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Date: 08:22PM | Thu, January 19th | 2012
Subject: Well Then
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Remember how I wrote a statement for the upstairs neighbour last Friday? Well, I spoke to the landlady today and found out neighbour went to her, complaining about how I didn't call the cops, and how could I have just let what happened go on. Landlady had my back and until today, I didn't even know it. Landlady apparently told her straight up, that given that I dont' even have permission to call upstairs and have been asked plainly to stay out of upstair's neigubhour's business, upstairs' neighbour reapt what she sowed, because I did stay out of her business, and didn't expose myself to her potentially getting on my case for assuming things about her circumstances and calling the police.

I admit the thought of what she would say crossed my mind for a half second, but safety was my major concern; my own safety, hers, her children's.

But while I thought we were being civil, it's good to know the truth. To know that I was being accused of some stuff and that my landlady trusts me enough to know me, and have my back.

I don't regret writing the letter/statement. But, well, knowing how things stand in reality, how that woman upstairs STILL thinks of me, that is good to know. Good indeed.

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