to seemingly random movements.

So much headsmack.

So much headsmack.

And oh yeah, the latina was gonna have to personally hand clean the office.

Eye roll forever.

While I know characters, especially in television, start off broadly defined and can overtime develop more complexity, I'm still left going; glazed donut, glazed donut, glazed donut.

Small upside: Saw 'Murphy' and whathisface from The 4400, and what'shisotherface from Due South / BSG. It was all 'Hee! Canada Urban SciFi Actors! Woot!'.

PS: Don't even talk to me about how they chose to represent Synaesthasia and how I feel about a WoC doing the grunt work of a whole damn lab without more compensation than a pat on the shoulder and a good job, but all the expectation the work should be done. Sweet Mongrely Christmas, that's some bullshit right there.

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Date: 09:06PM | Tue, April 19th | 2011
Subject: Quick Tv Note
Security: Public
Tags:rpg-ing, tv

Been meaning to say, then completely forgot. That The Borgias, the Older Brother, Little Sister vibe there reminds me strongly of a particular Greek Godly RP I once played.

The isolation, dysfunctional family, pressed circumstances bonding, protective overlay, possibly leading to some serious boundary crossing; I look at them and see all the twisted pearlized threads I'd been trying to get across about the hows and whys of it - the emotional entanglements and enmeshments.

It is very very A/H to me. So very very much.

Also in general? I can't help thinking of The Borgias as the most subtextual homoerotic thing I have seen on television in a damn ass long time. As someone who was brought up Catholic, it is just some serious ass funky porn. Slaves begging to be whipped, pouty Bishops -> Cardinals all 'Has my trust in you been misplaced'. Seriously that whole I am the CIA of the Church & You Are My Vassal thing - kinky.

Also, various characters in The Borgias make me think of Londo Mollari, The Centuri and the Centuri vs Narn conflicts. I think it is the whole Mad Prince and Table Of Dead Enemies thing that cemented it for me.

Right now I could not say why it is I feel more apt to watch The Borgias than GoT, except that the characters make me give a damn more. Is it the acting? Directing? The content is bloody the same, it IS a Game of Thrones (the papal throne among many). One would think I'd be more miffy given the woeful lack of use of Sir Derek Jacobi and yet even that hasn't dulled things for me.

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Date: 11:45PM | Fri, April 15th | 2011
Subject: On Television
Security: Public
Tags:thinky thoughts, tv

I get punched in the face too much by tv. I treid to watch the Show I know Zvi had liked "Drop Dead Diva". There was a Marathon on. And gut punched in the face by a plotline revolving around DID - except while no one was a murderer who was faking it - it was about Integration as Death and Theraputic Abuse that wasn't framed as such at all. It was just... punch in the face.

Now I've just heard that All My Children and One Life To Live are being cancelled and it has me thinking a lot about what I got from soaps - aside from twisted ideas about white people, American society and the pursuit of facade perfection. I learned about rape; spousal rape, aquaintance rape, date rape, being roofied - having no one believe you. I learned about stalkers and the dangers. Spousal abuse. Child Abuse. Lupus, Breast Cancer, Other Cancers, AIDS.

Though I didn't realize it for years afterwards, I can look back now and see stories about familial pressure to conform to other people's expectations of you; for good and bad. I figured out what kind of woman I did NOT want to be, what kind of person I did not want to be. I learned that parents lie, and have their own wants and desires they sometimes don't even want to admit to themselves.

I think if my mother had any clue I had been watching (with my aunts, sometimes not with my aunts) or what I had been learning from them; the need to believe in yourself, and your own perceptiont of reality even when other people say things like 'That couldn't possibly have happened because so and so is just too nice, too much a strong upstanding member of the community and you are not...' - She would have had some strong words about it.

I learned secrets are dangerous. Liars do prosper. The world is unfair. And that no matter how story-book, commercial 'romantic' a courtship might be, no matter what grand gestures might be made, if two people aren't fundamentally compatible with the same outlook, the same understandings of hurts and healing, the same willingness to walk on the same path - then people would end up married and divorced a half dozen times.

I am seriously sad that they only just started having gay couples on Soaps. Soaps are so Mainstream America. And now... nope. And the thought of no more general people wishing for this guy to be with THAT GUY or this girl to be with THAT GIRL? That hurts. The thought of an audience no longer having, thinking of, wanting a gueer supercouple? That Seriously Seriously Hurts. Even if I hadn't watched in years and years.

The age of the daytime soap opera is dying. Or on serious lifesupport at the moment. And it is sad, because now I wonder at the loss, the lack of a Supercouple that includes someone trans. And now I wonder whatever happened to the Supercouple in Days of Our Lives that had included someone fat (and amazing).

I am going to spend a little time mourning the loss. Cause it is as if some remote beloved has just died. It is something I grew up with. I followed the actors to other things. I checked in once in a while to find out what happened to various characters; who got aged up, which character had their actor changed, are women to this day still fighting over that guy named Ridge?

And now two of the main ones I knew anything about - poof. Gone. Just like that. And I know it must be more crushing to far more serious fans - the ones who go to the conventions and wait in line for autographs and pictures.

I also can't help but think of all the camera people, lighting people, hair and make up people, set makers, prop folks, sound guys and gals, even any darn caterers, and the like, along with the actors, who no longer have a steady paycheck. I grew up being aware, being told that soap actors aren't the Hollywood types who get big lump sums, they're the working men and women of actordom - the office grind, as it were. And some of them, I'm not sure if they'll even get spots on stuff for the Hallmark Channel (which seems to glom Canadian actors) because they are some righteously older women.

It's all sad. And the pathetic is their replacement with reality shows. Ugh. I get keeping a thing for tradition's sake has serious bad in it most of the time. And perhaps even when it has some good, there's still significant loss. But I don't think The Real Wives Of Anything, is ever going to fill the niche - the... the apple pie niche of innovation and modernization that is these soaps.

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Date: 10:19PM | Mon, January 24th | 2011
Subject: Well Crap (Being Human - Maple!Version)
Security: Public
Tags:*sigh*, things that suck, tv

I got bored by 15 minutes in and had to force myself to keep watching. I guess that's the thing about pilots; they're like infants, and seeds and other beginnings, full of potential. This second episode felt like 12 years has passed, and what I had now was some proto-typical teenager from whom I was secretly begging the universe to prove to me had some sort of depth.

Spoilers )

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Date: 08:25PM | Wed, January 19th | 2011
Subject: Distracting myself from what's in my head (Being Human tv thoughts)
Security: Public
Tags:meta, question everything, thinky thoughts, tv (not in the mood to put it into a link) - I was at the blog for reasons unrelated to Being Human and on reading that individual's initial thoughts (haven't finished yet) I find myself thinking of The Show In Your Head.

OP states: "an hour to establish the motivations of its characters, and defines them in terms of what they are avoiding, not what they seek".

And that is so the opposite of what I saw. So much so, it is the opposite of the reason I want to see next week's episode,and hope that I continue to like what I see.

OP states: "the emo-pire doesn’t want to feed off live humans. The emo-wolf doesn’t want his relatives to know that he’s a werewolf. The emo-ghost doesn’t want to leave her ludicrously underpriced two-story apartment."

And I read that and went; Aidan is struggling for independence and if he can have self-control/personal autonomy, pleasure/community AND independence. To me it is so much more than 'not feeding on humans'. Maybe I'm basing it all on the actor and what his work brought across the screen to me; shame, guilt, longing, yearning, loneliness...

Josh, to me, is struggling with redifining his life, and doing so in a way that is more than mere survival. I see so many parallels in this; how people redefine themselves and search after any major trauma (rape, injury, becoming seriously ill). And it is difficult for me not to think that is the point, when his storyline seems to involve his sister who is also trying to define her life as a gay woman.

And Sally... so far she seems to be about figuring out how to grieve and redefine herself after a (romantic) loss. How to move on in singular after coming to think of oneself as part of a duo.

All three are dealing with loss of self, and trying to start over.

I admit that my thoughts on what I saw in the British version seemed very much about 'Angsty reluctant vampire/vampire leader, directionless werewolf, and helper girl ghost'. The show in my head via the British version, sucked. The canadian version doesn't. And it is fascinating to me about what I found appealing, what I 'watched' vs what this other individual watched.

Even his thoughts on Adian's sire, have me going 'What?' and boggling. Because I thought that was a masterful bit of passive-aggression manipulation, all psedo acceptance and forgiveness with the hook of being in the fold, being in the family equals giving up control, becoming addicted to being an extension of someone else's power. Familial dysfunction at its MOST.

Is this what is meant by 'high concepts that go over the majority's heads' ? Is this about what a particular individual brings to the art (how they interpret); Like the reader whose personal situation with her paternal unit coloured her perspective on Harry Dresden #12 and character responses therein? Is it about what the actors brought to the roles?

And also related/triggered by this all - Is this what is meant by a writer/artist having to create for themselves and their satisfaction, because there is no guarantee that it will translate to others? So focus on your vision/message/etc... or get lost trying forever to please myriad people who want what THEY want, from one piece of artwork?

ETA: **pokes Kita**


ETA / Post Kita:  )

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Date: 10:36PM | Mon, January 17th | 2011
Subject: Being Human (tv)
Security: Public

I watched the Canadian Version Premire on StupidName Channel tonight. I liked it. It was cute. It got me intrigued of the BBC version. But as I went and checked out episode summaries I saw and remembered why I didn't watch more than two or so episodes of the BBC Version. I just plain didn't like it. Maybe it might be different if I watched it from the beginning. But the episodes I saw didn't encourage me to. I was both bored and... off put.

Here There Be Spoilers )

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Date: 07:00PM | Sat, January 15th | 2011
Subject: When Plots Make NO Sense
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Tags:empowered female !not, tv, wth?

Flipping through the channels, looking for something mindless to watch, so I can enjoy more kitty cuddling, I come across ENCOUNTER WITH DANGER, starring Shannon Dougherty. Yay, says I. Since I like watching her act (Brenda & Prue will always be my favourites). Anyway, I realize it's LIFETIME MOVIE CHANNEL, but, whatever. Now when things first start happening in the movie, I'm noting all sorts of 'It's CANADA spelled like LOS ANGELOS, etc etc, and 'What kind of domicile is that, peeking through the windows it's an apt (with no blinds), but outside shots say it's a house - etc, etc... The usual snark. But then the plot happens, and I realize this ENTIRE PLOT is premised on a corrupt corporation expending energy to make it seem as if a man has never existed and his fiancé is crazy, rather than just having the man involved in a horrific, if freak accident and his fiance knowing he's dead and going home to live her own life.

Why would a corporation spend money and coerce everyone into denying this man's existence, denying his absence and a break-in into his fiance's room as relevant, having people who drove him, served him, etc, deny he exists. When he could just have gotten involved in a freak elevator accident, car accident (due to a drunk driver or something else), etc... Isn't it cheaper to set up an accident than go through the rigmarole of cancelling his credit cards, messing with his reservations, wiping him out of their employee database? Like WTF?

Now I'm trying to figure out if I want to watch more of this movie, wherein the premise seems to be 'EVERYONE THOUGHT SHE WAS CRAZY, BUT REALLY THEY WERE COVERING THE TRUTH' and how uncomfortable it makes me to watch a scenario set up (more than likely by men) to set a woman up as out of her mind and in need of minding. Because maybe if I finish watching it, there will be SOME reason, it couldn't just have been an horrid, unfortunate, corporate espionage accident.

But do I really want to do that to myself?

PS: Yes, he did give her something to hold, which might prove to be a major big deal at some point. But like, they can't kill him, then claim he was holding corporate property they want returned?

PPS: I admit, I also have a problem with Lifetime style stories where it's ALWAYS the woman is right, the man/world/whatever/whomever was messing with her. Because there are a couple of stories where it'd be enlightening if it were a movie about a woman battling mental illness and the husband/boyfriend plus other family dealing with it -rather than it being 'They were messing with my pills for my inheritance/cause they're sociopathic, whatever'. I mean, I know Lifetime = Crying In The Shower. But when did it become - women are ALWAYS right, no matter how out there things get? Is this Lifetime's version of a superhero?

ETA: Turned back from my Disaster Movie Marathon (wherein white teenagers do dumb shit_ to see they were keeping the fiance alive to get info from him (he'd stolen some). Apparently these bad guys never heard of medically induced comas and proper monitoring. **rolls eyes and sighs**

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Date: 05:52AM | Sun, December 12th | 2010
Subject: What Color Is Love / Playing For Keeps (Lifetime Move)
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I didn't see the end - my landlady came over for something and by the time she'd left, the movie was well done with. There'd only been 30-20 minutes to go.

I have to say though, that this movie made me twitch ALL through it. I kept waiting for someone to point out that a white mother could get a clue; that there are books and lectures and programs, that she could involve her child in certain programs and maybe set up a mentorship program for him. Instead there was a lot of lip service to all the cues and clues of racism she kept missing and dismissing, with the subtext that all the PoCs in her life were the ones thinking about race, not her, and that the father of her child (and his wife) were bringing up race, and the need for racial knowledge and comprehension and support as a 'tool to win'.

I can feel for a single mother, and the scenario of 'rich father decides he wants the child, has the money for lawyers to get the child', no matter who the child sees most, knows most and is best comfortable with.

At the same time, however, this was so much indoctrination of 'nice white lady can save/do it all'. AND that being and possibly raising a visibly black child as colorblind is laudable.

And I can't say as I care less because it was a Lifetime movie, especially since it felt like (and I looked it up and discovered it IS) based on a true story (Blue Edwards Custody Case).

We are the stories we tell ourselves. And this story, reflects a world where the black people are the bad guys when they have any sort of mitigating power and where 'race is not a factor or important consideration' in the placement of a child.

Race is not an important consideration.

History, context, texture, knowledge, comprehension, self-awareness, identification - is not important to consider.

That's the law in Canada.

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Date: 05:30AM | Mon, November 1st | 2010
Subject: 5 Different Types Of Laughter
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So.... I've mentioned I'm re-watching Bablyon 5, right? Comedy was helping me, but B5 has also been a distracting, refreshing repast. Anyway, early yesterday something pinged in my head (after the JMS wtf) and, well, I giggled. And I realized, no wonder I like B5 so much. It kind of smashed into my head when I realized, due to past comments from Zvi, I kept thinking of the Mimbari as Bald Space Elves. The clincher, was an episode revolving around one of the forces of the Prior Dark Lord's army awakening from centuries long sleep, to make it's way to his side once more....

Yuuuup (totally phrased it that way on purpose). Epic Fantasy! But IN SPACE.

I giggle, I giggle a lot, because well, I've never actively thought about B5 before. It was this show I watched way back when that was a source of comfort and was so very different from ST and had the amazing Ivonava. But now it just all seems so obvious, I want to go back and pat my little self on the head. Za'hadum indeed.

I mean Space Elves! (with Asian, specifically Japanese overtones at least in costuming), the noble war party, the 'Rogue' - Oh Mr. Garabaldi.

I am just SO incredibly amused that I didn't stick the pieces together before AND that I obviously have a particular type of story I'm drawn to (one that incorporates strongly the idea of Nakama). Heh, no wonder DS9 is my favourite too (along with a host of other reasons).

PS: Totally Unrelated But... Why is it they keep switching Na'toth's actress as if people can't tell there's different women under the prosthetics? They look VERY different and I kept hoping I was mishearing the name, until she was referred as being there during an incident when itwas the other actress. It just makes me think of 'All those people look the same' and full of frowny face.

PPS: On Viewing - I remember liking Sheridan a whole darn lot, so I thought I would just be tolerating Sinclaire until the time came. But then when it did, it was such a jarring shock. And I STILL haven't warmed up to Sheridan almost halfway through S2. I read something about how the TV Execs didn't 'get' Sinclaire because he wasn't 'leading man' enough for them. And I can almost believe that, because Sinclaire was an introvert tv hero and Sheridan is not.

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Date: 10:14AM | Fri, October 15th | 2010
Subject: Oct Sucks + The Event
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Tags:about me, cope scale -2, depression scale 9, tv

Oct is not being a good month. Upstairs tenant + landlady situation has left me feeling betrayed and a prelude to retaliation assaulted. And my emotions and psyche don't much care if that's rational or not. Which means I'm having waking nightmares. Which means I haven't slept.

So... I'm going to talk about TV. Namely 'The Event' - Since it's on. I watched the 1st episode. Was bored out of my mind. Checked Wikipedia & Discovered I was right right right - before the show even finished.

Spoilers & Scathing Be Here )

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Date: 08:21AM | Tue, June 1st | 2010
Subject: Random Angel Thoughts
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Been rewatching Angel these mornings I wake up early. Haven't really wanted to - I mean there were the episodes I liked and then the episodes I think not so highly of.

But the whole 'Slouching Towards Bethlehem' Arc? I know there have been MANY fannish spins on it. I can't quite remember what my thoughts were at the time (I'd have to go check my lj-archive to see).

What I'm feeling now though is that more than Cordelia needing to remember she only got visions of people in trouble; a great clue could be said in her gentle let down of Angel (that time she was in Connor's loft-space). She said that while she was in a highter place she experienced the pain, fear and terror of Angelus' victims AND his enjoyment of said fact.

How do you get to be on a positive higher plane and be left to feel all that? How do you get access to that kind of thing? That's not 'heavenly'.

So it leads me right back to Skip having led someone with a connection to the positive Higher Powers, via Visions, to a dark bad place. And old habits die hard with spoiler text )

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Date: 03:53PM | Thu, April 22nd | 2010
Subject: More Things TV Is Trying To Teach Me
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1. Only women care about the size and usability of a kitchen. If a man cares he MUST be a professional chef, or Latino.

2. And this is because Men cook OUTSIDE and women cook INSIDE.

3. Being a woman is all about high heels, coiffed hair, having children, wearing pink, having lots and lots of clothes in need of closet space, and sharing personal, intimate life details with other women.

4. Being a man is about being somewhat gross, somewhat childish, being a 'good provider' while also being treated as a child by the women in your life. Thus the need for a 'man-cave' the grown up boys only treehouse in which men keep their mess and 'toys'.


It's like something out of science fiction how HARD SELL this barb-wire gender divide is being promoted. And it's confusing too, since, for example, since 'men cook outside' there could be commercials, say, where Dad's cook dinner, but grill it. But nope. Cooking is for women. Also owning lots of shoes. Club-house somewhat dirty and disgusting living is for men who are somehow all idiots the minute they get married. Because why? Are women brain vampires? They suck out the nummy yummy grey matter? WTF?


5. Everyone wants granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances. Who decided this? The manufacturers of course. And any deviation from it, equals lost upgrade/renovation/house property value.

6. Everyone also 'wants' double ovens. Even though these days the majority of people don't cook and mostly thaw-reheat.


As much as I enjoy it, it occurs to me that the home focused shows and channels are 24 hour advertising; either brand or general product. *face palms* So much for me trying to avoid too much commercialism (and muting ads). I haven't seen yet anyone talk about getting appliance that work for the household - a certain size fridge, with certain type shelving/easy to clean etc, etc... or ovens that braise if you cook, or self-clean or whatever else. It's all surface surface and likely unconsciously 'an updated kitchen is one which has x. y. z'. So much for 'what I need in my kitchen/space'.


7. Everyone need a master bedroom the size of a living room with an ensuite bath.


Americans (North Americans, not exclusively USians) are, well, gluttons for space. Or at least that's how media and advertising would like to present them. It's not even a matter of people discussing the hectic pace of modern life and wanting to be sure that everyone in the house has someplace private to go to wind down. It's echoes, to me at least, of European Conquest, in this reach for square footage. Really what do people do in their bedrooms besides sleep, have sex, and occasionally snuggle? Why do you need to have an entertainment area IN YOUR BEDROOM, especially when you already have a 'formal living room' and a 'family room'. Cause really why do you need TWO living rooms?

I thought that was strange when I was small and had relative who had a formal living room we were never allowed to go into. At least that room as smaller than the room used everyday.

But really? In this modern day and time, people need a PARLOUR? A Salon? Even if they're not calling it that?

Ok, I guess this isn't so much what's being taught to me, but what has me so incredibly confused. Why a living room and a family room? Why a Master Bedroom that can hold two king sized beds? Why have an effing 'Man Cave' just for the man/males in the house? And whomever came up with the term 'man-cave' needs to be effing shot. It's all this prestige but not actual real living space.

Oh! I know. TV has taught me that I'm the weird one for thinking all space should be daily usable space.

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Date: 06:05PM | Sun, April 18th | 2010
Subject: Things I Learned While Watching TV Again
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1. Black families do not need help improving their home's curb appeal or their neighbourhood's property values. They might get help, occasionally with renting an apartment.

2. Latino families who can pass for white, will get some play.

3. All young white women want to blonde. All young white blonde women will be victims on crime drama (they will also cry a lot and be represented in dire dangerous, sometimes sexually exploitative positions/straits)

4. It is perfectly reasonable in a commercial for a white man, playing golf, to break into a black woman's house to play through. There is absolutely no over-tones of slavery and power imbalance there what so ever.

5. Buying a house is not about buying a home, it is about investing in property to sell the next owner. Aka, every house is a flip house, even one you want to live in for the next 10-15 years.

6. White men like Asian wives (who refer to themselves as Asian, and not by their (ancestral) country of origin.

7. Americans have transitioned from white and beige walls, to greys and taupe and call it 'Colour but neutral colour!' Colours other than that are exotic and specific.

8. Bamboo is exotic.

9. It is important to have granite counter-tops and even better a granite counter-top island, also a 6 or 8 burner stove, even if no one in the house actually cooks.

10. All homes need space for 'entertaining'.

11. When my mother taught me to look at the bones of a house, to visualize my own furniture, pay no attention to the decor and confirm structural integrity when house/home buying - she was mad. Or maybe brilliant.

12. Women on tv MUST wear heels; realtors who do lots of walking, FBI agents, CIA agents, and police detectives. Sensible shoes do not exist.

13. Wood molding exists because North American roof/ceilings are otherwise boring.

14. If you do not see light peering through between the thighs of a woman who's wearing pants she's old or fat or both.

15. Asians can't do home improvement.

16. It is possible when white USians talk about 'The people are so warm and welcoming' when describing the nationals at their honeymoon destination where they now wish to buy a home - that they are actually saying 'The brown people are so nice, they don't make me think about race relations and my status as white at all. Even though over there I'm the minority.'

17. Florida, specifically Miami is full of dark haired, naturally tanned white people.

18. Black people may own a home, but will have NO idea how to upkeep it. Which is why home improvement stores need to be especially patient with them.

19. At some point, building code and inspection regulations went way way to south, and there are contractors getting away with metaphorical double murder with no options for home-owners who don't have an extra 500k lying around.

I think that's it for now. I wonder what new lessons I will learn in future!

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Date: 07:53AM | Sat, April 3rd | 2010
Subject: Empire of The Status Quo
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Tags:#social justice issues, i looked at the comments, tv

I could be wrong.

I say that clearly since I'm not actively involved in the 'Fat Movement'. Which by the way I only ever seen referred to as, The Fat Movement, when someone's having their reality and life experience contradicted.

If it's someone actually not photo-skinny or 'Health Obsessed' (aka a good person + food), then I see Health At Any Size or Not Being Sizeist, etc..

Why am I even discussing this? Well, I was checking out something at Sociological Images about Jamie Oliver and his new show 'The Food Revolution'. And I read the comments.

And whoa.

I'm writing this down now to try and get some of my thoughts out because I was so surprised/not surprised. It began to blossom in my mind that people fall so easily into fat shaming, because they feel they have 'The Medical Establishment' on their side.

I just could not stop seeing parallels to racism, with parallels to aversive racist and institutionally racist excuse phrases of:

* You're being too PC

* You're being too sensitive

* You're not understanding where people are coming from

* You're just looking for something to be upset about.

Mainly there seems to be this focus on the word obesity, as in:

* They don't call it 'morbid' obesity for nothing.

* You can't be obese and healthy.

No one's overweight anymore, no one's paid attention to how the scale has shifted from overweight to obese - how obese and obsesity has become a 'power word' to knock down all arguments that don't fit the empire's propaganda.

I'm not the only one who sees imperialistic parallels to 'But This Is The Way Society Should Look' - Am I? Because that's what I had to try and work through by writing this post. How much there were people commenting with large, large echoes of - 'We Should All Look This Way, Act This Way, Think This Way - And To Claim There Is Human Variation & Diversity Is To Be Deluded'

Even as conversations discuss institutional barriers to positive health, and how the food industry has warped culture and made it difficult and expensive to be healthy - there is still all this blaming.

* If They Really Wanted To They Could Lose Weight / Leave The Ghetto

* Why Don't They Just Try Harder / Everything's Equal Pull Themselves Up By The Bootstraps

There was just so much lip service, people claiming that of course not everyone has to be thin, but c'mon, don't you want to be healthy, how can you claim being large can also be healthy.

Don't you want to be white? How can you claim not being white has anything good?

Just... ugh. I'm sure I'm not explaining it well at all. But it felt as if the same way non-whites have their experiences disparaged and people knock aside the concept of institutional racism - people who aren't thin are knocked aside too, but with a bigger sense of authority. There's a cultural consciousness that to be called racist at least is a big deal (apparently bigger than to be racist). But to be called a fat shamer?

I just sat there, reading, and watching people be mealy mouthed. It's harsh and the wrong tone to suggest Jamie Oliver's presenting himself as Thin Jesus to a small American city. It's 'cynical' to say that he's focusing on fat shaming as an aspect of reality tv drama, that gets to put him in the role of unwanted/beleaguered savior.

See, I watched the show, and I thought originally that the individuals upset with his quotes which were placed in a paper - weren't thinking of the paper's need to drive sales by writing 'scandelous news'. But reading those comments I looked back and thought - No. They know full well about that. Their problem was that he'd phrased or framed anything in the first place that could be taken out of context.

And it really, now I think about it, isn't that hard a thing NOT to do - because I'm always stressing that people don't HAVE to frame things in racist ways; they don't have to perpetuate stereotypes and then say, but people only understand the stereotypes and from that place of wrong, I'll lead them to rightness.

I sat there reading and it began to coalesce for me; how dire and all encompassing fat shaming / fatphobia is. How, despite the stories I'd read, it is horrific at how it kills because people just don't go to the doctor and ask for help. They don't want to be treated as sub-human half-children in need of someone else taking over their life.

It began to hit me that people have focused on fat and weight and not on health, no matter the words coming out of their mouth. There was so much 'The Fat Movement' scorn, said the way many folks say the words Affirmative Action - as if the point of it was not a 'HEY! Human beings here! Entitled to equal opportunities!'.

And every time someone tried to point out the societal strains; no access to certain foods, no energy due to ill health and over work and divided attentions and worries about time leading to simpler quicker things that have become or are unhealthy - someone else would jump in with a 'But the kids didn't recognize vegetables! OMG! The ignorance! Education is what's needed! This is how you have Fat on Fat (health) crime.'

It reminded me, oddly enough, of a group of white people sitting around deciding what it is black people would need to get ahead in America and of course not taking into consideration the long history that had brought everyone to a particular point in time in the first place.

Perhaps I was reminded of all of this because there was no mention of racial/ethnic genetic factors or working class history and traditions - and I saw for myself the scolding about processed food vs any sort of starting point explanation of just how much the concept of processed food has changed - just how much the goals of processed foods have change and the chemicals now allowed into the food, etc,etc, etc...

Did anyone ask 'What's in your city water supply?'; Did anyone ask 'What traditional green things did you grown up eating you no longer have access to due to price or unavailability?'; Did anyone ask 'Who decides the school food budget and have you had to fight to keep/balance monies for food vs teacher's salaries or books or building repair?'

Was there a conversation about environmental pollutants?

Was there industrial food processing shaming?

There was a lot of:

* These people don't know any better

* These people need education

* These people need help / saving

And in the comments:

* People who insist they're fat and somehow still healthy are DELUDED.

* Body mass and body structure is automatically healthier when it is expressed in THIS particular way ONLY.

Parallels to me? Look like this:

* Black is Beautiful? WTF they kidding?

* Of course light-skindedness/whiteness is better, should be the goal and aim.

So much for equality for all.

PS: It doesn't escape my notice that the more a certain body-type is promoted as THE IDEAL the less attention gets paid to food resources and what's available to eat. Because of the strong current of 'it's all about effort'.

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Date: 11:21AM | Thu, February 4th | 2010
Subject: Flash Foward (Looking for Entertainment)
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Tags:tv, tv: looking for entertainment

Yes, I'm totally cycling through tv shows I've seen friends discuss or recc.

Have Only Watched The Pilot )

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Date: 10:11AM | Thu, February 4th | 2010
Subject: NCIS (with a mention of CSI:Miami)
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Tags:thinky thoughts, tv, tv: looking for entertainment

Started watching NCIS.

Mentions of occurances, aka spoilerish )

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Date: 09:05PM | Fri, September 25th | 2009
Subject: So people
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Mood:contemplative contemplative

Flash Forward - Will the marketers and advertisers let it live for a whole season or what?

Yes, that's a no I didn't watch it. Truthfully I forgot when in September it would air. But also, I'm unlikely to turn on my tv and see it. I don't want to know who's sponsoring it and what products they're hawking. But if folks enjoyed it and Gabrielle Union gets some good airtime, I'm willing to Netflix.

I'm not trying to harsh anyone's buzz about tv or movie media or new shows nor am I turning up my nose at fandom's possible new little black dress. I've just been realizing why things have been making me so unhappy - understanding the reasons has honestly been helpful. Once I remember that it's all about bringing my eyeballs to advertising, then the cancellation of smart shows, while stinging, makes sense, as does the simplistic 'happy endings means happy shopping'. I don't know yet how I feel about the storytellers who try in such a rigged system. But at least I recognize where I fit in such a system, which is mainly nowhere - if I want to keep my pressure down and enjoy my life.

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