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Date: 05:44AM | Sat, February 6th | 2010
Subject: So....
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Tags:we don't do snow, willow's warren

I woke up an hour ago to ligtening and thunder, tried to go back to sleep under my bedding, but finally got up about 30 minutes ago unable to sleep further (I went to bed early). Outside there's a foot of snow balanced on the fence, the trees are weighed down like something out of a winter calendar and I'm officially blocked in - as the snow has filled in the steps leading down to my gate door. It's slowly creeping to fall in between the spaces -of- the door.

I have no idea how the main streets are doing since I don't live on one, but just -off- one. But my street has the sidewalk and the street pretty much evenly blanketed with snow.

There are children who will love this.

Meanwhile it looks like their parents will wake up, stick a head at the window to peer and see and go 'Ahhh! I hope we bought enough everything!'.

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