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Date: 09:27AM | Wed, June 20th | 2012
Subject: Off To Visit In A Few Hours
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Since I'm not sure where I'll end up (looong story) - my only net access may be through my Kindle. Which means limited communications, likely mostly through twitter and this journal.

Now off for my brother's graduation. Woo!

And y'know, dealing with my mom and stepmother (big deep breath)

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Date: 09:59AM | Mon, March 31st | 2008
Subject: First of likely a few sporadic posts about le trip
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I think I may be allergic to my current apt. Though that's probably not news. My bones miss how warm it was at [info]fickle's and somehow overcast and cloudy and rainy there didn't seem to hurt as much as overcast, cloudy and rainy here.

Despite mild panic attacks, my trip to Boston was pretty damn cool. Boston's lovely. It reminds me a lot of Baltimore with that same small city / big town feel. My biggest complaint about the city is the fact that the subway is incredibly not handicap accessible; stairs everywhere, more than one set of stairs, no real way to hunt down elevators etc. I'd heard that Boston sucked in that department but I'd taken it with a grain of salt, now I know no salt's needed.

I loved South Station. New York has the Port Authority connected to Grand Central Station by tunnels and shuttle trains but it's incredibly not the same. South Station somehow felt like it was saying: "I'm aware you have places to go, but I make it convenient for you to get there so you'll come back soon".

More Boston Babble )

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