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Date: 08:45AM | Thu, February 11th | 2010
Subject: Something To Do Today
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Tags:#social justice issues, i will cut somebody, when idiocy attacks

1. Log on to DW.

2. See this post on [community profile] scans_daily (warning: for hate crime/assault recitation).

3. Ban ever scum sucking, bacteria fornicating excuse for a human being having a stinking pissy fit over being called on Transphobia / over the mods of a community going 'Nuh uh, that shit ain't happening in THIS comm'.

Warning: Tone argument everywhere. Demands for education and hand holding. Copious derailing.

I've begun to seriously roll my eyes at it all, cause it's like recognizing a stench. It doesn't matter what ism it is, the derailing and willful clueless comes from the same outlet of fail; somehow mass produced and personally delivered to these individuals.

And yes, I am so pissed off I'm xposting from DW using this account, to ensure this gets seen.

ETA: Screw this shit - you don't have to go look & put yourself through that. And also I have vids auto blocked but others might not. And there is a vid.

Here are the cowards, the 'it's too hard to try', the 'but my fee fees need gentle talking', the 'you're showing favouritism to transexuals', the 'but any legitimate disagreement gets labeled derailing!', the 'was this really the place for this?', the 'this is nothing but a flame war the mods escalated', the 'but where is the education & hand holding?', the 'you took the wrong tack and got angry', the, 'where's the carrot to make being a decent human being worth my while?!', the, this whole situation has been handled uppity.

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Date: 04:42PM | Thu, July 31st | 2008
Subject: When people copy a concept and do it wrong.
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Tags:when idiocy attacks, writing: storytellers

Originally a comment somewhere else, I'm reposting here.

Twilight's Impression is just a ripoff of Elfquest's Recognition )


Elfquest's Recognition made sense given the long lived natured of the elves - as someone's just nicely reminded me.

But the whole situation also made me think of Click only if you've read the Obsidian Trilogy by Mallory and Lackey - Spoilers follow )

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Date: 01:56PM | Tue, May 6th | 2008
Subject: ---
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Tags:when idiocy attacks, wtf!!

There I some things I DO NOT NEED after waking up from restless, choppy sleep and disjointed all fucking night pain. It's just....

NB: It's not something I can discuss here, for all the swearing that would happen.

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